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    My February entry – Navigating the fretboard. Not much time to practice and had a slip in middle but loved the birds singing in background so posted this link. Camping in Florida… the good life. Thanks for the mini lessons Andrew, perfect way to work on a technique.


    Hello Andrew, hello RC members,

    here is my entry for this months challenge. As usual far from being perfect but I am happy to participate.

    Have a good time.


    Second Post on Rockclass 101
    I like these short lessons, instead of limiting yourself to one piece you have plenty of time to explore the others as well.
    Still, I only tried the beginner one since I clearly panic when I film myself (I think I did 20 shots for only 30 sec and some part are still sketchy). I’ll try an intermediate one next month.

    Question : people mention in their posts that they are premium, does it change something ?


    Here’s my video of Navigating the Fretboard mini Lesson:002


    Fantastic Job.


    Great Job!


    Beautifully done!


    Smooth playing. Nice job!

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    You did a wonderful job!


    Friendly Reminder – The deadline for receiving feedback and an entry into the giveaway is tonight at 11:59 PM EST (check your local time zone).


    @gracme2 – Carmen, you may want to add the @ sign followed by the username so folks know who your comments are directed to πŸ™‚


    This is my entry for the monthly challenge ^^

    I had lots of fun playing it and I’m looking forward to more Celtic Ukulele Music.
    They are so fun!


    Here’s my entry after suddenly realizing it’s the last day of February already 😱 Definitely feel like a short month for ukulele and everything else in life. I started on cascading blue but didn’t get enough time to practice yet. On the plus side looking forward to the new challenge tomorrow!

    (I’m a premium member)

    Suggestions welcome as always πŸ˜€


    Hi guys, here i am again Just barely getting my song in.


    @omaon4 – That was awesome, Helga! Great playing! πŸ™‚

    – Very well played! Great job on the timing and feel! One tip for the A Melody, try not to pull (tug) the string down too much as you do the pull-off. That makes the note go sharp. Try to keep the string more parallel, but keep in mind that a slight tug down is fine and is correct technique for pull-offs.

    – Your workaround was fine! The end result produced a good tone for each note, but also your groove was on-point!

    And I loved the Jimi pic! Totally fits the vibe of this riff πŸ™‚

    – You aced the tempo and groove! Well done, Johanna πŸ‘

    – You nailed the playful feel! Excellent playing and with the birds chirping, it’s so peaceful to listen to πŸ™‚

    – That was a great performance, Rici! You had a nice swung feel throughout! I’d keep practicing the A Melody to get it to flow a little smoother, but it doesn’t sound like it will take much work. It’s almost there! Great job this month!

    – Very well played Ben! Feel was spot-on! Only thing to mention is that the A Melody repeats the first time through.

    And to answer your question, folks are required to mention that for our Kanile’a Challenge giveaways (Spring: April, May, June) (Fall: October, November, December). Premium members get double entries in those months. It’s not required to mention during the other months of the year.

    – Wonderfully played, Carmen! The only thing I want to mention is that you’re playing it with a straight eighth note feel. We want to use a swung feel for this tune. Check out this lesson. It teaches the difference between the 2 feels and has a great exercise to practice switching between the two.

    – Very well played, Leo! Love the tempo and great feel throughout! Well done πŸ‘

    – Great playing, Xin! I have no critics. Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

    – Awesome performance, Melissa! 2 things to mention: You skipped bar 8. Check out this lesson, it teaches you the 12 bar blues form. Memorize it and you’ll always know where you’re at πŸ™‚

    The only other thing I’d like to hear is a little less hesitation on the transitions between chords (for ex: 1 to 4).

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 134 total)
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