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    Hi Rock Class 101 Community!

    We are back with site member challenge #11! Please watch the video above and read instructions below carefully for details/instructions on this month’s challenge.

    This month’s challenge is a departure from our typical challenges in which you choose a preselected piece to learn, practice, and post a performance of. This month you are in total control of what you wish to work on! Examples of things you could choose includes: a certain technique, an element of music theory, or a song.

    Below are 3 guidelines you must follow. In your first post, please list all 3 in complete detail.

    3 Steps For Improving:

    1) Execution – List what you will be working on for the month of January. State what your current playing/musicianship ability is and what your goal is – i.e. where you want to be by the end of the month. Include how you plan to accomplish this; highlight your practice schedule.

    2) Application – How will you be applying what you are practicing to your playing? For example, if you are learning how to add a backbeat to your rhythm playing, you could apply this new technique by using it in a song, such as this one: 12 Bar Blues Strumming.

    3) Evaluation – Analyze how you are doing. I suggest to evaluate yourself week by week. Throughout the month, feel free to post updates on how your practicing is coming along (optional).



    1. You must create 2 posts. Post 1 lists the 3 steps in detail and must be submitted by Monday, January 15th. Post 2 shows your results for the month. Depending on what you choose to work on, this could include audio and/or video files of performances. Post 2 must be submitted by Wednesday, January 31st, 11:59pm EST.

    The upload feature on the site only supports file sizes up to 5 MB. Members must host their own files. Creating an account is easy and free 🙂 Here are the links to create an account:

    YouTube (For Video) –

    SoundCloud (For Audio) –

    ** If you need assistance with how to record yourself check out our FREE course on recording audio/video and/or private message me and I will be happy to help you out. **

    2. Submit individually, as a reply, IN THIS POST.

    3. Feel free to submit more than one idea for the challenge, but additional ideas will not count as extra entries into the raffle for the prize.

    4. Have fun and don’t be intimidated by this challenge!!! Use this challenge to help you set goals and complete them by a deadline. You can also use this as an opportunity to chat with your fellow Rock Class 101 members and share tips or tricks on this challenge that you think are useful.

    * Note: In my opinion, it is better to show progress versus perfection with these challenges. Remember we are all here to support you no matter what your current playing level is.

    Participation Goal: 20 Rock Class 101 Member Participant Videos/MP3 posted.



    1) Check out Learning Paths. It’s a step-by-step guide which takes a look at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced player and answers the big questions; such as “Where do I start?” and “What do I work on?”.

    2) See what other members worked on when we initially ran this challenge theme in September of 2017.



    1) The prize and the challenge is open to the entire world!

    2) Premium membership is NOT required to participate, but will make participation easier as it gains you complete access to the full video lessons, tabs, and the on-screen tab viewer.

    3) Basic membership (free) is required to submit a reply on this forum post. You can sign up for Basic Membership HERE.

    4) You are free to work on anything ukulele related. It does not have to be Rock Class 101 related.

    5) To post YouTube video links (in which they appear embedded on the forum) simply copy and past the video URL in its own line. For example:

    YouTube URL


    Giveaway Rules:

    There will be 1 winner, selected by random drawing on Saturday, February 3rd. To qualify to win, you must submit your audio and/or video links of your playing by the deadline listed above.

    Grand Prize:

    1) 1 on 1 Private 60 Minute Skype Lesson with Andrew. We can work on whatever you wish!

    Let’s crush this challenge!


    It looks like I’m first cab off the rank.

    When I first found this site, I tried the October challenge with the Stranger Things Theme. I was really impressed with Hedwig’s Theme at the time and signed up for paid membership in order to learn it. Unfortunately life got in the way, so I’m still only half-way through learning Hedwig’s theme. I suppose you would call me a proficient beginner, or possibly intermediate. I like to challenge myself, but have a very unpredictable schedule and a short attention span, so it is hard to get into any sort of consistent practice regimen. I just do what I can when I can, and I’m happy with that for now.

