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    Progress video Part 1.

    So this is pretty rough but the first 1/3 of the song is now “playable” I didn’t notice how bad the video angle was until after I uploaded it… I’ll fix it on the second video. I plan on learning the next section while constantly cleaning up this first part here.

    Ps New Ukulele reveal?



    I recorded a week of practicing Eastern Ukulele, from day One. My goal is to count when I practice and use the metronome, but I started with learning the song, working on stretching my fingers and playing barre chords. No rhythm here and that shows.

    This is horrible, but improving. Next week I’m going to work on slowing down and staying in time… which sounds so boring, but I would like to be good at this ukulele thing, so it’s necessary.

    Pardon the pajamas. <—- sounds like a good band name.



    Here is my submission of Post 1 for the January challenge.

    Execution: My January goal is to play triplet picking with correct finger style, good form and be able to play at tempo 115 bpm.
    Application: learn from Taimane tutorial as a start. Then use the technique to practise Etude No.9 theme 2 from Rockclass101.
    Evaluation: Record from week 3 to week 4 and post for feedback from Andrew before the final submission in week 5.

    Thank you.



    Jeeez. I just recorded a good take and uploaded it to post, but in the hour (!!) it took to upload it I endedup adding a whole new theme I now have to learn. This song writing thing is a journey.



    Execution: I am a long time (about 7 yrs) strummer and regularly attend jam sessions where everybody is strumming the same way. It’s getting boring. I would like break out of that and play more up the neck and even be able to take solos.I have been working on EP002 Harmonizing in C Major.

    Application: I would like to apply what I am learning to a song from my jam session group, Across the Great Divide by Kate Wolf.

    Evaluation: I can play the higher chord part of EO002 (I put up a video soon). I am having trouble getting equal volume on the hammer on and pull offs in the solo. I am slowing it way down and working on that. Also I have tried playing higher chords on the Kate Wolf tune. That worked somewhat, but no solo yet.



    OK here is the first post. I played the background track at 75%. I just played along with it first time through since I can’t play the solo yet and wanted to end at the same place the track does.



    January Challenge Week Two, Sunday Update “CHOPSTICKS” beginner level.
    Arrangement memorised, playing at about 70% plus speed on a good day.
    Natural speed/rhythm is consistently inconsistent without metronome. I do have difficulty maintaining the count for Theme 2, I like to think that I am adding dynamics (ha ha).
    Now practicing at 80% using synthetic tab viewer & metronome.

    Practice “Chopsticks” between 1 to 4 hours per day including the ad breaks when watching TV.
    Practice schedule was completed 5 out of 7 plus X1 “burnt out” day, and x1 day uke set ups.
    Barre Chords are so much easier on a well set up uke (or four well set up ukes).
    The “Fruit bowl” set up is even better than my eucalele, and I get awesome reverb playing in the stairway (thanks Evan!).
    “Strum for fun” has been completely discarded as it is no fun.

    Taimane’s triplet technique practice continues several times per uke workout. Adding basic chords, eternal practice required.
    Minor playing gaffs accepted.
    New items added – Three Finger picking Exercise 3, the pinkie finger hammer-on is causing minor issues.
    Plus started “Brahm’s Lullaby” yesterday (for my non-existent grandchildren 😀 ), first four bars.

    The video below does show improvement, this is take 25 or something. If it takes that many “takes”, then this must be what I am playing – pauses, squeaky notes and all. But I did get that harmonic!
    I am still attacking the strings too hard. I shall study Andrew’s technique, and see if I can become a little more graceful.

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    @sprintingyogini: Wow, I think that’s a very good improvement within on week of practice!



    The last two weeks I’ve focused on proper left and right hand form and I had the impression that it helped so much for my playing – especially for the “Etude in E-minor”.
    I’ve also planned time to practice on technique in every practicing session like hammer-ons and pull-offs.
    I broke down the pieces I was working on and focused on the parts that I had to improve instead of playing the whole songs over and over again. This is the result:

    Much improvement for “Etude in E-minor” and “Daydreaming”. It got much smoother and in “Etude in E-minor” the notes sounded much clearer. I struggled a bit with “Canon in D” today while I recorded it. I thought I could play it better than what I’ve recorded but i improved on the transition between Am and Em in Melody 3, which is a big improvement for me.

    Btw: I joined Rockclass 101 in October and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned until now! Thank you Andrew and the team of Rockclass 101 for being here for us and make playing the ukulele so much enjoyable!



    @andrew Thanks for your advice to my last video. I think I mastered it to add backbeat an 2 and 4.
    But its kinda boring to post another video of it so I want to show new stuff I’ve learned the last days.

    I practiced to do some percussion style on ukulele. Like base drum, snare and flick.
    You can see my progression in this video.
    Fortunately the microphone of my mobile phone is pretty bad so the percussions sounds quite nice I think 😀

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    With everyone’s permission, I will call myself a seasoned beginner. I will be working on RHYTHM.
    I will apply this to the song ” In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning”. Although a simple melody, the rhythm notation is challenging.

    I will put in at least one hour each day for the next 15 days, first to memorize the song and then to hone in on the correct rhythm.

    If I choose to sing, I will change the rhythm to Sinatra’s 1955 version of this song. (Actually, I don’t think that there is too much difference).



    Good pick, Rickey.

    Hey, that’s another one that would work well with our budding sight reading skills.

    I hate to ask for more work, but Andrew going forward will you post some of the easier melodies without the tabs? I love the idea of being able to read music. (The execution is a work in progress still)



    Lisa I picked it out mainly because this is the type of song (standards) that I’m moving towards in my playing….my niche. And of course it was the perfect song for rhythmic notation. But, ha, you’re just going to have to break out the Marks-a-Lot and black out those tabs, ’cause I need them. Ha.



    I still want the tabs too! I can read them fairly well and really need it for the quick reference for fingerpicking–ect….




    There are a few songs that I would like to go back and work on and for the month of January, I would like to go back and work on Allegro’ by Mauro Giuliani.

    1. Execution: Based on your feedback from the June Challenge, I would like to work on feel and dynamic of my playing.

    2. Application: Since I have forgotten the song, I will need to refresh my memory and work on adding dynamic to my playing with individual notes versus dynamics in bars. (I may have questions as I go 🙂 ).

    3. Evaluation: I will record my progress towards the end of the month and compare to my previous attempt from the June Challenge.

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