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    @omaon4 – You would have laughed if you heard how I was pronouncing it! 😄 Thank you for the Tear translation. 👍

    – I enjoyed the progress videos on Moon.


    Working on Lagrima for the challenge. Need to check my fingerings against the lesson for bars 5 & 6. It took me a long while to figure out how to do that, but I don’t think it’s right still. I started by dropping that first joint to bar, which worked fine but probably isn’t great to do, then was working with that middle and pinky shape not remembering if we used it for that part too and worked something out with fingertips I thought might be it finally.

    Having a problem with my pointer finger sticking straight up in this one like i’m signaling for something or saying “hold on” when it’s not being used. Having to focus a lot just to keep that stupid finger down in playing position or at least relaxed for some reason on this song so far.

    I feel like people should be trying to toss rings on my finger to win a fish at a festival. :/


    Becky, that’s me with my index finger right now. I have to consciously remind myself not to have it sticking up. Your analogy is spot on. 😂


    @lyndallk – no pressure then! I’d better go and practice.


    Im working on lagrima as well and have the same problem with the funky fingering or finger franzy. So Im trying to barre bar 5. the jump from end of 5 to 6 is doable and the switch from 97×7 to 79×9 is even more complicated but seems doable too. At least it works better for me than what Andrew recommanded. I just cant put my ring finger underneath my middle. Been doing the stretching exercises. Perhaps that will help.


    Lagrima is also my choice. I can’t put my ring finger underneath the middle too. It kinda works when playing really slow but the string doesn’t ring out when I’m speeding up. So I use the same fingering for the Amaj7 and Gmaj7 in bar 5. That way I can just move the fingering.
    The switch from end of 5 to 6 causes so much unwanted string noise because all the fingers move to another position…
    The whole finger frenzy is easier on my high g tenor, but I like the sound of the low G more and I only have a concert low G ukulele.


    Thank you for the information robinboyd! I’m going to go buy a low g string now!


    Here is a recording of my starting point. I should be able to get up to the end of bar 35 but I ended up finishing at bar 31. Oh well.



    @robinboyd – Bravo! I’m excited to see your progress throughout the month 🙂


    Here is theme 5. For some reason the section from bar 37 to bar 39 really reminds me of Radiohead’s Paranoid Android.


    Had a stressful exam yesterday. Waltz in C was perfect to calm me down. This is easier than my current level, but Lagrima seems a little bit too hard. However, I hope I can improve and show my progress in the end of the month.

    So here is Waltz in C:

    Looking forward to all the Moonlight Sonata entries! Nice job, Robin!


    I used to be able to play a version of Lagrima on guitar but I forgot it long ago, so it’s been great to revisit it.


    When I started the uke I learned an arrangement of Moonlight Sonata, but it was A LOT simpler and easier than this one lol I have to bow down to whoever arranged this (Evan? Andrew?)

    Hope to have the time to learn the rest of the themes

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    Wow, all three songs back to back. Good job folks! And on day 7 of the challenge, all making it look easy. No, I’m not jealous of any of you.

    Love it. Thanks for sharing.


    Wow, Sara. So beautifully played. You make that look easy. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


    Wow @laurasil. I’m impressed. Such smooth transitions and clean fretting. I know exactly how hard that was!

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