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    I am a premium member.
    I hope I got this uploaded in time. I had a lot of trouble trying to get a clean take with the doggo near me. I could play through the song early in the month but never got around to making it clear. Hope next month is cleaner


    I am a Premium Member

    Finally! Here is my submission. I must say this was a crazy challenge at first. I never thought I would get it. Then when recording it felt so short! I guess that means I grew from it 🙂 Can’t say I nailed it… recording is so humbling!

    Happy Halloween!

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    I am a premium member. I’m clearly confused of what URL means sorry Andrew. That took like legit 45 minutes to figure out how to do though. And can someone tell me what I did wrong.

    I know it’s trash, but by the time I realized that it was too hard for me to many days were up to change to badmoon rising. Though at one point I got where I just buckled down and learned the song. So that helped me with it taking so long to finish a song.

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    Here’s my submission! It’s within the time limit in my time zone, hopefully it counts! <3


    Here is my submission:-


    I’m sorry i forgot something. I AM A PREMIUM MEMBER. Thanks


    Hi, Just wondering how I know if it was good enough to get an entry?


    Hey Malachi…..Open and begin playing your video in Youtube. Put your mouse arrow inside the video of you playing, then right click on the video. Then choose “copy URL”. Then start your post on Rockclass site. right click again and choose paste. As soon as you hit the submit button, your video will be in your post.


    Thaaaaaaank you Rickey. I do everything on my iPad because the computer I have is very slow. I’m going to copy and paste the videos on it from now on but do you know how to do it on iPad if it’s possible?

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    Josephus- As long as you followed the rules in the beginning of the contest thread you’re fine! 🙂

    The focus is doing your best to your ability, playing the whole song you choose, hopefully that reflects your skill level, and letting them know on your entry if you’re a premium member or not so you get the correct number of entries.

    I’m happy I found rock class 101 so soon after beginning to learn ukulele. The monthly challenge is a great push to learn -and- it pushed me to record myself which I would NOT have done in a million years.

    Regardless you have 2 more chances to enter if you wish. November and December are going to really push us all to get some more skills under our belts! 😉 Good luck!


    robinboyd – Great playing! I enjoyed the dynamics, you fingerpicked smoothly with the pattern Andrew taught, and you stayed in time even on the tough transitions! I would work on getting a slower strum or even a fan strum in at 0:23 to add a little flare to it, and then the only challenge is keeping the fret buzz out of the entire song (You did so well on this for the first 3/4 of the song…I think you just lost focus right towards the end). Over all, this is one of the best submissions of this song I’ve seen yet! Keep it up!

    frenchfries54 – Great job on each section! You played very well, now you just need to isolate where the left hand shifts to different chords (by playing one measure before and one measure after each transition). It’s super tricky! But if you practice slowly with a metronome and focus on getting to each shape in time, then gradually speed up, you will get there! The metronome or the slowed down tab player will give you a way to gauge your improvement! Thank you for joining the challenge!

    vidafntn – It sounds pretty good so far! To make it sound less mechanical, one secret is to sustain some of the notes a little bit longer (not cutting them short). Another thing that might help is to jam with a drummer!

    This backing track is a little bit slower, which might help you lock in with the groove more. Just try to match the drummer’s vibe, and it should help! Thank you for your submission.

    casadot349 – The notes sound great! I can tell you spent a lot of time on this! The hardest part of this arrangement is to maintain the relaxed swing feel while playing the difficult passages! Try playing with the drum track I suggested for vidafntn…sometimes jamming with a drummer helps to lock in with that feel. Great work, thank you for being a part of the challenge!

    ultramom – You’re off to a wonderful start! You almost have the transitions in time! I would isolate the tough spots and play them with a metronome slowly. Also, at the beginning, holding the pinky down a bit longer before lifting it for the next note will help the song flow smoother. Very well done overall! Thank you for entering!

    cinichol – The shorter version still has all the parts, so that’s a great way to do it! I like that you worked on getting the transitions in time! Keep working on strengthening the pinky, you will get there! Thanks for participating!

    mr_moltes – I like your use of dynamics! Great playing and flow on most of the sections! The only trouble spot seems to be getting to the chord at 0:26 in. If you just work on that shift, you’ve got the whole thing down! Thanks for entering the challenge!

    zukulele – Wow! That was super fast! All of the transitions were in time, too! Great work! My only suggestion would be to work on using the pinky a bit smoother. It’s possible that it’s the fingerpicking on the same string, too and not the pinky…but one or the other is causing the first section to sound slightly less smooth than the other parts. It’s a small detail, but it will help the song flow even better! Super job!

    poopsies – I think you did an excellent job! What you are saying about the first chord change is very slight, and you stayed in time through it! There’s just a tiny spot at the end to clean up (string noise and a slight hiccup in the timing, but nothing big), but judging by how smoothly you played the first part, that should be a piece of cake for you! Thank you for joining the challenge!

    rpina61 – This etude is super challenging! You are off to a wonderful start! The hammer on-pull off combinations at the beginning require a lot of dexterity, but if you have the time to spend, you can get there! That technique seems to be the only thing giving you any trouble—great fingerpicking! Just isolate ever section with hammer ons and pull offs and you’ve got it!

    suzums – Very great job! I love the tone of your ukulele as well! Such a warm and mellow sound! I think you’re doing most of the transitions super well, just a touch more work on a couple of them and it will sound wonderful. You can experiment with accenting (hitting certain notes/strums a bit harder) to give the song contrast, but it already sounds wonderful! Thank you for participating!

    kanae926 – You are doing a wonderful job! It’s so tough not to overthink things while playing, so I totally understand the “deeper into my own head” part. It’s ok, everyone does it! You’re playing is great, it’s just the same transitions that are giving almost everyone a really tough time on this challenge. Isolate those spots instead of just playing through the whole piece, and then you can trust yourself to nail them every time on the full play through because that practice will give you confidence! I enjoyed the video effect and the themed T-shirt, too! Thank you for taking part in this!

    kellyblackburn – Great job on this! I think it’s the first “Bad Moon Rising” I’ve seen thus far! You have a very relaxed feel on this. I can’t think of anything to add to it. Awesome!

    akshxd – Great work! You’ve got most of the transitions down, it seems like it’s just the first chord change that you can work on getting to a touch quicker. Thank you for submitting!


    Only just noticed I had feedback and I’ve been checking!
    Thank you! That was better than I thought!
    I’m hypermobile so I’m not sure there’s much I can do about my fingers but I hadn’t even realised so increased awareness will only help me 😁


    Hey, Malachi. I don’t have an I Pad so wouldn’t know how to do it. Someone else on this forum may be able to help.


    Thank you for your feedback @stephen
    I’m still working on that walking dead piece, especially chords transitions. Also now I’m focussing on the november challenge! Too bad i don’t have a low g string.


    Hi, Stephen,

    Thanks for the good feedback. I look forward to try jamming with a drummer on line. It will be fun. I have no one to jam with in real life.

    I forgot to meantion when I posted that I
    AM A PREMIUM MEMBER. I was not entering to win anything anyway.


    Vida Fenton

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