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    Time to dust off the Uke that I have been neglecting for the past 6 months. What a great way to celibate 5 years of Rock Class 101. Congratulations on this achievement Andrew.


    What a prize to shoot for! But, if I can learn & submit St. James, that’s a huge reward in itself.

    Rock Class does ROCK & you, Andrew, are a fabulous teacher. Good luck to all on this challenge!



    I’m not trying to be brown-noser, but I’ve really been learning these songs since Andrew posted them not knowing they’d all be included in the challenge.

    St James Infirmary is a bear for me — particularly late in theme 3! And just to shake things up I tried it on my soprano.

    Walking Dead – I’ve always thought the show was more sad than scary. I was thinking of the scene in Ep. 1 where Rick wakes up in the hospital with the dead flowers by his bedside and slowly walks through the halls so I took Andrew’s suggestion to play with tempo.

    Etude #15 — I went off the rails but I’ve been having so much fun with my little amp. And while I didn’t play the arrangement exactly as written, I did include portions of each section. And my dragon liked it, so there’s that.


    Okay cool, thanks for the clarification.


    Hi everyone!

    For this challenge I decided to play the Walking Dead’s theme:

    As a beginner, the other themes scare me a bit but I will surely try them too this month 🙂

    Hope you like it, all comments are welcome!



    Wanted to go ahead and submit today, as exactly one year ago I decided to pick up a small four-stringed (or any stringed, for that matter) instrument for the first time. It truly was on a whim, as I’ve never really had any interest in playing music before, but fortunately something stuck.

    Andrew, you and the website you created obviously played a big part in keeping this fun. Thanks for your insightful lessons, great selection of material, building this community, and for continuously challenging/motivating us.

    Love this song, by the way. And the grand prize (fingers crossed)! Hit a little snag near the end but oh well.


    I’m having a really fun time playing the walking dead theme! The only problem i have is the transition from the first to second chord :/


    You guys are doing awesome, and learned so fast! Boy have I got my work cut out for me this month. It’ll be an oct 31 post for me!


    jakeypoo, truly amazing job for one day of learning! You have a great feel and I’d love to hear what it would sound like with more days under your belt. Keep up the great work!

    deadbuggy, big improvements over the first video! Your feel is much better. I think if you were to slow it down, you could target your practice more towards strengthening muscle memory (smoother transitions) and getting the overall vibe of the piece consistent. I’d love to hear where you are at with it at the end of the month 🙂

    I love the intro you came up with for The Walking Dead! Maybe I’ll start sending you my arrangements before I release them so I can steal your ideas, lol!

    The delay and the slower pace really makes the etude sound much creepier! And there’s also the Dragon!

    flora-, awesome job on the transitions and timing! This piece is such great practice for left hand dexterity, as some of the chords have very unique fingerings.

    So here’s what I would work on moving forward, try to throw a little bit of dynamics (volume changes) into the mix. Maybe play one bar louder than the other, one softer. In the lesson video, I give some pointers on where and how to do this 🙂

    kmelton, Kevin that rocked! And thank you so much for the kind words. I’m very impressed with where you are at in your playing for just one year. So I’ve got some feedback for you, but I’m going to put it in a video. And for those watching his feedback video, here is the practice guide I touched on briefly.


    Lisa and Hafeez

    I too am having trouble with that chord transition and that Abm fingering. Pinkie is not coming straight down on the string (i.e. it’s lying sideways) resulting in unintentional muting of the A string. Also the strength of my ring and pinkie is weak with that stretch. So I’ll also be a last minute entry. Andrew did say it was a finger frenzy (and he has long flexible fingers) Well, it is called a Challenge.


    Rickey, as Andrew always says, slow it down and loop it, lol. You’ll get there. You always do come up with a fun rendition. Lyrics this month? 🙂

    I’m working on StJames. I can’t believe I’m doing a song recommended for advanced. What am I thinking? Is a bit of a train wreck right now but it’s slowly coming along… Slowly and loop loop looping!


    Lisa, just finished an hour of practice. I think I’ve figured out a way that I can do this. I’m going to first position the ring and pinky, pick those two notes, then pick up and use the index and middle fingers on the next three notes then repeat. No lyrics this month and you’ll see why when I post. ha.


    I’m a premium member.

    This was challenging as a beginner. I had to download the tab so I could follow along more easily but the transitions could use some work.

    Fun! Glad I found this as I’m a big Walking Dead fan.

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    Thanks for the feedback! I will try to redo a cover after my major exams are over in november! 😊


    @cncamacho, It looks like you and I are at about the same place, as beginners. I was having a heck of a time with This Walking Dead Theme. Each time I would sit down to practice I would have to watch the instructional video, start to finish. I wasn’t making much headway. There is so much going on, for me. Moving around on the fretboard and then the 3 different picking patterns. I wound up making a “cheat sheet” and wrote in the picking patterns. Another thing that was throwing me was the chords, so I added those to the cheat sheet and used a circle to show which finger was moving up and down on the string. Now it all makes sense to my brain.

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