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    @jinajupiter – Here is what Chris sent: “Here’s a good one at 1:20. He throws in some shakes and triples as is usual Formby, but this one lays pretty heavy on the basic strum.”

    Roy Smeck is the other uke player 🙂


    Here’s my entry for this month. I still need to work on getting better at switching chords – that was honestly the hardest part of learning this piece for me.

    I also recorded another version using a different style of percussive beat that I learned from this tutorial. The cool thing with this one is that it combines a strum and a snare hit into one action. Instead of just strumming through and away with your finger, you can strum down at an angle and let the top of your nail flick into the soundboard. It took me a little bit to understand that it doesn’t take much for it to sound good and that you don’t need to actually flick or add any additional power for that strum.


    Thanks Andrew,
    This is 12th street rag by Roy Smeck.
    Not sure if this is a lap steel guitar and a banjo?

    Here some modern sounding recording

    This person in Black and White is quite convincing. At 1:00


    @jinajupiter – I believe he played quite a number of instruments.


    @tastyshrimp – Great job & neat variation on the other one! So your comment on chord transitions being difficult is something I noticed too. To me, it looks like you are struggling because you are not moving into the next chord shape in unison. Watch how you move to the Em and G chord. The index goes down first, followed by the other two fingers. You want all 3 fingers to form the chord at the same time.

    So I would strip away this technique and just practice going from one chord to the next. Put it into a time frame, for example, hold each chord for a whole note at 90 BPM in 4/4. Increase the tempo when you have the muscle memory down.


    Thanks @andrew. I definitely practiced just changing between chords for a while and it helped some, but would you suggest practicing something like playing a chord, then lifting my fingers off to hover over the next position, then putting them down at the same time?


    Yes! You can do that too 🙂


    Hi RC101 Friends! Here is my submission for this month’s challenge. Big thanks to Christopher for arranging and teaching this fun song. I’m pretty confident that I learned the strums but I know there are a few little mistakes in this video.

    Happy strumming everyone!


    Nice Brett! Lol at the captions too. I didn’t notice any mistakes btw so whatever they were you played through them great.


    Bravo, Brett! You’re The Man! Give him the Kewpie doll!

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    Ufii, I started this 5f2, so hard to make the melody pop out.
    Especially because it’s the last note of a strum most of the times.
    Do you have an advice Andrew?
    This technique must sound great on banjolele.
    And for the triplet technique, it’s opposite of what Jake is telling.
    But nevertheless challenging to learn this too.


    Great job Brett! Loved it all! The playing and the production. It’s all I can do to just sit still and play all the way through it, Ha.


    Here is m entry for this months challenge.

    One question I have regarding the Percussive Rhythm tutorial, I tried this with my under the saddle pickup plugged in, but the saddle thump was way to overpowering, is these a way to make this work “plugged in” or this acoustic only?

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    @jedart I think it depends on the type of pickup you have. I have an active/powered pickup and I could barely hear the saddle thumps when plugged in. I’ve heard that passive pickups are better for capturing percussion, though you may need to only lightly tap to get the desired effect.


    Here is my take on september, had to go outside, quite loud that little banjolele 😉

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