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    Rainbow Connection, I love this arrangement. I’m a premium member


    @deadbuggy – beautifully played and what a heartwarming picture. Glad you found the uke on eBay, that’s really cool. I let Nicky know about the commission, she’ll reach out to you. I’d love to see it when it’s done 🙂

    – lovely interpretation, Ulli. Very well played!

    – Here is my feedback for you 🙂

    – Well done, Dennis! Your playing sounds great, but the big thing with this tune – and what really makes it “shine” – is the slow tempo that accentuates the sustain, creating this beautiful flowing sound from one note or chord to the next.

    Listen back to Matt’s performance and play along with him. Try to match that tempo and focus on the sustain. That’s the icing on the cake, b/c your playing is already great – so we just want to match that feel.


    Premium member

    Harvest Moon. I previously recorded this but I planned on redoing it. After a couple of tries I decided to keep my original.
    If I have the time, I hope to work on Wonderful Tonight also.


    @mark1256 – Well done, Mark! I love that you’ve got a click going. But, I’m not hearing you locked in a lot of the time. Therefore, I’d recommend two things:

    1) Play along with the tab player in synthetic mode, with the metronome activated. Slow it down to any speed you wish, but work on playing 1 section at a time. The playback will act as a guide to help keep you locked into the groove/click.

    2) Make sure you understand the rhythms that you are playing. I’m a big fan of counting rhythms while I play, because it helps get the rhythms engrained. Jump into our Reading Course – learning to read standard notation is the the best way to truly understand how rhythm and timing connect.


    Never get a perfect cut but getting there. I’m looking forward to learning Wonderful Tonight on my low G, too.


    @cncamacho – Here’s my feedback for you 🙂


    Hey guys, I’m so glad to hear you’re excited about this prize!

    Of course since I’m this month’s prize creator, I won’t be participating in August’s challenge, but that gives me time to learn other songs I’ve had my eye on!

    Haha, cute idea. I’m more specialised in drawing people and fashion but I could give it a go!

    Beautiful photo, filled with nostalgia! I would love to illustrate that for you. I will send you an email with more detail and where I will get some more details for your work. Thank you so much for giving me this honour.

    I just want to let everyone know that thanks to our fantastic worldwide pandemic (sarcasm), the prize illustration as well as any commissions will take most likely between 3 and 6 weeks to arrive from Australia to the USA. It would normally be quicker, but these are the times we are dealing with right now. So I hope you understand and thank you for your patience.

    I look forward to illustrating for this month’s winner as well as creating commissions for you guys.


    @deadbuggy I have emailed you from this email –

    Just letting you know in case it may have gone into spam (doesn’t usually happen but you never know!)



    i will do harvest moon. i am a premium member.


    @nickyg – does this mean you are in Australia? So if one of us Aussies won, we’d get the prize really quickly?


    @robinboyd due to the COVID pandemic that’s not something me or anyone (including at the post office) could answer accurately. Australia Post isn’t that consistent at the moment and it could still take a few weeks unless I use express. Of course it would *arrive* quicker than to the USA though, that’s a given! 🙂

    Either way I will endeavour to complete the illustration as soon as I can, working together with the winner. It’s a really personal sort of gift, rather than a pre-made prize, so of course it will take time.

    I look forward to hearing all your entries!

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    @nickyg – Quicker than to the USA is what I meant 🙂


    Thanks so much Andrew for your feedback. It really makes sense to me and I will definitely play around with keeping the first 3 bars consistent and then adding the “Rodondo”. Stay tuned for another upload soon.


    Hi, I’m working on “Wonderful Tonight” this month. Having 2 dilemmas:
    1) In my favourite recordings of the original, actually the tempo is much slower, only around 85% of the play-along tempo. If I can get the sound nice and clear but still with a nice flow, I think I’ll go for a slower tempo.
    2) Can’t decide which versions to follow for verse2 bars 24 and 28. The downloadable tablature and the tutorial repeats the low G, while the recording and the play-along repeats C = third string…
    I’ll soon have to make my decisions so I can start proper practice for a recording 🙂


    Aloha uke community! This month I´m sharing “Harvest moon” Thank you for this amazing arrengement. I absolutely love the riff :). I hope all of you are doing well.

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