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    Execution- take the course -Strumming techniques beyond the Island strum. I am going to focus on learning chunking. Currently I stick to a normal strum. I can sometimes chunk a little but I want to be consistent and on the correct beats. My goal is to practice at least 30 min a day. I am going to review my schedule as each day different and plan a time to practice.
    At the end of the month I would like to be able to play a song through with chunking. Not sure of the song yet.

    Application- I will apply what I learned in a song.

    Evaluation- at the end of each week I will video what I am practicing to see what I need to Improve on.


    Happy New Year!

    Here’s my challenge:
    Execution- I’d like to get more consistent with the mechanics of my strumming (being more intentional about which fingers I use, stop occasionally hitting my cuticles on the string or unintentionally hitting the body of the uke in my strums), and I’d like to start learning more jazz & ragtime tunes, so I’m going to be working on those things.
    Application- I’m going to work through the Strumming Techniques course and learn to play 12th Street Rag (which is one of the tunes that drew me to ukulele in the first place). I’m going to set aside at least 15 minutes a day to working on this, and add extra time when I can (and the family will bear it, haha).
    Evaluation- I’ll record my progress weekly and post my performance of 12th Street Rag at the end of the month.


    Great challenge!

    1. Execution.

    I will be working on performing to a backing track. I never submit these for challenges due to technological deficits and because its harder technically to keep the timing tight. So both a recording and playing challenge here.

    I’d say I’m intermediate playing wise, with my strength lying in memory and mimicry rather than musical knowledge/creativity. So I will be hoping to use this starting point to jump into other goal based challenges to redress that balance a bit. Thinking beyond the month I’d like to look at courses (next level strumming) and concept lessons (the blues ones, as it always seems to be the bluesy songs I enjoy most)

    I will practice every day for at least 15 mins (on track here) and will learn the pieces side by side.

    2. Application.

    I will learn Valse Venezolano No 2. I absolutely adored this piece when it was uploaded and listened to it repeatedly, but only learnt the first few bars. I will try to master the side by side video uploading too. I do not have a baritone uke, so will have to settle for guitar. If that’s going to throw it too much, let me know and I’ll stick to the backing track provided 🙂

    3. Evaluation.

    – Weekly videos of progress (for me).
    – Playing to others for feedback
    – Qualitatively, I will up tempo incrementally, aiming for 50% in week 1, 75% in week 2, 90% in week 3 and 100% in week 4. My downfall usually is starting too fast as I can’t properly *hear* the piece otherwise and then having to clean up sketchy parts after…or more realistically live with them.

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    Andrew, do you have a suggestion for one of your songs/lessons for me if I want to work on tapping and / or artificial harmonics?


    I wanted to share what I have so far of the “orig” I’m trying to create. I could barely even wait a few days to share… I amped up about this challenge, man. 😅🥺

    (Sorry for how quiet it is and the weird… sounds… at the beginning. 😅)

    This is sort of the “base” of the song that I’ll use to create different variations and such. There is also another potential melody I have. I’m really trying to only use the chords G minor, C minor, and D7 but it’s so hard to not stray from that.

    I have tried several different things with those chords and with the melody, but this is just a small sample of a kinda done-ish maybe part. There is no guarantee that this won’t contain clawhammering. There’s a risk of it. But I have some ideas of different ways to use the clawhammer technique that hopefully will blend with what I have.

    I’ll share more after working on it for more than a few days ………………. 😅😔


    @brettboy – I do! Check out this song. I always liked this song and the keys part translated really well to the uke using tapping. 🙂

    And for artificial harmonics, this is def the most challenging song we’ve arranged.

    – I like it! It has a haunting feel to it.


    Thanks for the challenge, Andrew.

    1) Execution – A while ago I found a version of “Stolen Moments” by Oliver Nelson someone did on youtube on the ukulele. I tried to figure it out,and did an ok job – but I would like to be able to finish learning it (I sort of gave up!). So I will find it again, transcribe it if I can, and practice it

    2) Application – By the end of the month, I’d like to be able to play it (without a solo – that’s a cut above… ) and record it.

    3) Evaluation – I will update my progress and post that “diary” when I post the recording, if all goes according to plan.

    I love jazz, and haven’t put enough practice to do what I’d like in this genre.


