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    Hey Kelsey, I didnt care for the hug strap either so I looked around and ended up with this one–eco-friendly?rNtt=Ukulele strap&index=4

    I like that it has a soft hook and it’s pretty comfortable to use whenever I need to stand up. Good luck!


    Thank you for both those ideas!! I may try them out 🙂


    Here is everyone on page 12. (Stephen’s working on page 11 and will post it soon.)


    kellyblackburn – Kelly, that was awesome! Great feel and tone. There are two things that I would work on:

    1) Transitions. Notice how you pause between phrases (bars). Practice the end of one bar into the intro of the next. That will help you eliminate the gaps.

    2) Bar 12 – the second note is a half note. Double check the rhythm here and make sure you hold it out for the entire length.

    morrieuke1 – Michael, wow! You put a lot of work into this one; so much fun to watch! So the first thing I noticed was that in the 4th bar, the second note, you played it as an open A, it should be a B. Double-check the music there.

    I think you absolutely nailed the feel of the first, second, and fourth melody. What I would work on is the third. This section has a real drawn-out feel, and one way we can get that sound is to slow the tempo and use a little bit of rubato. But overall, killer month! Keep up the great work 🙂

    kelsey91 – Great job! I made a video for you. Here is the live lesson to check out.

    Here is the video I mentioned on Sustain that I made for another member this month and our lesson on increasing left hand reach.

    Lastly, double check the first bar of Melody B (which repeats), the 3rd beat is played incorrectly.

    riley_ukulele – Well done, and no worries on the intro. Check out this video that I made for another member. This is the same feedback I would leave for your performance.

    tiff27 – Hey Tiffany, that was awesome! Great sustain! 2 things that I’d work on:

    1) Memorize it. This way you can focus completely on how you are playing it. I’m sure you’ve seen this, but for others reading this feedback, this is why.

    2) The last Melody, try to boost the tempo of it so it keeps with the flow of the rest of the piece.

    coffeemug – Definitely not a mangle, you play very beautifully. But I think what you want to work on is the feel. Check out this feedback that I left for another member earlier this month. Try to incorporate that laid-back feel into your performance.

    akshxd – Great performance! Your uke sounds like it was a little bit out of tune, so friendly reminder to tune up before recording. 🙂 Other than that, great job on the subtleties, like a tasteful vamp of the intro and middle chord and a natural sounding fade out.

    rufio0 – Great job, your fingerpicking has a wonderful tone! So there’s one note that you want to substitute, you play the open A in the walk up at the end of bar 2 and again when it walks down at the end of bar 4. That note should be a B. Also, double check the form, it was incorrect in some spots.

    I’d also target the tricky sections (and their transitions – i.e. the bar going into it and coming out of it) and loop those in your practicing, for example the plucked chords. Work on keeping the flow a little bit more steady.


    I am a movie fan and thus loved the song options this month! I spent way too much time playing around with all of them to the point of not mastering any. Well, then there was the time spent rewatching season 2 and binging season 3 of Stranger Things. I am not happy with this performance despite way more takes than I would like to admit. I continue to struggle with the pull-offs, but feel good about the progress I made with them compared to the first of the month. I watched the pull-off lesson several times but still struggle to get a good sound to ring out, especially with the Em. I am still trying to play smoother and more relaxed too. But I did have fun with the Stranger Things background and the most 80s shirt in my closet. Thanks again for a fun challenge! I’ve enjoyed listening to others’ submissions.


    @karenj – I love your Cocobolo uke. I’ve always wanted to try one of them!


    Thanks robinboyd. I love my Cocobolo. Their production is limited and I feel honored to be able to own one. Some day I hope my skills improve enough to be able to show it off a little better. . . .


    Jurassic park.


    Thanks for the feedback Andrew, I’m Going to work on the feel of that third movement and am excited to start on next months challenge as well!


    Here is my Jurassic Park entry for the challenge…


    @morrieuke1 – Cool! Next month’s challenge is a new theme we’ve never done before 🙂


    I chopped off the scratchy bit in the beginning because I restarted….. I forgot to restart with it. Going to see if I can get a good take before forum time is up. just wanted insurance. Sorry you can practically hear me grinding my teeth in the beginning.



    Here is my entry….concentrated on trying to soften the touch (at the expense of some timing me thinks).Tim


    Joe Brown here from Oxford, al . I sure hope this works.

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    Hey, I played the spongebob theme for my submission!

    Link to my submission:


    Submitting on the last day….my submission of Jurassic Park
    I really enjoyed learning this song

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