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    Thank you Andrew! You pointed out one of the things that I’m struggling with. I can clap or sing with metronome correctly, but once the uke is on, my hands and brain seem not co-work well… Anyway, I’ll keep working on that.
    And by details, I meant these other problems:
    1. When speeding up the triplet, I get un-even strums. Like one string pops while the other string misses.
    2. I usually lose tempo during chord transition because of preparing the chord change too early.
    3. I seem to put too much pressure on left hand to avoid buzz but lose dexterity.

    Another thing, I still cannot figure out how to play the song without the strap. I suppose that thumb should support the neck during chord transition, like D7 to G7. But when I slide the left hand along the neck, the neck kind of sticks with the thumb and the uke shakes.


    @cyukug – Okay, I’d say practicing at a slower tempo should help you focus on those 3 points.

    For stability, have you tried form 2?


    Here is my submission. A hiccup with the 4th strumming technique. Guess I need to slow down on each one and practice some more but don’t want to miss out the challenge 🙂


    A premium member, this submission is surely not about perfection but about giving ones best.
    Enjoyed this drum beat challenge.

    Thank you, Andrew, for Rock Class 101.


    wongbrown – Love to hear you guys playing to a click! 🙂 The first two exercises you have down, so I’d say it’s okay to play them at that tempo. But, I’m not seeing or hearing the claw stroke. So I’d recommend reviewing that lesson and working on executing the technique as Christopher taught it.

    I’d also recommend slowing the tempo down for the last two exercises.

    annefgodfrey – Great job, Anne! First off, don’t be afraid to tap harder, so that we get a louder, more pronounced percussive sound. So the big thing with this technique, is that it’s a pattern, set to an eighth note rhythm. It looks like you have the pattern down, so your focus should be on keeping the timing steady. Remember, each hit in the pattern lasts an equal length of time.

    I’d recommend playing alongside my performance, but using the tab player to slow it down to a speed you feel comfortable with.


    Second attempt, a couple of mistakes but I think I got it! I hope! Lol


    I am a premium member. I appreciate any feedback. It sounds like I changed tempo a little at the start but was steady once I got into the percussive portion.

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    I watched the claw stroke again. I have totally mistaken. Thank you for pointing that out. I will practise it all over again. 😅


    @surfnrz – Much better, great job Ray!

    mac1984 – Here is my feedback for you 🙂



    That was fun. Feel like getting a banjolele too.
    But will focus on the uke bass first.
    I have to admit that I turned the Mid and Low down at the mini amp because the C string was very dominant.


    Rhythm can sometimes be tricky for me. At the beginning I was thinking that there was no way I would be able to do it. It only took a few hours of practice and I got it after all. Super fun to play.
    I am a premium member.

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    Ok so I already submitted a previous post for this month, but I wanted to challenge myself to giving the Five Foot Two song a shot. It is well beyond my skill level (I’ve just started playing the uke last month), but after driving my spouse crazy playing it over and over again, I’ve managed to get through the full song. I can only play it at half the tempo, and with plenty of mistakes, but here’s my best shot.

    , I think I’ve also managed to get the Claw sounding more separated than before.

    Thanks for the great challenge! I am a premium member.

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    Hi, here is my submission. Looking at the video I realised that i forgot to play the last part, but I’m afraid I won’t have time to re-record it 🙂


    Greetings! So I couldn’t pluck the pluck and strum with the he same vigor as Christopher. I’m a chicken. Enjoyed learning all the different strums. Looking forward to next month’s lesson!


    Ran out of time so here it is in all its imperfect glory. Also as someone who is 5′ 2″ I appreciate the representation:)

    Listen to Five Foot 2 by kirpuff on #SoundCloud

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