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    Well, started on Eastern Uke and so far I think I will be lucky to play the first bar in a month. 😬😳


    @sprintingyogini oh that was one of the first ones I wrote for the site. I remember writing it, was a lot of fun!


    I’m sorry to hear about your kitty @lisadmh, but she sure looks like she knows the song is for her! and…I liked her winking at the camera. Very pretty! Looking forward to hearing the full song later this month


    So, I videoed bits of my playing of Jake’s Hallelujah, with music an awkwardness as my start of the challenge.


    I found it very hard to decide what to learn this month because it’s just my second challenge I participate. I started playing the Uke in August this year. So I guess I’m still a beginner but I started learning the songs from level 1. There’s still some foundation that’s missing to play a song perfectly well.

    Execution: I want to learn how to play better hammer-ons and pull-offs. Pull-offs are quite easy but I have some problems with the hammer-ons, that all notes have the same sound volume.

    Application: I was looking for a song with many hammer-ons and pull-offs and I found ‘shake it off’. I hope it isn’t too difficult for me. But I will use it more to accomplish my goal. Hopefully it isn’t too hard that I can play it after this month.


    PROGRESS REPORT (already!).
    Today I can play Chopsticks all the way through with NO ERRORS (2/1/19).
    The timing is awful, it is nowhere near music – but now that I have Theme 1 and Theme 2, plus the fingering memorised, it can now be all about the musicality.
    Feeling proud.


    Lisamdh, I love your tune and your precious Kali.

    Thanks for this challenge, Andrew. There’s so much here that I want to learn! How to choose? I’ve favourited quite a few to follow up on.

    Eventually I settled on Waltz in C, for a couple of reasons. First, it’s just a pretty tune and second it has a lot of the techniques I’d like to learn: incorporating twiddly bits and achieving a staccato sound on some notes.

    Execution: I’m calling myself a seasoned beginner, but I might be pushing it a bit. I don’t have a lot of control yet, either right or left hand, so I’m hoping Waltz in C will help me focus on that and be fun to learn. At the moment I can’t do staccato at all, so my aim by the end of the month is to be getting there.
    Application: Learn the tune all the way through so I can focus more on technique without worrying which notes come next. At the same time, take a few minutes to practice the damping technique and try to incorporate that into the tune as I learn it.
    Evaluation: Record progress each week. I’ve never done this while learning a new tune before, so it should be interesting 🙂

    At the mo I’ve got an injured middle finger on my right hand so I can’t pluck properly. Here’s hoping it heals nice and fast or it’ll really slow me down.


    Thanks for all the kind comments folks.

    This is a fun challenge. It’s great to see all the different things people are working on!


    lyndallk, Hallalujah is going to be gorgeous! Already, chords are beautiful! How do you augment sound of ukulele on your videos? I really need help in this area. Thanks.

    Happy New Year, ALL!


    1. Execution. I would like to be able to play the first of the three warm up exercises and have it sounding similar to Andrew’s version. I am also going to learn the first 21/53 bars of Hans Zimmer’s You’re So Cool and have it sounding similar to how it should. This is one of my dream songs to play. The next part of the song has lots of similar chords to the first warm up exercise so hopefully this month’s practice will benefit next month’s practice 😀
    2.Application. Practice most days, paying attention to finger position, transitions and rhythm. Break tasks into chunks and at least get the flow before moving on.
    3. Evaluation. Listen to myself! Submit video near month end for feedback. Bask in the glory that is likely to follow.


    Annefgodfrey – yes I’m hoping it will work – its quite hard. Thanks for your thoughts. I may try recording it in front of people because I’m a brilliant musician when I’m on my own, but no one knows it….

    I don’t know what happens with the sound of my ukulele in the videos. It doesn’t sound like that in real life. I think it’s the mic on my iphone. After I recorded the bits, I put them on imovie and pulled them together for the final video. I don’t think I did anything to change the sound – but may have by accident. I don’t really know that program well.

    I actually don’t like the sound much – its a too bright and a little fuzzy. Although it could be because someone put a box on my ukulele and it broke in three places! Ouch! My friendly ukulele doctor fixed it and since then the sound is different. I may need to invest in a more mellow uke at some stage. But that said I have a similar sound when I record with my other uke.


    Thanks lyndallk for sharing.
    Have a great day!


    Andrew, my question concerns amplification of ukulele for recording via iPhone 7 Plus:

    1. My submissions sound so “anemic” compared to all other students. In part, I probably play too softly.

    2. A gentleman at Guitar Wishes demonstrated for me a uke with hole in bottom connected to an Acoustic Amplifier via cable. Sounded fabulous but I am extremely hesitant to have even a professional hole drilled in my soprano Kanele’a.

    3. Your course on recording gives excellent suggestions but is expensive for a person in my income bracket. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


    Anne, I know they sell a microphone kit for the iPhone. I don’t know what the brand is, but I’m sure a quick Google search can find a few. That would probably be the cheapest way.


    Thank you, Andrew.

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