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    @mfaske – You can buy a complete set, or if you just want to change one string, you can buy a single string like these ones I use the Fremont Soloist wound string.


    In Kemp’s Jig, should I be using picado throughout the whole song (including notes played with the thumb and another finger), or just on sections where we’re only playing single notes?


    Thanks @Andrew! That escalated quickly :). You went deep with the theory — I’ve heard some of those terms but will have to learn more to appreciate your insight here.

    In any case, I can see how the In scale relates to the minor scale, and in our case D minor, which seems like it might be a nice place to start for an understanding of how the scale works. The A note at the end of bar 4 feels restful to me, but maybe D feels like the root from the minor perspective.

    By the way, my question was also about trying to understand the process of arrangement — it seems inevitable that small modifications are introduced to fit with the intended instrument, or the taste of the arranger, so I was curious if there might be a rationale, or if it was simply intuition, etc, that brought forth the G.


    @gaberdude – modes in a nutshell simply means starting on a different note of the scale and establishing that note as “home”, which is what I think you mean when you say A feels “restful”.

    As far as G, that’s in D minor (scale) and the chord progression is diatonic to the key. Some chords will contain that note, like bar 3 has A minor as the second chord. The G would make it: A minor 7.

    – I like to use picado for strings 1 and 2 and Thumb for 3 and 4. But you can alter or mix this if you like.


    @tastyshrimp – I should also add, sometimes you pluck strings 2 & 3 and for this I use middle and ring. But you could use index and middle. I think those finger work better than using the thumb + another finger.

    I didn’t grasp your full ? until now. Picado is only for single note bursts.


    I wanted to learn Kemp’s Jig but don’t have a low G 🙁
    Maybe that’s cause to buy another ukulele 😀
    So, La Gitanita it is. I thought it would be too hard with the alternating picking and rasgueado strumming but I’m taking it bit by bit and I’m not mangling it too much though my picado keeps slipping lol!


    I’m going to try my best to enter one of these challenges! If not this one then the next! Could I use Instagram as a host and link it to there or does it have to YouTube for the video? Thanks in advance! And thanks for all the incredible lessons and help that Rock Class 101 gives!


    Not my official entry, but I thought it might be fun to record my progress week by week. Here’s my progress for week one
    It’s only theme 1 and 2, 3 needs quite a bit more practice.


    Emilyukulele- I think instagram limits the time of the video to 1 minute. I think another member tried it and it cut her short.

    I don’t use it though so I don’t know.


    Tastyshrimp- Nice start to kemp’s jig!


    Hi all! I’m uploading so early because I will be on vacation for the next two weeks and I will only take my soprano travel uke with me and not my concert, on which I’m practicing all the time 🙂
    This song was much out of my comfort zone, especially because of the pull-offs. I did not use the picado technique, too much confusion haha. Also, after the Rasgueado strum, I just can’t come up with the thumb, it feels so awkward and I can’t control the volume… so I use the index finger.
    I will continue practicing on my soprano the following weeks to make it more smooth and get the timing right 🙂
    Have a nice weekend!


    I love songs like this! A buddy and I are working on the duet arrangement, too.

    Thanks, Andrew!


    Here is my august entry. I don´t own a low G so couldn´t learn Sakura sakura, but this one was fun


    Hi Ukulele Friends!

    I had a great time learning Sakura Sakura this month. For the August Member Challenge I’m submitting a video of myself playing it on my Hi G Tenor and my DGBE Baritone. A third, non-RC101, version rounds out the end of the vid. Thank you for checking it out!

    PS I don’t say this nearly often enough but I truly love watching and listening to everyone’s submissions each month! Thank you ! ! ! !


    So soothing, Brett!

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