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    Thanks Andrew. I look forward to being able to play it all up to tempo one day. Thanks for the help and suggesions. I can’t believe how much they are helping me to improve. Looking forward to next month’s challenge as I continue to work on this one and last month’s.


    Hi Andrew,

    here comes my submission for Green Tea:



    @ukandrea – Bravo! Well played, Andrea! I sent it to Stephen, he’ll love it 🙂


    Songs about food – loved this challenge!

    Here’s my take on Cornbread and Butterbeans. Incredible how this Clawhammer technique turns a regular ukulele into a banjo! 😀

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    I thought this was going to be much easier than it turned out to be. I struggle with those high frets, no matter how much I practiced. I so wanted to take the easy route and just get out the soprano so I could skip that part! But here it is. Far from perfect but this forum is really helping me to grow.

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    Saiyara here, from Bangladesh. This is the second time I’m participating in the challenge. I wasn’t 100% ready to record yet, feels like a lot more work needs to be done. But I wanted to participate regardless of that and hope to regularly do so in the upcoming challenges as well. Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!!


    Hello, I am a beginner. I have been practising the song, Chopsticks. I can honestly say that I am much better with actual chopsticks than I am playing the song on my Concert Ukulele. I do know that I need to practice this a LOT more and will, but the end of the month is upon us. If I don’t reply today, there is a good chance I would forget.

    My video is on YouTube at

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Life is good,


    I was learning the other songs this month (those movie scores by John Williams 😄) and didn’t have much time for the challenges, so picked an easy one – Green Tea (and not practicing enough…)

    Well, it’s actually a bit difficult than I expected, because it’s my first time playing with the backing track. I had to keep a steady pace that matches the backing track tempo, which somehow is even harder to me than with a metronome, esp. during the rhythm gap section. Finally I think I got this almost right – at least I think I playef last note at the right beat instead of 1-2 bars two early…


    @santai – well done! Technique sounds great 🙂

    – great job! As you continue practicing, try to keep the tempo consistent throughout the entire piece. And, you can always target the tougher spots by looping bar(s) – like the transition to the melody notes up the neck.

    But it was really good overall, and your playing was super clean!

    – excellent playing! Double check the rhythm in bars 23 and 24. Other than that, keep up the great work!

    – well done, Leslie! As you continue practicing, I’d break the song into 4 bar sections. Focus on timing – keeping it steady. Don’t worry about speed/playing fast. When you can play those four bars with perfect timing, tackle the next four, and then put those eight together. Build the song this way.

    For the double stop walk down at the start of theme 2 (bar 17), I’d recommend using your ring and index to fret it. That should make it easier to play.

    Last tip: Pause your performance at 8 second. Notice how your index finger is curved at the first joint, but your middle isn’t. We always want to keep a nice curve when fretting, so you want to adjust the middle to look like the index.

    – you did so well! Amazing job for your first time playing with a backing track 🙂


    Here is Green Tea. Was fun to “play with a band”.

    , I think after all it was the width of the strum that I had to get correct…

    I am a premium member


    @biancak – I’d say you’ve got it down! Sounds great 🙂


    Thank you 😊 and thanks to Stephen for the song and being my band 😊


    I picked the Pineapple Uke Blues this month, but my main challenge was that I didn’t get around to actually start learning it until last Saturday, so I had five days to get it from zero to a somewhat submittable state. I cut some corners mainly by omitting all the plucking vs. strumming subtleties and just strumming the whole thing. Here it is.



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    Hey everyone,
    This month I chose chopsticks. I notice if I practice a piece every month it will become easier for me to learn new songs. I still need to work on the tempo to reach the original.
    Have a good time.

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