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    Big thanks to everyone who participated this month! It was super cool to see you guys working on so many different areas of playing. Without further ado, the winner of the Skype lesson is:


    Our February challenges is LIVE: Hope to see you guys there!


    Here is everyone on page 13.

    ukuleleloo – great job on the speed, and I really like that you played softer at times, so dynamics sounded great to me. What I would focus on is keeping the tempo steady. And the trick with the tap is a lightning fast, precise hit. If you watch your second performance, your tap needs a quicker hit. That should make it ring out.

    ukukelley1 – Here is a video with some tips for you 🙂

    kanae926 – That was a fantastic take! And you nailed the harmonic 🙂 I’d target your practice on the ending section that adds the thumb tap. Practice slow and focus on clarity, then go back and add the preceding part, but keep the tempo steady.

    becky7777 – That’s a very pretty tune. The trick with slides is to keep pressure applied why you slide, and to slide smoothly from the starting fret to the ending fret. So if you’re sliding from 5 to 7, you want to slide over 6, not lingering on it, but passing through it. We’ve got a lesson on slides in our Beginners Course where this is shown and explained in detail if you need a recap.


    Thank Andrew on the the feedback!


    Congrats lisadmh!!


    Congratulations Lisa!!!!


    Aaaaaahhhhh! I finally won!! Thank you Andrew and randomizer software!

    I get to meet Andrew live on Skype! 😁

    I have no idea what to do for a lesson. Zero clue. I’ve never had a live uke lesson. Any thoughts?


    Congratulations lisa!!

    Can’t help you with subject matter for your lesson but start writing down questions maybe?


    Congrats lisadmh. Way to go! Happy for you.


    Thank you Andrew, I wasn’t expecting to be included in the drawing because I failed what I set out to acomplish.

    I wasn’t clear in what I meant by “the slide”

    Official call to anyone, I feel bad asking Andrew

    Can anyone please help me? deadbuggy maybe? or someone working with advanced songs? Please? The guy who posted this hasn’t been active for 7 years it looks like. It’s really emotionally important for me to get this right.

    The video of the Tim guy who wrote it showed this 3rd bar being a slide but in that timing. Then when it reaches the 3rd fret it has the irish sounding bit. (Measure 4-5?) The only other video is a guy playing it without the ghost notes. The no ghost note guy (sorry I cant think of your youtube name man) got the ‘irish’ sounding part and it has something to do with the notation I can’t figure out even after what seems like a thousand video viewings.

    Measure 3 to the repeate in that screenshot are what I was struggling with. It’s in 3/4 time. It is marked as either a 16th note with a tie? or a 32ond note. The 4 is a double dotted quarter note with a tie? or an 8th note. How do I play or count that up to the repeate?? It’s why I was saying this wasn’t a beginner song though. I watched andrews irish washerwoman video but it seems like a different irish ornament.

    I asked my friend to come over with his phone or iPad Saturday to video me if that would help? I can play it with the more upbeat Tim rhythm, i’ll try to get that on tape if I can. I can’t figure out how to download other peoples youtube videos to show specific bits but I think it’s around :53 and ends at 1:00 in Tim’s video.

    Thank you, and I can’t express how badly I feel asking.

    Edit to add I can’t get the screen shot working…i’ll keep trying

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    Yay Lisa! 🎉


    Congrats Lisa. Why not ask Andrew to decide what to work on for your lesson(s). I would be in your “boat” too…..not having any idea on what to ask for help with. ha


    Congratulations, Lisa! Have fun!!


    Hey Andrew, thanks for your feedback. I actually don’t really know how to work on being more relaxed! I already knew the arrangement by heart. Maybe it was, because this arrangement was very difficult for me in general. I could try being more relaxed with the songs for the february challenge maybe by practising much more. But I’m not sure if that will work :/


    Congrats Lisa!


    Alissa, try to play using the least amount of pressure required when fretting notes/chords. We only need to push hard enough to produce a clear tone. And for the right hand, try a lighter attack for plucking/strumming; again same concept, only enough force to make the notes ring clear. This should be a good way to practice with less tightness.


    Congrats Lisa – enjoy your lesson! 😉

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