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    Hi Rock Class 101 Community!

    We are back with site member challenge #9! Please watch the video above and read instructions below carefully for details/instructions on this month’s challenge.

    All 4 of these songs are 100% FREE! Sign up for Basic Membership to gain complete access to the full video lessons, tabs, and the on-screen tab viewer for FREE.

    Pick 1 from the following 4 Rock Class 101 FREE Sample Lessons:

    1) Our First Song – Rock Class 101 Original: In this lesson, we will be combining fingerpicking and strumming to create and play our first tune!

    2) I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

    3) Fur Elise – Ludwig van Beethoven

    4) Mr. Sandman – The Chordettes

    ** If you need assistance with how to record yourself check out our FREE course on recording audio/video and/or private message me and I will be happy to help you out. **



    1. Beginners: Be able to play the lesson as shown by Andrew smoothly and in time. Do not worry about trying to play fast, slow and steady wins the race 🙂

    Recommended Piece: Our First Song

    2. Intermediate Level: Be able to play the lesson as shown by Andrew smoothly, in time, and at or close to the original piece’s tempo.

    Recommended Piece: I’m Yours or Fur Elise

    3. Advanced Level: Be able to play the lesson as shown by Andrew smoothly, in time, and at or close to the original piece’s tempo.

    Recommended Piece: Mr. Sandman

    4. Participation Goal: 35 Rock Class 101 Member Participant Videos/MP3 posted.



    1. Post your Youtube, Vimeo, or Soundcloud links of you playing 1 of the 4 FREE Sample Lesson pieces anytime between Wednesday, November 1st till Thursday, November 30th, 11:59pm EST.

    The upload feature on the site only supports file sizes up to 5 MB. Members must host their own files. Creating an account is easy and free 🙂 Here are the links to create an account:

    YouTube (For Video) –

    SoundCloud (For Audio) –

    2. Submit individually, as a reply, IN THIS POST.

    3. Feel free to submit more than one video for the challenge, but additional videos will not count as extra entries into the raffle for the prize.

    4. Have fun and don’t be intimidated by this challenge!!! Use this challenge to help you set goals and complete them by a deadline. You can also use this as an opportunity to chat with your fellow Rock Class 101 members and share tips or tricks on this challenge that you think are useful.

    5. You must perform the entire piece to receive an entry into the prize raffle.

    6. 2 of these songs (Our First Song & Fur Elise) where used in previous challenges. This is a great opportunity to revisit those songs and post an improved version 🙂 If you do choose to revisit the song, please post BOTH versions.

    * Note: In my opinion, it is better to show progress versus perfection with these challenges. So if you are a beginner and can only play the first couple of measures. That is completely ok. If you play two more measures of the next challenge piece than you did the previous one, you are on track to getting better. This is what these challenges are about… you learning ukulele and getting better. Remember we are all here to support you no matter what your current playing level is.



    1) The prize and the challenge is open to the entire world!

    2) Premium membership is NOT required to participate, sign up for Basic Membership to gain complete access to the full video lessons, tabs, and the on-screen tab viewer for FREE.

    3) Basic membership (free) is required to submit a reply on this forum post. You can sign up for Basic Membership HERE.


    Giveaway Rules:

    There will be 1 winner, selected by random drawing on December 2nd, 2017. To qualify to win, you must submit your audio and/or video links of your playing by the deadline listed above.

    Grand Prize:

    1) $50 Gift Card to Uke Republic!




    Uke Republic:

    Let’s crush this challenge!


    Aw yay love this challenge! I’m going to aim for 2 posts this month. The first one will be our first song as this is one I’ve regularly practised as a warm up since the July Challenge so will be able to post an up to date one next week. But I also want to give I’m yours a go and move up to that intermediate bracket. We are on holiday part way through the month so will see how much time I get. Thanks Andrew!


    Here’s my entry, hope to have time for another song! 😀


    That’s awesome Kay! Really looking forward to watching your performances 🙂


    Wow Jake! That was excellent, I can hear some big improvement in your playing! You must be practicing a lot, keep it up! Now I do have a suggestion for this song. The clarity of the notes and your timing is great, so what I would work on is continually increasing the tempo. Gradually do this, or in other words incrementally increase the tempo by 5 or 10 bpm. This will challenge you and help you to develop speed.


    Thanks for your feedback! I will try to work on it 🙂


    Hi Andrew. I’m having problems with I’m Yours.

    First, I see lots of single string x that I don’t understand or hear. E.g. bar 2 after the second slap. What’s that?

    Then, the double slaps are stumping me. E.g. bar 19. It looks like you’re doing a chuck on the way down but how do you get it sounding like that on the way up?

    I’m actually finding Fur Elise easier, although I’m only at about 30 % speed on it…

    Thanks for the help!


    Hi Lisa, I wrote a single string mute since I usually come up with my strum attack and use the nail of my thumb to hit only the first string muted. Although it is totally fine to come up and strum more than one string muted.

    Here is a video to help you with the second question:


    Thanks Andrew. That makes sense. I can’t seem to do it though. With a chuck I don’t have to unfret my hand. Unfretting to mute then getting quickly back into position is proving tough. Low expectations for my performance this time around. 😀 would it be cheating to skip the single note muted up hit at least? Or to do the level 2 song way slow? It has a couple of tough chord changes that are slowing me down.


    Post a video, let’s see if we can figure out what’s happening 🙂


    Thanks Andrew but it’s so bad I can’t even video it. Really I’ve got nothin, can’t do!

    I’m going to stick with Fur Elise on this one as it’s much more doable for me even though it’s slow – you had to throw in that Am7… 🙂

    I’m interested to see what others make of I’m Yours.


    You can def do it! Email me a video and I’ll help you out 1 on 1.


    Fur Elise was the reason I joined Rock Class 101. I am really enjoying learning this piece. The middle still needs work and some day I hope to build up speed. Thank you for this lesson. Will this link work?


    Great playing, classicuke. I just started with Melody A. Hope I can get it as well as you have.


    Thank you. I love this piece and I’ve been working on it for a while. Hope to see or hear yours too.


    Wow classicuke, that was fantastic! You have a great feel to your playing! Notes are clean and timing is great, keep up the good work!

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