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    I’m completely new to playing an instrument and know very little about music. I started playing my first instrument, a tenor size ukulele at the beginning of this Pandemic from the time we moved from Gulfport, MS to Atlanta the first week in March. I really enjoy playing and I’m looking for direction. Mike from the Uke Republic recommended this site and I watched a few videos by Andrew and was hooked. I’m blessed to live less than 15 minutes from the Uke Republic they have really made my world a much better place since our move here, especially during the Pandemic. I’m starting from the absolute beginning as I signed up today. I find myself wanting to spend quality time with understanding time signatures and rhythmic notation to fully grasp the concept and be able to play up to speed prior to moving forward. I look forward to what lies ahead and while it’s late, if I can play through Yankee Doodle Dandy at near tempo by the deadline, I’ll submit a video and look forward to any feedback. Thanks for listening. Tom


    Welcome, Tom! That’s awesome to hear you’ve been to UR. Mike and Donna are good people 🙂

    I’d jump into our Reading Course to really gain a through understanding of how timing & rhythm connect. And do please join this month’s challenge! I look forward to watching your performance!


    Hi Tom. Welcome! Don’t worry about tempo too much. Speed comes in time, or so they tell me, lol. I’m almost never up to speed, but I still enter and learn a lot. Slow and steady is better that fast and uneven. See ya around!


    Andrew & Lisadmh thank you for the warm welcome. Andrew- I’m reviewing your recommendation. Thank you, it’s well written without being too long or too technical so far for me. Btw- You really made me laugh with your opening statements about the uker and pianist 😂 Lisadmh- Thank you, I’ll mosey along as the tortoise and not the hare 🤩 believe me, I do get it and won’t rush myself.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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