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    I am a premium member.

    Here’s take one at 50% and looking forward to speeding up and getting better through the month.


    For some reasons, I can’t download the tablature like as before. I tried ‘When I’m Sixty Four’ and ‘Because’ but no response. This is my first time encountering this problem. Please help.
    Cheers/ Sheila


    Hi Sheila,

    Whenever I’ve had issues like that, logging out and logging back in has fixed them. Have you tried that?



    Hallo everyone!!
    I played guitar for long time. I’m old… When I discovered the ukulele world, abaut two years ago, I discovered rock class 101 and Andrew. The first song I learned was Here cames the sun. In this two years the arrangement is changed for me, and I think it’s natural and fun. In this month I hope to be able to submit If I feel also. I think rock class is a mine of wonderful music to discover. In two years I only started to explore it… Thank you Andrew and staff of Rock class!!

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    Wow, Brenna! You played that with authority and acumen. Give the man a third entry.


    In two years the sun cames 728 times..
    It’s a long time..


    This is where I stand right now with When I’m 64. I will keep playing it and start working on Here Comes the Sun, just for fun.

    In the meantime…



    48 years ago, (gaaahhh!) I figured out Here Comes the Sun on guitar off the Concert for Bangladesh album (you’re still my favorite, George). I was very proud of myself. Guitar playing ended when I sold it to pay the rent. A couple years ago, I picked up the ukulele, but didn’t do much with it. Then recently, it occurred to me I could adapt what I had from guitar to the uke. I was again very proud of myself. It left me wanting more and inspired me to find RC101.
    Not my best effort, and the arrangement still needs work. I’m looking forward to combining it with Andrew’s arrangement to get some of the notes I’m missing. But to do it for this month’s challenge seems to miss the point of the challenge, so I WILL learn and submit one of the other three.
    I am posting an abbreviated form of my initial version because after recording and sharing for the first time last month, I’ve realized what a valuable tool it is. I’ve already learned a lot from recording it, but doesn’t really work unless you actually post it, right?
    My version is more accompaniment than instrumental, and I will spare you my singing – which is why I probably won’t be submitting Because…
    This is purely for me. No need to watch or provide feedback. Thanks for humoring me.


    planetfink – Awesome performance and I love the Uke! What a cool gift 🙂 If I have to be really nitpicky, the only thing that stood out to me was one bar (starting at 53 seconds in) in the B Melody; it had a bit of a delay before starting. But, this is really an example of me over-analyzing. If only you knew how bad I over-analyze do my own performances, LOL.

    robinboyd – Well done! Here is my feedback for you. 🙂

    deadbuggy – Here are my thoughts 🙂

    cncamacho – You are doing awesome! Notes and chords ring with great clarity and nice tone. I want you to try this: Take a four or eight bar section, and boost the speed (from where you are currently at) by 5 or 10%. And when that becomes comfortable, try another 5 or 10%. Then repeat with the next 4 or 8 bars. This way you can work on increasing speed in sections, instead of being overwhelmed by trying to do the entire piece all together.

    Here’s a short video with help on one of the rhythms that I heard you play incorrectly.

    brenna – Such a beautiful rendition, I loved everything about it! Your interpretation has such a great rhythmic feel to it 🙂

    sprintingyogini – Well done! Here is 1 tip for you. Sorry for the ending. I need to go to bed, LOL.

    lildevil – Sounds beautiful! But I will have to agree with you, that quite a bit of it is more suited as accompaniment. Unfortunately, this deviates a little too much to be accepted as an entry into the challenge. Which doesn’t matter as I see that you will be submitting one of the other arrs., which I look forward to listening to 🙂


    Thanks. Upon listening back to it, I totally hear that I rushed it in parts.


    Grazie, Maestro Andrew!! 😊


    Andrew — I LOVE review like this! It really feels like we’re sitting together for a lesson. Thank you so much for such great advice — and for the kind words 🙂


    Thanks for indulging me. I actually was going to delete the post since it didn’t really belong, but apparently you can’t after an hour. But if you want to, it’s ok…

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    Hi Andrew, i am practicing the ‘Because’ this month. I found the bar3 that chord is very uncomfortable to play. My hand shape is awkward and strange…what’s the right hand form for this chord? Form1 or 2 or something in between?

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