    This month, I’ll be spending a lot of time working as a tour guide, which means I’ll be away from home, and possibly with no internet for weeks at a time. What I’m going to do is spend the time when I’m at home working on Hedwig’s theme. Hopefully I’ll be able to play through it by the end of the Month. I know this is hardly a detailed plan, but it’s the best I can do right now. I hope this is okay.


    1) Execution – I’m doing it, I’m going to attempt Canon in D. It’s the song that made me want to get a concert size uke, and now I have one it would be a shame not to try! Now I’m not stupid, I know this piece is way beyond what I’m capable of playing, so I’m going to work on the first 4 (maybe 5) melodies. My plan is to master one melody per week practising for at least 20 minutes per day (work permitting).

    2) Application – I guess this would just be strengthening my 3 finger approach to finger picking within the first 4 melodies of the piece.

    3) Evaluation – I’m going to aim for a video a week, so Sun 7th Jan – Melody A, Sun 14th Jan – Melody A & B, Sun 21st Jan – Melodies A to C, Sun 28th Jan – Melodies A-D

    I hope by breaking it down into manageable chunks it won’t seem so daunting, and whilst I will not be able to play the whole song, I will be able to continue learning and building up my skill level needed for the remaining melodies 😊

    Happy new year everyone! Here is to an exciting 2018

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    Perfect. I’ve been working on Seven Nation Army. It’s beyond my skill level but I really want to get it playable.

    1. Seven Nation Army, memorized and clean. I’ve made a few cheats to bring it down a bit to my level, but I choose to see that as a success because I was able to figure out what to change to make it work and still sound right. But memorization is a constant challenge for me. I will memorize this song so I can focus on playing clean instead of reading.

    2. Bits at a time. Memorize a chunk, then read. Add a new chunk. As usual, use the on screen tab viewer to get the harder bits up to speed and clean.

    3. Memorized by the 15th. Clean by the end of the month. A decent video in less than 20 takes. ☺


    I’m going to be working on finger style playing, aiming for 4 finger approach and particular attention to my keeping that pedal note going. I plan to get a little better control of my thumb as well. It seems to want to play strings 3 as well as string 4. Fine for 3 finger, but I want 4 finger playing this time.

    The piece I’m working on is Ode to Joy and I’ll give it 10 minutes a day, dividing the 3 melodies into weeks 1, 2, and 3 respectively, but adding the previous week’s melody each time. I plan to show my progress and the end of each week.

    Week 4 will be devoted to trying to present a performance that satisfies me.


    Nice challenge, that will be fun! 🙂

    1) Execution – I’m really struggling with my left hand technique and especially with transitions so I’m gonna work on that using this course and just looping bars. I’ll make sure to place my fingers at the same time (and not one at a time). I’ll practice for at least 15 minutes a day.

    2) Application – I’ll apply that to 2 songs. I already know the first one (‘Fingerpicking Etude #3’ by Rock Class 101) but the transition from C(2) to F(1) is still quite hard for me. Then, I’ll learn that other song (‘Fingerpicking & Strumming’ by Rock Class 101) because it seems that it contains some nice transitions between bars.

    3) Evaluation – Every Saturday or Sunday I will record myself. Week 4, I will record myself on both songs and post them on this topic.


    Happy New Year Andrew and everyone else

    Thanks for the challenge

    1) Execution – I want to improve on solos.
    2) Application – I came across your lesson on Sultans Of Swing! I love this piece, and it has a couple of solos – plus I will get a chance to improve my rhythm too. I will also have another look at some of the pentatonic scales and practice
    3) Evaluation – I will evaluate how I’m going at the end of each week. I might post twice – half way through the month, and at the end of the month.

    Any suggestions are welcome



    Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks for another nice inspiring challenge Andrew. I know this is only post 8 – but I’m also going to be working on Sultans of swing right along with you Lyndall!!!

