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    @johanna2509, thank you so much for sharing that! That’s really helpful and some great ideas for how to approach tricky strumming. I defs was trying to do too much at once. 😅 I also had a hard time with the first section of strumming, but you’re right that it did get better with time, and now it’s enjoyable to play that part. It is incredibly satisfying when something seems impossible and you actually end up doing it! Bars 7 – 9 defs need more practice for me, but I’ll for sure try what you suggest, thank ye! 😁

    , agreed with @gi_gi_ that you did an amazing job with that song!

    , that was so great!! That song is so magical and you nailed it! 😁


    Hi Everyone!

    For this month’s challenge, I chose Syncopated Speed Picking. I can honestly say this is the most fun to play song I have learned to date! I couldn’t decide whether to post my entry with or without the backup track, as I wasn’t crazy about how it sounded being played on my phone. At any rate, I am sharing both versions here. Thanks for a great piece @Andrew! It’s a joy to play! Good luck, everyone!


    Thank you very much @jeg143, @gi_gi_ and @The_Bumble_Bard!

    , yes it’s a Kanile’a Oha but baritone 🙂

    , I picked up the ukulele beginning of 2019! Thanks again! all the praise goes to this amazing Rock Class 101 family that provides all the tools and approaches to progress/advance if one really wants to get better. Thank you Rock Class 101 as always!


    Here’s my submission for September. Please do not include me in the draw. Thanks…..It took me the longest time to decide which one to submit….I love them all. Thanks again to Rock Class 101!


    @johanna2509 – I loved your performance! Makes me miss summer, even though it only ended 3 days ago 🤣

    – I like the bluesy ending, Rachael! Great playing all around. Try looping the strumming bars that go up/down the neck. Start slow and work it up to speed. Remember to keep your right hand strumming a constant 8th note down/up, even for the missed strums (for ex: beat 3 in bar 8 – do a down strum missing the strings).

    – Is there a music shop with a luthier close to you? Could be worth a trip to have them look at it and perform a setup to adjust the action (string height) which would make it easier to play.

    Here is my feedback for you 🙂

    – Bravo! You aced both performances! Perfect timing & feel. I’m gonna share the version with the play along on our socials and in our newsletter 🙂

    – Well done, Dianna! I like the inflections you added to the piece, but I do think it flows better with a steady tempo. This is just my opinion, I always say that music is to be played as you interpret it 🙂


    September challenge…Summertime Swing

    Fun practice of slides and hammer ons. Thank you for the lessons, challenges, comments and fun!

    Life is good! It’s fun to watch everyone else’s submissions.


    I am a Premium Member.

    Hello – I’m on a roll – 2 months, 2 challenge submissions. 🙂 I went with “Blues Rock Riff – ML012”. When I started it, I thought it might be too hard, but it was super fun. It is not like anything I would have ever tried to play before. It sounds way too hard, but I enjoyed the slides, pull-offs and what’s that fun technique where you use 2 fingers on one string – piccatto? The backing track was fun too. Very satisfying lesson. I’m enjoying everyone’s submissions!


    @marinne Wow, well you give me hope that I will be able to play as well as you one day 🙂 I started like June 2021. So glad I did.


    Thanks @Andrew…..I agree with you – consistent tempo ( my weakness) is important. It’s funny, I don’t hear it so much as I’m playing (I’m hearing the inflections)….but when I listen to the recording it is much more obvious (as are any hesitations and foul notes) Also, playing arrangements with the back-up recordings keeps me in-line…..without them….yikes!

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    @Andrew thanks so much for your kind words! You made my day, and as I said, this was a super fun piece to play.


    @Andrew, thank you so much!! I actually did try to play it with the “miss strums” at first, but then I went into survival mode and those strums couldn’t fit on the raft at the end of the movie, even though (as you pointed out) they could definitely fit. 😅😂 Thank you for the feedback, I’ll try it that way again! 😊


    @Andrew Thank you! We also enjoy the last warm autum days in Germany 😊


    Here’s my September submission of Summer Nights. I loved learning this melody but was also in the ‘harder that it looks” camp and couldn’t believe how long it took me to have my fingers to do what I wanted them to do.

    My lovely cat in the photo pretends to be a sweet thing, but if you look closely you can see he’s really a sheet music eating devil. Or maybe he’s just encouraging me to memorize it faster? And I sure do love this Kanileʻa that was courtesy of Rock Class 101. I also love Matt’s lessons and want to give a shout out to his performance in the Music and Meals for Maui Fundraiser (still available for streaming).

    I’m sad to say goodbye to summer nights but wish you all a happy fall.
    Take care,


    Hi everyone, I went for the syncopated speed picking. First try for me with a pick. I’m still struggling a bit with the 16th notes at this pace, but I like the technique. 😊


    September has flown by. Also a short month – ha, by a day… but it’s a loooong day. 🙂
    Great entries this month. Some new faces or returning. @jeg143 love your blues entry and @marianne, yours too. The Baritone has such a sweet sound. You say you started Uke in ’21 but must have been a guitar player prior? Excellent entry.

    lovely and playing both was nice. Congrat on being weekly RC feature player 🙂
    Lots of great entries. I love this months uke. Would love a nice tenor.
    Good luck everyone

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