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    Here’s my entry for this month:


    Thanks Stephen. I do like this piece. I think I’m going to be a bit of a classical uke person now. And thanks to both you and Andrew for all the feedback. I find it really helpful to read what you write to others as well.

    Bring on April as there won’t be any ukulele festivals or national folk festival or Passover or Easter celebrations. So I’m really ready for another challenge.


    Thanks @Andrew. You’re always so encouraging! I’ll keep sustain in mind. For a bit though, I’m moving on to an easier piece! That one was harder than it first seemed. I’ll get there eventually.



    @lakeside339 – Well done! The only suggestion I have is to grab the B note on the G string (bar 3) for the G7 chord with your pinky. That way the other 2 fingers can remain fretted and the chord rings out. Keep up the good work!

    @marni11 – Beautifully played! One thing – and this is something we’ve talked about before – Your thumb looks like it’s bent at the joint. We always want to keep it straight, aim for placement that is slightly above the middle of the neck. Check out this guide to see exactly where that is.

    @rickeymike – Well done Rickey and welcome back!! Only thing I can suggest is to work towards increasing the tempo – but keyword: gradually. Focus on 4 bars at a time.


    Ah – thanks for the feedback Andrew. I think I have been using my pinky about 50% of the time to hit that note, but was thinking of it as improving my stretch. I did not think of it as letting the other notes continue to ring. I will keep this tip in mind going forward


    Thanks Andrew, I’ll work on it. 🙂


    Hi my name is Diane (user name slasher78 )
    This the first time I have attempted this challenge.
    Cheers Diane
    P.S. I have attatched 2 files ( they are of the same recording )
    Recording 16 is in soundcloud and I am not sure if I have attatched it correctly.


    @slasher78 – Hi Diane! To link your entry put the share link on its own line.

    Like this, if it were a link

    The soundcloud or youtube video inbeds automatically in the post that way.

    Good luck and welcome!


    Here is my submission on Lagrima. At first i tried the Moonlight Sonata, but I realised I’m not ready yet for this song. At first I’ll have to work a lot on stretch chords for that.
    So I learned Lagrima and I had a lot of fun with it! I tried to put in some small variatins in the A melody like playing string 4 and 1 right after the other instead plugging together. I tried to fill in some retardando techniques in some sections. I went for the AABBA melody, because I didn’t want to end the song too soon 🙂


    Hi – here’s this month’s recording (I AM A PREMIUM MEMBER – are we still doing that?)

    What a month! It started with me not paying attention while chopping vegetables and chopping off the end of my left index finger and nail. I ended up in the ER (you don’t want to know the bill for cleaning, cauterizing, and wrapping a finger). It did make playing pretty difficult but I made lemonade out of lemons by practicing barre chords…

    Then I found out Saturday that one of my patients tested positive for COVID and now I’m off work and quarantined. But at least I’m starting to be able to use by finger gingerly so I’ll get some ukulele time in if nothing else. I think quarantine has actually improved my social life as friends are making an effort for virtual get togethers.

    I apologize for the microphone/sound quality – I promise it didn’t sound like that in real life.

    Hope everyone is staying healthy


    Hey Jerry, looks like your video is set to private.


    Hi, hopefully I have linked my participation for Waltz in C no 2.
    I have enjoyed the learning curve.
    Thank you and cheers Diane (slasher78)

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    Hi @slasher78. Nope, something has gone wrong again.


    Hello Uke-Stars! I took on the Moonlight Sonata Excerpt this month. It was a perfect challenge for me and helped me keep some mental balance during this awful global pandemic. Here’s my best attempt to record it. I know there’s a couple slightly sloppy transitions but all in all it sounds quite good to me. I love being part of this community and watching everyone’s entry! Happy Strumming Friends!

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 167 total)
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