    1) Execution; I have a definite leaning towards fingerpicking and have really struggled to mix it up and strum a little and do the backbeats…. for the challenge that had Mr Sandman, I was also trying I’m yours, but really struggled with it. In fact, I’ve got a whole pile of tunes that I want to work on that have this backbeat, so hopefully, by focusing on that, I should open up some doors!!! Another problem is also ‘run-away fingers’ so I need to work on making my performance more steady (I do use a metronome to keep myself in check – but didn’t take it away with me at Christmas) I have been playing ukulele for 1 year. My practice schedule: I have to get a ferry to work (CAR ferry – nothing public folks – not at the busking stage yet!!) I always practice both to and from work in my car, ignoring raised eyebrows of neighbouring cars and trucks…. I then practice in regular slots in between marking/planning at night (I’m a high school teacher)

    2) Application – I’m going to work on Sultans of Swing. I’m not sure whether I’m going to get to the ‘full memorisation’ situation by the end of the month as it seems quite a long piece and is at level 4….but I would like to get the backbeat sorted, even if I’m still reading the music.

    3) Evaluation – I’ll try and review once a week (I’m sure that patient long suffering family and co-workers will give me feedback too!)

    Bring it on!!!


    That’s great Lisa. I started last night and its a big challenge. I’m just getting my head and fingers around the intro. I look forward to hearing what you do with it.


    I haven’t been very systematic in the songs that I tackled last year. Mostly I worked on songs that I really liked but was a reach for me. Those were the reason I joined RockClass101. Now I want to step back and learn some basic songs and skills. My plan is to learn the Lullaby Medley. Timing is an issue for me so I will be working with the sound slice tool and a metronome. Good way to start the New Year and I look forward to seeing goals of others as well.



    1) Execution – I’ve just recently joined the community and for this month, I’ll just starting off with The Definitive Beginner’s Guide To Ukulele and will be learning the basics up to fingerpicking. I’ve been playing for more than 2 years now, but all I ever did was strumming. I’ve always wanted to learn how to fingerpick and now I’m finally going to focus on learning it!

    2) Application – I’ll be applying what I’ve learned by playing Fingerpicking Etude no. 1. I kind of want to try the SpongeBob theme song as well, but that might be too ambitious for me, given the timeframe 😂 So my official entry for the challenge will be the Fingerpicking Etude No. 1.

    3) Evaluation – Finished the lessons by the end of next week. Learn the song by the 3rd week. Practice until the 30th! I might post updates after the 3rd week, when I’m finally learning the song.

    Good luck to us all!


    1. Executions- I am going to learn Braham’s Lullaby. I would say I am an advanced beginner. I however choke under pressure when performing in front of people if it is anything other then a strum. I also struggle to keep time. So my goal for the end of this is to be able to play through and someone actually knows what song it is without being told. LOL I try to practice every day. So my goal is to continue to work on it every day for at least 20 min until the end of the challenge. I have only listened to it so it is a totally new piece for me.
    2.application- My hopes are to get better at this technique to use on future pieces.
    3. Evaluation- I am going to video or record myself throughout the process. Probably the beginning, middle and end or any time i feel like I’ve had a breakthrough. (one can only hope. I am a slooowww study)


    First week’s progress..Melody A. Pretty stilted. things should move faster now that I have the basics working…sort of..

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    Happy New Year to everyone! I’m going to attempt “Here Comes The Sun” This song is the reason I joined Rock Class 101. I have been working on it for awhile,it just never has the flow that Andrew gets when he plays.

    1) Execution – Found Andrew’s first Live Lesson “Here Comes The Sun” going to watch this video till I can play ⅓ as well as Andrew. improving my rhythm,timing

    2) Application – strengthening my 3 finger approach to finger picking and timing.

    3) Evaluation – I will evaluate how I’m going at the end of each week. I will record each week and evaluate myself from that. Wish me luck.
    Happy Picking everyone. ED

    .Thanks for the motivation Andrew.Love Rock Class 101


    It’s awesome to see so many people excited for this month’s challenge!


    Totally fine Robin! Looking forward to hearing it 🙂


    Sounds great Lyndall! I think your overall goal should be to play it on top of the backing track. That would be really cool.


    Great playing James! Clean and in time, keep up the good work!

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