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    Vida, wow! Incredible progress on the overall feel of the piece. Notes are sustaining and flowing into one another. Very beautiful performance.

    As far as your comments on the course material and speed… The thing with speed is that it takes time to develop. It could be months or it could be years. Don’t worry about trying to match the target rate speed, instead focus on playing cleanly at a certain tempo rate and gradually working to increase it. Keep up the good work, you have a great practice routine!



    Trying again ; January Rock Class 101 Challenge

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    I have no idea is i did this correctly
    You tube videos of Brahms Lullaby, Oldest to newest.



    Aweosme. I train in hapkido. Black belt
    For 30 yrs. hubby has taught for 47



    In this case, yawning is a good compliment. Very nice, jbross.



    Here is my final video this month. I planned to learn melodies 1-4 at least. But melody 3 really stumped me. I don’t know what it is, but just made me feel completely blocked and a little disheartened that I couldn’t get it. All part of the learning process though.



    Thanks RickyMike. I pmaued for my
    Husband and he Pretended to fall asleep LoL



    Kayleigh, good job!

    We have to cut ourselves some slack when tackling hard ones. It happened to me too this month, but that’s what happens when Andrew gives us free reign to choose. ☺

    The parts you got done sound lovely indeed.



    Do we post SoundCloud links the same way as for YouTube – just pasting the url on a line of its own?



    I guess I’ll just give it a try:

    Direct SoundCloud link

    It’s not as solid or expressive as I had hoped. My left hand hasn’t fully recovered from last weeks injury and I was trying not to wince as I played. Still, it’s better than I could do at the beginning of the month and that’s what the challenge is all about.

    As far as my final weekly report on my practice goals for the month:

    I missed my target practice time on a few days, but I did practice every day – about 50 minutes per day on average.
    I finished memorizing WipeOut, although I’m nowhere close to playing at full speed.
    My ear training is progressing, though more slowly than I would like. This week I mostly focused on intervals and chord recognition.

    Tomorrow I’ll start working on the February challenge.



    Sounded great, Tony. Every note was right on.



    Did a 10day practice for the piece; trying to play it smooth, clear and in tempo.

    I could see a bit improvement compare to the October one. But still need a lot of work. I think I will keep practicing this one.



    Here is the final result of my Ode to Joy, including a few warts. Funny, I’ve been in theatre since 1980, on stage, plays, musicals, commercials, films, even standup, but when doing these videos I grow 10 thumbs!



    Hey, my target for this month was to improve strum/drum/slap – and to do this through sultans of swing, but I became distracted with this lesson and added it to my target, which (amongst other things like a stupid amount of mock exam marking) has slowed my progress of my first target. My Sultans of swing is getting there and needs another week which is a bit frustrating but I’ll upload where I’m up to later…



    Ser_ser I bow down to you. That was so good 😊

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 120 total)

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