    Hello RC101 Challenge-

    I am a new member of the community. My goal for January is to learn how to use the RC101 facilities by completing two lessons from the curriculum. I have decided on 2 “F” pieces: “Fur Elise” and “Folsom Prison Blues”. A classical piece and a country tune that may show the versatility of our beloved little four string instrument.

    EXECUTION – First I will listen to both lessons in entirety, then I will commit 30 minutes daily of practice to each piece for the entire month. While using the lessons, I will navigate the tools and buttons to become familiar with how RC101 works.

    APPLICATION – While I primarily have been focused on notation, I see that RC101 uses Tablature. This will help me become more familiar with Tabs. I use low 4th string for the most part and will include a high G instrument from time to time.

    EVALUATION – I will keep a practice log with comments as the month progresses. I will video some early-month, mid-month and end-month practices to determine progress. The goal is not perfection in the pieces (I do hope to become proficient in both) but a more solid understanding of how to best use RC101.


    My goal for the month is to work on Harmonics. I love this sound and am so happy when I have been able to “hit” the right note on occasion in various monthly challenge songs. I hope to be able to do this more consistently. And another one of my overall goals is to continue to work on letting go of my perfectionist tendencies and focus instead on my progress.

    Complete the RC 101 Harmonics course. I had started this awhile ago but never completed it. I will thus restart the course and am committed to completing it and learning Amazing Grace.

    I will practice at least 20 minutes daily. I will complete the Harmonics course by January 20th and use the remainder of the month to improve my performance of Amazing Grace.

    Record and submit the Capstone piece, Amazing Grace by the end of the month. I will also record early practices to reinforce progress over perfection. I will also work to add some harmonics to my other ukulele playing.

    I’m looking forward to everyone’s submissions this month! Good luck to all in reaching your goals.


    @Andrew, thank you! Hopefully I can keep improving it, adding to it, and make it more interesting. 😊

    That song with the tapping is crazy! I want to learn that at some point, so cool. 😯


    @The_Bumble_Bard – I see now that I have two pieces (one from Sweden, the other from North Macedonia) whose chord progressions consist of Gm, Cm and D.
    I understand that D and D7 are not the same. But they are not too far apart 😉
    Will you be interested in what folklore musicians do with it? I can record these two pieces near the end of the month.


    @katazumiri, heck yes! I’d love to hear those tunes. That sounds interesting. Just playing it a bit, D sounds really nice instead of D7. I was even thinking I could do a “b section” that is the “major version” of those chords to mix it up anyway. What you’re working on this month also sounded intriguing! So look forward to hearing what everyone does! 😊


    Hi everyone! I am taking this opportunity of creating my own challenge to learn how to play Blackbird by the Beatles. I would say I’m still in the beginner stage – I’ve learned a lot through this group, but still have miles to go. I bought my first ukulele at the end of January 2023 and am up to 13 at this point, but who’s counting???

    I will sift through the internet and select a version of Blackbird to learn from the many I found at a quick glance earlier. I am especially interested in fingerpicking style, and this song will provide lots of learning opportunities. I will look for one that feels true to the original, presents a challenge to me, but feels like an obtainable goal by month’s end. I will make time to practice each day, breaking the song down into manageable pieces, polishing a section before moving on to the next. My goal is to memorize and play the piece smoothly by the time I submit it at the end of the month. This will teach me how to search out new pieces to learn and to create the habits needed to meet new musical challenges. Looking forward to this!

    Participant check this out @denisedistefan….they have a lesson on Black Bird here at Rock Class 101.


    Thanks for the Suggestions Andrew!

    I think I’ll try both!

    1) Execution – I want to get better at tapping and artificial harmonics. My current state of Uke playing is upper-intermediate to advanced level for chords and finger style but I believe I’m at a much lower skill level for tapping and artificial harmonics. My plan to work toward this goal is to try learning RC101’s Amazing Grace with Harmonics lesson and Love by Matt White which has some sweet tapping parts. I already practice ukulele for over and hour most days, that schedule will remain this January with a focus on these two lessons.

    2) Application – I will watch RC101’s videos and play the pieces over and over again until I get them down.

    3) Evaluation – I have a habit of doing this already with all the monthly RC101 member challenges. Every month my wife hears me playing the same thing over and over all month long as I get better and I report to her… Saying things like… “That was closer but I’ve still never played it 100%” Or… “I reached the point where I can play it accurately but now yet at speed”

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