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    Hey Andrew! I played this almost 10 times to make sure it was correct. I plugged in my uke and used a professional recorder. I was trimming it so by mistake the last 3 – 4 secs got trimmed too. I hope it’s still fine 😅


    Hey Andrew! I am posting this again as the file did not upload . I used professional recorder and plugged in my uke. Lot of effort put by me. Just the last 3-4 secs of the video got cut. I hope that’s ok😅
    Link –


    Overall, we had 34 members participate in this month’s challenge! And I’ve got to give each and every one of you a big round of applause, as this month’s challenge was CHALLENGING! It’s not easy to learn new strumming and playing techniques, but you rose to the challenge and did it! 🙂

    So without further ado, the winner of the adorable Islander Ukulele is:


    Our October Challenge is LIVE and it’s your first chance to WIN a $1,500 Custom Kanile’a Ukulele! Hope to see each and every one of you in the October Challenge:


    Here are the last couple folks I hadn’t left feedback for. 🙂

    ukukelley1 – Way to go, Sheryl! You’ve got the techniques down 🙂 That’s awesome that you memorized it! That allows you to focus more-so on your performance, which you played brilliantly.

    The one thing that I would continue working on is the 3rd theme. Everything looks great: left hand form, technique. But what you want to focus on is pushing yourself to transition faster between the chord changes. Which some of them are quite difficult.

    When I taught private lessons, I noticed a lot of folks would move at a slower pace from one tricky chord to the next. Watching your performance, it shows me that you’ve got the shapes down, so what I’m suggesting is to push yourself to transition faster than what is comfortable (which is the speed that you’re doing it at now).

    This should challenge you and help you get that section to flow a little bit smoother when you get the muscle memory down.

    joe150 – That’s a great start, Joe! For these exercises, I would suggest getting comfortable with the mechanics behind executing the technique first. Then try the first exercise in the course (mechanics breakdown lessons). Work through this exercise with the goal to memorize it.

    So as I watch your performance video, I can see that you are reading it and playing it. Which is definitely what you want to do when you first start working on it. But with practice, you want to get those exercises memorized, so that you can focus on how you are playing it.

    So take one of these techniques, and get the exercise completely memorized, and shoot for a performance tempo of at least 90 BPM.

    – Uke tone sounds great! But that song was not part of the challenge for this month. Regardless, you played it well! I sent it to Stephen to check out since he wrote it 🙂


    Thanks so much for the feedback, Andrew! I don’t always have the best posture when practicing (i.e. I’m a slug on the couch) so that’s probably led to some bad habits when it comes to holding the uke.

    You also seemed to have uncovered my less than spectacular housekeeping skills! I’m off to dust now.

    Congrats on the new uke, Brettboy!


    You go Brettboy. Thanks for the advice Andrew,looking forward to playing songs in the Fall challenge.


    Congratulations Brett!


    Congratulations Brett! Isabel your dog is so sweet! Nice playing also. Thanks for your feed back Andrew. 🙂
    Yihaaa we are all getting better and better, so nice to see everybody progress!


    Wha?!!? I was chosen! again?!?! WOW!
    I really love the Islander that I won back in the February challenge.
    This uke is a “mystery” right?
    After it arrives I will show it off in a Youtube video.
    I’ve never won anything in all my 38 years… and now I’ve won two ukes in one year!
    Viva Rockclass101 ! ! !


    Congrats Brett. Your videosate so entertaining, you deserve it. 😀


    Awesome Brett, ENJOY!!


    Congrats Brett!


    Congratulations Brett! Looking forward to hearing your new uke! 🙂


    Congrats Brett!
    Happy playing!


    Congrats Brett! Enjoy your new uke!

    Thanks for the feedback Andrew! I practiced beat 1 and totally forgot about beat 2. Thanks for linking the video too about chord changes. Adding that open strum in between makes it easier to get a smoother transition.

    Thanks Jina! My dog Mia is the sweetest. Sometimes she even paws at my hand when I’m strumming to get my attention.

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