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    Well, I don’t see myself giving up ukulele so I just ordered a Behringer UM2 audio interface, and a Pyle PDMIC78 microphone. Total $45. (I decided to pass on the ukulele upgrade for now. Maybe I’ll reward myself with a mango ukulele, or a tiny tenor later on when I make more progress. Gives me more incentive to get better! 🎶 )


    Can’t link the mic on Amazon, it’s making a huge messy link.

    I know the condenser mic was recommended for the ukulele, but the Pyle had decent YouTube “Sure vs Pyle” videos showing what the difference is in sound. Pyle sounds a bit brighter and in your face then the Sure. I will probably be able to fix anything crazy with the eq on the audio interface and then Audicity or Wavepad.

    The deal breaker that made me try the Pyle is that I managed to find a guy who made recordings on an acoustic guitar with the Sure SM57 (Think that’s the number?) and the software Andrew uses, and it sounded pretty great! There were no specific videos with the Pyle that weren’t on an amp. (That kind of scared me, but it has great reviews on an amp.)

    The little Behringer has pretty good reviews as well, and it does all I think I’ll need it to with the 1 mic plug. It has a bunch of mysterious stuff it come with, and can do. Seems most complaining in reviews was over the plastic housing and moving it around.

    I’ll have to rig a Franken-mic stand or duct tape it to a box until mid February, but I’ll figure something out. (“I’ll have a mic on a steeek!” – sorry to anyone who doesn’t get the comedian reference lol)

    Anyway as soon as I get them, you all will be able to hear the combo this month, and you can judge the quality for the price. It probably won’t be great, but I’m hoping it works on the concert ukulele with the satin finish the pickup won’t stick on.

    Now I just need to get better to justify buying recording equipment!


    I just got a chance to start playing with the new mic and audio interface last night.

    My computer was having sound issues before I plugged in the interface, but after hours of trial and error, I have sound coming out of the mic. Finally.

    I’m guessing some things are still completely set up wrong though. I have to have the gain at max on the audio interface with the mic 3-4 inches from the ukulele. Mics sure do pick up clothing noise, (what’s more quiet than a cotton t-shirt??? 😭) and ANY noise my fingers make on the neck.

    Anyway other than mic hiss, that I can get rid of in the software, i’m really happy with the two things.

    Going to make a recording tonight and might play a bit with it in the software 😁

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