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    Hi Grace, we actually just had this question come up in this topic yesterday.

    I wouldn’t worry about the A chord tap at this point, instead I’d focus on learning natural harmonics (your 2nd question). That, and single note tapping, is taught in our Harmonics Course.


    what! that 0.0001 second harmonics require a full class of …counting … 14 units? No kidding. Not something simple at all 🙂 oh man! I feel I am way over my head.



    You should be able to do it after watching this one lesson. The majority of the other lessons in that course focus on a different type of harmonic 🙂


    Hi Grace. Just remember that harmonics are hard, so don’t worry if you don’t manage them straight away. I only encountered harmonics after a few years of playing, and at that point, I thought they were impossible. Just do your best and have fun.

    Oh, and to address your 2 specific questions:

    1. Your ukulele is fine
    2. The idea is right, but you haven’t managed it yet. Keep playing with it until you get a clean chimey sound like Andrew gets. It requires a really delicate touch

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    I am doing Yankee Doodle and am off to a pretty solid start!!

    I’ve hardly practiced at all since Safer-At-Home and was just starting to feel…stuck. Passed my one-year learning mark last month and want to make progress but feel a bit lost.

    Am going to aim to finish with Fingerpicking Course and Strumming Course and move onto Harmonics.

    Best wishes for July.

    PS. I won the Banjolele in Feb and it just arrived a two weeks ago (due to lack of flights to Australia/ I had given up hope honestly it took so long) rainbow connection is definitely on my to-do list.


    Glad you got your banjolele in the end @marama


    way to go deadbuggy!


    Been working my way through the harmonics class so I was pleased to get the first harmonics. I find I get the best sound using my middle or ring fingers. I’m still working on successfully nailing that final one–I see others are facing similar problems.

    Here’s my take on Yankee Doodle but hoping to also tackle 12th street rag this month.


    Thanks, @Andrew for your reply. I took that one lesson and am on my way to actually make that sound one day. 🙂

    Thanks, @robinboyd for pointing out that harmonics are hard. Right? 🙂

    So now on to my next question. Feel a bit embarrassed but oh well. I did take the beginner lessons on the proper way to hold a uke but that didn’t help. I seriously think that a soprano is too small for me. (I keep wanting to blame my uke). Here is a video. No need to listen to me practicing; just to see how I struggled to hold the uke. I even folded a blanket and put it on my right thigh and I think it helped a little but my uke is still not steady enough. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Grace, here is a video to help you and here is the first and second lesson I recommend reviewing.


    I tried to submit my Yankee Doodle, but kept getting the error: “Duplicate reply detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that.” However, I cannot find my submission post in this thread. How can I fix that?

    Btw, I saw some posts having the line “I am a premium member.” – which I am too, but is that required to put in the post? (Sorry if it’s a dumb question. It’s my first time participating in the monthly challenge, though I have slowly learned lessons and songs here since last Sep…)



    Qiuyan, did you happen to submit more than one link in your post? If you did, it might be waiting for an admin (Andrew) to release it. Stating you’re a premium member was only necessary for the 3-month Kanile’a giveaway that just ended.


    This is my first participation in the monthly challenge, after slowly taking some of the basic lessons since last Sep. Here’s my submission for I’ve got so far for Yankee Doodle. Hopefully I can get better over the next couple weeks.

    TBH, when harmonics appeared in some of the lessons and songs I learned here previously, I always just gave up and simply played the 12th fret note directly. I thought it impossible for me to get the harmonics working. I even thought that maybe my ukulele wasn’t good enough to have the harmonics ring… But after more practices on only harmonics (while watching TV shows over the long weekend…), I think I finally get it working with the “pluck” version, but am still having trouble with the “tapping” version even on single note.

    Btw, I find it slightly easier for me with the artificial harmonics technique than with the natural one, probably because it’s easier to sync between fingers of a single hand to pluck and lift at the same time than to sync between two hands…


    Hi I am Elixir. I am not a beginner but this month i tried to something different. I chose yankee doodle and added some uke percussion and classical guitar to make it sound beautiful. I jope it is good 😊
    Ps. I am a premium member

    Youtube link :


    hello !
    when I play my Ukulele, I place my thumb around the center of the back. I feel more comfortable playing uke this way. I had no problem with it before I started learning Yankee Doodle. The E7 chord makes my wrist strain after playing the song a couple of times . I just want to know is it normal or I need to change my thumb position ?

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