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    I doing Waltz C . I added an lick I learned .

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    @slasher78 – I fixed it for you 🙂


    Hi Everyone (I just posted and had to make an edit, and lost the entire post. So here i go again from scratch.)

    First let me say that I DO enjoy classical music. Just not so much on Ukulele, it’s not my thing. (Sorry @lyndallk, no offense, ha ;p ) That being said, I was not looking forward to this challenge, and even though Moonlight Sonata was the first classical song I ever fell in love with, I would need months to tackle that challenge. Kudos to those who did! Then it came to Lagrima, I even printed it off and gave the lesson a go, but my fingers lost very quickly to the craziness on even the first page. So I gave up probably before I should have. At any rate, I landed back on Waltz in C. And truth be told, Waltzes are my least favorite of the classical world, so I decided to put a little folksy swing to it. I swung the eighth notes and added some double thumbing to measure 12. (Don’t kill me Andrew! LOL.) But I recorded, and there ya go. I hear now that I cheated the dotted half notes at the end of the phrases some, and the harmonic at the end didn’t quite make it. (I haven’t completed that course as of yet.) So here it goes…

    PS> @gstriph – That has been my biggest fear since learning to play the ukulele, it’s all I think about while chopping vegetables now. Like we don’t have enough to worry about already. I wish you a speedy recovery. I hope everyone is staying safe and avoiding covid19 and their cutlery.


    @holly1 – Hey Holly, it got stuck in spam. If that happens again, just let me know. I hate that you had to type everything again!



    I wanted to play this piece because I have never used the three finger technique.

    waltz in c

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    stinyuke – Very nicely played! The variations are cool as well! Keep up the great playing!

    gstriph – What a crazy month! I hope you are alright and remain healthy! Your playing on this is great! Just a tiny bit of work on getting that harmonic accurate at the end, and you’ve got it!

    slasher78 – You are doing a very good job on this! The chords in the fourth measure of theme 2 are a bit overly drawn out…you can play those a little bit closer to in time with just a slight ritardando. Then it’s just a bit of extra work on the harmonic, and you’ve got it!

    brettboy – Wonderful! Great job tackling a monster of a piece! You still have a few spots that could use a bit more work, but you’re sounding excellent!

    joe150 – I like the lick at the end! You’re off to a great start on this song, if you can memorize it, I think you will work out the hesitations from looking at the music and down at your ukulele. Keep it up!

    holly1 – I like the swing feel! You did a great job on this…now it’s time to tackle that harmonic!

    mac1984 – You have a good feel on this! I kind of like the high G on this one, even though it’s meant for low G. When you let go of notes, just make sure you don’t pull down on the strings too much. Towards the end it sounded a bit like there were pull offs rather than just hand shifts. Other than that and letting the harmonic ring out by getting your right hand out of the way quicker after hitting it, you’ve got it!


    Hi, here’s my attempt at Lagrima. Still have some work to do to get it smooth. Wish I had stuck with the recommended fingering suggestions, but found them too hard to start with. Can now see that it’s the best way to go.


    Hey guys!
    Here’s my entry

    Good luck everyone


    Here’s my attempt at Lagrima on high g. I recently restrung my uke and couldn’t bring myself to change to low g. I too struggled a lot with the fingering so could not work on timing as much. I’m going to keep working at it. One day I’ll have another uke with a low g and I will be able to play this piece.

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    I tried Lágrima this time. I don’t have a low G so I played it on my Baritone —


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    Here’s my entry playing “Waltz in C” using my Luna concert ukulele with low G.
    Nice opportunity to play this ukelele, since my favorite one is my Lanikai with high G.
    Hope it sounds okay.



    Thanks Stephen I Agree with you. It does not bother me to talk on video, but when it comes to music I get scared. Sometime I going to get my wife to video without me knowing. Maybe I do better.


    ccwuke – Great job! This is a very tricky song with all of the shifts, especially in melody B. Try playing the whole song at a slower tempo to give yourself time to think ahead while playing these sections. Work on keeping the beat steady throughout these parts as well. You’re doing a wonderful job of playing the notes, just a little more work and you’ve got it!

    mr_moltes – Excellent job on this one! You’ve definitely got a hang on this one, even on the harmonic at the end. Well played!

    bklynsoul – You are off to a great start! I recommend playing along with a metronome or the tab player at a much slower tempo, which will help push you to shift and transition between sections in time. I think the piece sounds great with the high G, though! Keep up the good work, and just tighten up the timing a bit by playing slowly.

    lhamilton – Very well played, and it sounds great on baritone uke! The only suggestion I have is to work on shifting from the lower positions to the higher positions (between 0:12 – 0:14 and other places like this) without hesitating. Aside from this, you’re doing great!

    joannetala – Awesome job on this one! Your playing, the notes, and even the harmonic at the end are spot on! The only tiny advice I have for you: at the end of the phrases, count all three beats in your head to not rush into the next phrase. In measure 8 for instance, make sure to count either “one two three,” or “one two rest” to let the piece breathe before going into theme 2. It’s a small detail, but it will make the piece feel more relaxed. Excellent playing on this one!


    Thank you for your kind words, Stephen. Appreciate it that you take the time to listen and help us improve on our technique. You’re right, it sounds a bit rushed and I will work on timing. I have been playing more often with the metronome, but obviously need more practice. Thanks for your advice!
    – Joanne 🤗


    Thanks, Stephen! Yes, the shifting back and forth up and down the neck have been a bit of a challenge especially on the baritone and especially if the moves include moves to interesting fingerings. I’ll keep working on it.

    One benefit I found though in working with this piece on baritone was that I finally came to a way of holding the instrument that was comfortable — before this it slid around terribly.


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