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    Was the winner announced?


    @nthibode not yet. Want to finish leaving feedback first. Gonna try and work on it tonight or tomorrow.


    Ok thanks! No worries.


    @annefgodfrey – asked about triplet picking and strumming in FP Etude 10.

    Lesson on 8th Note Triplet Rhythm

    Jake’s lesson on triplet strum


    deadbuggy – so I watched your video before reading what you wrote. One thing you wrote about, was going to be what I was going to comment on, which is left hand reach. I’m sure you’ve seen it, but this lesson will help. But the big thing about it, is that you need to continually do the exercises over months – at least 3 months before seeing any improvement.

    The other thing I wanted to point out is that sometimes your rhythm blurs. Make sure that you don’t rush parts into each other. Overall you did a great job!


    Here is everyone on page 11.

    nthibode – Interesting what you wrote… Chopsticks was the better performance. The feel was effortless, just as I remember on your Christmas tune. Not that Etude 13 was bad, it wasn’t. But notice how your feel isn’t as relaxed. That’s what I’d work on for 13.

    curlyuke – Great job, this feedback will be for the exercise. Note clarity sounds fine, but the big then you want to work on is timing, as you started fast and then slowed down. Definitely practice this exercise with a metronome or the on-screen tab viewer.

    stinyuke – This feedback is for Canon. The big thing with this song is sustain, which you absolutely nailed. One thing to watch out for happened at about a minute in. You flubbed a note, then played it again, in essence restarting the phrase. Always play through your mistakes, never restart. This is great practice especially if you ever play in an ensemble.

    miztaken – Here is a video with some feedback for you.

    robinboyd – Well you laid out everything I would have mentioned in points 1 and 2, LOL. That was seriously cool though, and I dig the fingerpicking pattern. I don’t think I can offer any advice for memorizing lyrics, I basically know the words to happy birthday and that’s it 😀

    tiff27 – What’s a cute song, is it from Steven Universe? You did really well, that was fun to listen to! The sections that tripped you up, target your practice on them. Follow the three steps laid out in our practice guide for those sections and you’ll get it down in no time 🙂


    Thanks for the feedback, Andrew. Will work on a more relaxed feel for Etude no.13. Maybe all those extra takes for Chopsticks helped to solidify the performance.


    LOL. I suppose that makes me self-aware, huh.

    I’ll get Tiffany to have a look at her feedback too but your comment gives away your youth! It’s from Monty Python!


    Thanks for the feedback, I’ll work on it 🙂


    Thanks Andrew!
    Awesome feedback – I am naturally NOT a speedy type person, so slowing down to work on dynamics etc which you mentioned is wonderful (I so loved Nathalie’s submission).
    It will be more fun to make things pretty and interesting rather than faster. And putting emotion and delicacy into my playing can be my new challenge.
    I will be returning to Chopsticks with a new perspective – and to create an improved ear-worm for my husband.
    Thank you.


    Thanks, Andrew! I’m adding the stretch exercises and also working on Spanish Ukulele which is all about the streeetttccchhh. 2019 is my Year of the Reach 🙂


    Thank you very much, Stephen for the invaluable feedback. Will work on slowing down a bit to achieve the result. Cheers, Sheila


    Lol Robin – I’ve only seen 2 MP movies: Holy Grail and Life of Brian. I’m still afraid of Rabbits hahaha


    Here is everyone on page 12.

    hlglazi – cool to see you write your own arrangement. That’s the Metallica song that plays off the open strings on the guitar, which if we wanted to stay in the same key, we could replicate via a higher voiced Em: 9777. Of course after the intro lick, adding the melody would be quite tricky as it would be the past the 12th fret on the A string. Instead what I would have done, is change the key to Am. Then you could play in roughly the same position as the guitar, just a different key.

    planetfink – Here’s a video to help with HO/PO. And check out our Theory and Jamming Course to learn 2 approaches for soloing.

    smudge – well done! So the hard thing about this one is the timing, and it’s really my fault, I played it extremely loose, practically free time. This one and “Something” were the two performances that made me put an emphasis on keeping a steady beat with future arrangements.

    Since your focus was on adding a backbeat, try an arrangement that stays more in time, like “I’m Yours”. Timing would be my next focus for you.

    imminside – dude, watching your progress has been so much fun! And I love that song! Percussion and timing sound spot on, great job. I get the feeling that you were inspired by:

    awiealissa – ohh!! I like how you have multiple strum attacks, 1 straight, 1 arpeggiated. Doing that helps to add different textures to different chords. Your fingerpicking patterns are intricate, yet not overly busy. You also have great use of dynamics. The only thing I’d work on, and I told you before, is to relax more. You can see the tension in your hands at times, which unfortunately translates to what we hear. Focus on the latter and you’ll be unstoppable.

    lisamcc – Wow, bravo! That was amazing 🙂 I remember recording this performance, I was at the peak of right hand forearm pain. Those were the days before I went to PT and got dry needled. I’m amazed I did as well as I did under the circumstances. BUT, it def was not my cleanest playing.

    As you find out, it’s a really hard song to play. Kudos to anyone who tackles it. Target your practice to the areas at the end that were tricky, but overall, really well done!


    My final January challenge report — I’ve been really busy but wanted to post this for myself even if I’m too late.

    I worked on pentatonic scales, and it was a big success, much more interesting than I expected it to be!

    I learned the patterns for C/Am up the fretboard for am octave, transferred mid-fretboard patterns to F and G.

    It tied together the C chords I already knew, and made the fretboard more comfortable.

    As real-life practice I used it to solo in some of the jam groups I go to.

    Here it is:


    Thanks Andrew for the feedback! This challenge was a little over my head for sure but I wanted to at least try. I thought about changing it to an Am after I got into the project but decided to stick with my guns and go with what I was hearing. As I got through the Intro… you see where I stopped,, you are absolutely right, I ended where the melody should have started because it was gonna be too tough for me! When Things settle from the move, I will definitely keep working on it!


    Thank you, Andrew, for help with triplets.
    Hope you are feeling much better.

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