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    Wow! a $6,000 Ukulele! How on earth would I do that justice. Just shows how respected RC101 is to get that kind of sponsorship.

    Last month Andrew gave me some great lessons on my positioning and left hand. Been working hard on that and YES, its beginning to make a difference, things are easier!

    Minuet in G/C this month so far. I found playing in time with the bass very difficult. Either fluffed through errors or I gradually sped up. Got it eventually.

    Now to try Andante…

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    @rebeca – Bravo, excellent performance! 🙂

    – LOL that image had me laughing! Performance was great! Excellent job on timing and feel and yes, dexterity looks much improved with that u-shaped gap.

    P.S. Don’t forget to add the premium member tag on your posts. 🙂


    @andrew: thank you! this is a beautiful melody to play over and over.
    it seems I’m in the classic music mood as I’ve been literally obssesed learning canon in D for the past few weeks.
    thank you for these beautiful arrangements!


    OK, here we go. First monthly challenge. “Andante No. 2 from Opus 241” by Ferdinando Carulli, on my high G Kai KCI-30 (with a small cheat too, joining 3 separate takes for the full piece ;p)

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    Oh, almost forgot! I AM A PREMIUM MEMBER


    ok…i’m done learning “A fifth of Beethoven” and was doing “fine” at 80% speed, but 90% is slugging and 100% is just impossible. I’ve been doing the “picato” technique with index and middle finger but i’ve juste realized that you HAVE to do the “pick” technique with index and thumb to match the speed, but i find it really hard to be accurate and not to hit other strings with that technique…
    There is no question lol i just wanted to share my despair as I think I won’t be able to play it as well as i hoped for 🙁


    I am sitting her refreshing everyday to see if anyone has posted “A fifth of Beethoven”. I’m sure yours @shmu88 will be great. I’m only at 40% speed 😂


    @jsanjuan – Beautifully played with great feel! Keep up the good work 🙂


    Hello everyone!

    Just like gi_gi, I’m waiting for someone to show “A fifth of Beethoven”… I really hope that I’ll get at least Theme 1 at 50% speed.

    Meanwhile, in order not to get too upset if “A fifth of Beethoven” fails, I took up the Minuet 🙂
    And this is what I got:

    Have a nice day!


    @katazumiri – Bravo! So much fun to watch you play both parts! Will def share this in today’s newsletter 🙂

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    Thank you, @andrew!

    I couldn’t get past Minuet. It’s not long, not too complicated. There were sheet music and TAB for both ukulele and U-bass. And Stephen didn’t “disappear” from the video like it was in “Moondance”. I had problems with “Moondance”: not everything was clear by ear and not everything was visible, and for the U-bass, unfortunately, there were no sheet music at all…

    It was convenient to work on the Minuet.
    Thanks again, also to Stephen 🙂

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    I am a Premium Member…

    who couldn’t stop missing the double stops on Andrew’s lovely arrangement of Carulli’s Andante No. 2.

    Still, liked the exercise.


    Dear Rockclass

    I am a PREMIUM member.

    Prelude in C is so soothing and melodious! Thank you, Rockclass, for teaching me this.
    Here is my attempt and submission for the April challenge.



    I am a PREMIUM Member.

    A Kanile’a Platinum! Amazing, what a prize! Thanks RockClass101 and Uke Republic.

    Have always loved Minuet in G.

    I picked up a 2nd hand bass guitar a few months ago so this seemed like a great opportunity to actually play something with it rather than just play “Another one bites the dust” (over and over) 🙂 Thanks for including the bass part and tabs for it.

    Keeping good time has always been a big challenge for me, so this piece was a good challenge. I lost my way a little at the start of the B section but eventually recovered.



    Hello all,

    Last month Andrew asked if I was reading the music for the first half of the song. He was correct. I was suing the sheet music as a crutch. Sooo this month I didn’t have the sheet music in the same room and could not refer to it. Who said an old dog couldn’t learn new tricks! Thank you for the recommendation and help.

    I really like playing this piece so that helps too.

    I am a premium member.

    Thank you instructors! Happy Easter!!!

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