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    Andrew, I don’t know what to say! Thank you soooo much, I will start working on that solo right away 😄

    @omaon4 thank you!!

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    Awesome, Laura! 🙂



    I had a head start with Hone A Ka Wai; I learned it from a John King book. However — the campanella runs at bars 9 and 13 were different than Christopher’s version and more difficult for me to play. Thanks to his arrangement, I feel like I finally can play this lovely tune relatively cleanly and from memory. Thanks, Christopher and Andrew!


    I am a premium member

    Hey all, hope you are all well. THANK YOU for such a cheerful selection of music for April’s challenge Andrew – we can but dream of the sunny beaches! They are very uplifting. I’m working on Hone a ka wai and body surfing as well… but wanted to break my trend of submitting at the last possible moment!
    I’m recording on my new Kai tenor – it’s really beautiful.
    Stay safe everyone xxx


    I am a premium member…. 2nd bash at this (I know it doesn’t count – but these tunes are keeping spirits up!) I’m in the zone today. This is slower than intended, but I’m trying to show you that I CAN slow down (in parts!!) Still needs some work – they both need some work….. I’ll do that whilst working on bodysurfing – but not today as my fingers are falling off!
    Keep safe,
    Lisa x


    I’m a premium member.

    Social distancing is really forcing me to practice uke more! I’m submitting my Day-O video early, although I know I need some practice smoothing it out at speed and getting down the triplets. Inevitably, my videos always come with a few hiccups when I record.

    Looking forward to practicing this song more and trying out Loke Lani as well the rest of the month.


    Wow these are such fun choices! Bodysurfing looks awesome it may take me more than a months practice though but will be fun to learn 😃✌🏻


    Hello to all ukulele friends,
    I tried to play Bodysurfing. This was a real challenge! A few things drove me crazy:

    The most difficult part for me was the part at the beginning high up the fingerboard; I still can’t play it properly (too heavy strings?). So I decided to change the technique a bit and to repeat it an octave lower.

    And my main question: How can I sound on one ukulele a bit like these talented young guys on two ukuleles? If you try this, there may be moments when you cry AAAH instead of singing along (yes, I know, it’s an opportunity for me to get more humble). It got worse at the solo part; at the end I created my own solo.

    And finally: I didn’t know this piece of music before and to be honest, I don’t like it very much. But once I started practicing I could not stop any more! Is it a serious addiction? I will ask my brother, he is a doctor…


    @deadbuggy – Bravo! Well played and great feel, Sara 🙂

    – Your triplet strum sounds awesome, Lisa! You and Matt make me want to practice more! The only suggestion I can offer you is to clean up the finger-picking part a little bit. Keep up the excellent work 🙂

    – Hi Lars! Both tunes sound awesome, but this challenge is open to only Rock Class 101 arrangements. Hope you get a chance to learn our takes on these songs.

    – well done! The big thing with this song is the syncopation, that’s what makes it at toughie! And I thought you did excellent with the rhythm, timing, and note clarity. Keep up the great work!


    Loving everyone’s entries!

    Lars, Hope you still join in, they disappeared. That window in the background was beautiful btw! 💖 Your uke sounds beautiful in that room.

    To everyone:

    My friend sent me this today. 😁 It made me laugh. Family is getting restless not being able to get out.

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    Hi everyone, I played the electric guitar a little, although I had not played any instrument for more than 12 years, I have only been playing ukulele for about 2 months but I’m dedicating so many hours to it, I’m really delighted with this small instrument, more than I ever was with the guitar, it’s helping me a lot 🙂



    Thanks to Chris for this amazing lesson! Campanella style (little bells) creating a sonorous soundscape, ebb and flow of the melody, building to the highest notes…so much good teaching in this lesson! Andrew you have compiled and amazing team of accomplished musicians and teachers-thank you!!
    I am a premium member! (And so glad I found this ukulele community over a year ago)


    Hello Guys I just want to share my Loke Lani video this is not my entry coz I’ve already uploaded one.. I just love to play and share..before the end of the month I will upload and share the Body Surfing I love it and I know it’s though very tricky I will do my best to do the whole piece eventhough I’m not a Premium member..keep safe everyone sending love and peace❤

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    Morrie and Raffy, Well done on that waltz. Makes me think I chose the wrong song but maybe there’s time to change. ha. It even sounds much more like a waltz unlike my version of Waltz in C last month.ha.


    I really want to get on with learning Tobias’ tune, so I’m posting a bit earlier than I normally would.


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