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    I really like that Taimane is able to play at a very fast tempo. 🙂


    Thank you, Andrew and a big THANK YOU to Taimane.
    As a classically trained dancer originally from NYC, I am so pleased to currently find myself living in Upstate New York and learning the Ukulele. I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing AND watching you play with all the passion and emotion that you do.

    Thank you for showing me that performance can include both the Ukulele and Dance.



    Hi Taimane,
    I’m so impressed by you as as a real person and as a performer. You’re responses the questions are clearly meaningful and from the heart, and your stage performances are stunning and confident. Starting gentle and precise then building intensity with a strong flamenco influence. You’re a positive influence on the whole ukulele genre.
    (Please don’t count this as a contest entry; I already have a uke that I a really like.)



    I love how Taimane expresses herself through dancing and playing the ukulele at the same time. I also love how she sometimes focuses too much on her dance and make mistake on her ukulele playing which was mostly unnoticed.


    In the world of ukulele Taimane has carved out a unique place. Love to watch her perform


    Taimane, what I admire about you most is how unapologetic you are about being yourself. This is in my opinion, what makes your music so powerful because you cannot compare it to anything else. Thank you for being a strong female musician for my sister and I to look up to! 💙

    PS. I have been listening to Neptune Storm on repeat while studying for college finals!


    I love taimane just because she is my greatest inspiration. When i’m frustrated by some hard song i’m learning, i just watch her videos and immediately fell that big energy of inspiration to keep working my craft. Thank you taimane!


    Your energy is radiant. 🙂


    I only learned about Taimane a couple months ago. But since then I have listened to the her music everyday. I can hear the passion and the energy from every song. Very few artist have the power and presence to give people goosebumps or a frisson feeling, and you have that power. Keep up the good work and I will stay tuned.

    Thanks from Texas


    Thank you Rock Class 101 and Taimane for a second opportunity! Congratulations to dgchristian for being selected and personally chosen by Taimane to win; however, my heart sunk when I saw that my question was not randomly selected and I did not win! I am very envious that Taimane picked up the ukulele at the early age of five and has made a career out of a talent she is so passionate about–her music and performance style is infectious! I, on the other hand, have just recently started taking classes at my local library where I am able to check-out a ukulele when it is available (there is a LONG waitlist)! I would love to win one of my very own, especially one that has the mana of Taimane! Here’s to second chances!!!! Aloha!

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    Taimaine is awesome, I love her “Toccatta by Bach on Ukulele” video on YouTube.


    The ease with which you play is so far removed from how I play, it’s an inspiration really!


    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Taimane’s natural musical talent amazes me.


    Hi Taimane. I’m just discovering you through your visit here to RockClass101 and I’m loving it. I especially adore the modern electric punch you add to old classics. Amazing and inspiring. Thank you for joining us here for a bit.


    You bring a unique and passionate musical experience to us through both music and movement! A pure feast for the eyes, ears and brain; evoking emotions that ripple through our psyche.

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