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    I thought I’d try the clawhammer course this month. It was definitely a challenge, I couldn’t hit any of the right strings to start off with. But it was fun and my kids thought I was learning from Superman so that was a bonus. 😀

    Here’s Cornbread and Butterbeans.


    Hi! I had fun learning Christopher’s arrangement. As usual, recording a clean take is a challenge. This is the least flubby:


    It was nice to revisit Shortnin’ Bread after a year or so.


    Hey guys!
    Here’s my September entry.
    I tried my best, but it was pretty challenging. I’ll probably still need a few months to perfect it.


    Hi Uke Friends. I’m kinda “phoning it in this month” But I had to post something to keep my perfect attendance record for nearly three years of monthly challenges!

    I love Pineapple Uke Blues and I noodle on it all the time. (I play it so much my kids grumble when they hear it.) (That C minor lick makes me SO happy every time I hear it.)

    My first video of this tune can be found on my YT channel post 3 years ago on Sept. 6, 2018.

    Today’s video I posted is a bit sleepier (and the outro on my bedroom recording has some ruff spots rhythmically).



    Hi everybody,
    Here is Pineapple Uke Blues.

    This was by far the most difficult yet most fun piece for me so far.
    Not perfect still (didn’t have enough time to really get the last part fully down) but couldn’t pass the chance to submit this crazy fun tune. I am proud to have challenged myself with this advanced piece.
    I took the liberty to change up measures 19-22 by adding more rasgueado.


    Hey everyone ! This is my entry with chopsticks! I’m doing this for my sister she really wants the chance to win this adorable uke ☺️ So well keeps our fingers crossed !

    I only had a couple days to learn this , work keeps getting in the way. For the time I had I’d say its all right…I know I need to work on transitions. Great job to all other participants! Maybe one day I’ll start practicing at the beginning of the month



    Overall, we had 28 members participate in this month’s challenge! I’ve got to give each and every one of you a big round of applause! Everyone played so well and it was a complete joy to watch each performance. 🙂

    So without further ado, the winner of the Watermelon Ukulele is:



    Our October Challenge is LIVE and it’s your first chance to WIN a $2,100 Kanile’a Ukulele! Hope to see each and every one of you in the October Challenge:


    Here’s the feedback for the rest of the folks I hadn’t gotten to 🙂

    – Playing sounds great, Michael! I’d work on timing, keeping it more consistent.

    – Excellent playing, Joe! You’re gaining a lot of confidence and clarity in your playing. That’s so awesome to hear!

    What I’d work on is taking 4 bars at a time and getting the timing/tempo perfect. Then do the same for the next 4 bars. Then put the 8 together.

    Also, try to memorize it. That way you can focus 100% on the above.

    – Great job! So you’re playing the easier parts at a quick tempo, and then the more challenging parts at a slower tempo. I’d recommend playing the entire song at that slower tempo and working gradually to boost it as a whole.

    You can also target the trickier sections by doing the tips I left above for Joe’s feedback.

    – Technique looks and sounds great, Sarah! Amazing progress for one month. Keep up the great work!

    – Great feel overall! Keep working on that ending, it’s a toughie! But I’d also recommend working on some of the chord hits. If you listen to the second half of Melody B, you can hear that they’re not as distinct as they can be. Maybe slow that section down as it’s hard to hit them in between all the hammer-on licks.

    – Great job, Andrew! I think your form looks fine, but I’m struggling to hear the G string note(s). Make sure your palm isn’t resting on the strings to mute it. Also, I think the advanced version is a little tough for where you’re at. I’d recommend going back to the easier version and focus on getting crisp, clear attacks for all of the hits at a slow/medium tempo.

    – Bravo! I think this is the most challenging piece you’ve taken on, and I thought you did a wonderful job! As you move forward, I’d recommend memorizing it and practicing small sections at a time. That’s always the best approach anytime we tackle difficult pieces.

    – I can’t help but smile when you killed that tough lick in the middle of the song! Your performances are always so much fun to watch, Brett!

    – Your performance was smoking! I loved it! Awesome to see you guys challenging yourself and kicking butt with these tough pieces.

    – I think this is the best performance I’ve seen from you, Kelsey! And it’s even more impressive that you did it in two days! Keep up the great work 🙂

    – Playing sounds great, Tom! The only thing I want you to do is to watch the the tempo. Try to keep it a little bit more steady throughout.


    Thanks @Andrew! And congrats @misterbones!


    Thanks for the feedback, Andrew!

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