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    johanna2509 – You have done a great job on this one so early in the challenge! I would definitely go back and work on incorporating the picado technique when you get a chance, but it sounds great with how you did it! when you are using your thumb to tap on the body of the ukulele, experiment with where you hit it to see if you can get any more volume out of it, and try bouncing off of the ukulele with the knuckle a bit (like a bass player playing “slap bass”). This way you are using the ukulele a bit more like a drum. Aside from this, just play a few times with a metronome to find where you are hesitating to get even smoother at this song. Wonderful job! Enjoy your vacation!

    deadbuggy – Very nicely done! That was much faster than the original version, but you stayed in time very well and it sounded great! I noticed a slight amount of fret buzz at 0:23 seconds into the piece, and the simple way to avoid this is to make sure you are reaching your finger to at least the middle of the square created by the metal frets: closer to the fret nearest the body. By reaching just a little bit further, you won’t have to push down as hard to avoid this fret buzz. This is really the only thing I heard to critique, you played very beautifully. Thank you for your entry!

    laurasil – Very nice rendition of this one! You are getting a nice sound out of the ukulele, and keeping the percussive strums very consistent. My only suggestion on this one is to add some dynamics to really make certain parts dramatic. Maybe pull the volume down at 0:34 to piano and gradually build to forte before the last few measures. Thank you for participating!

    brettboy – Wonderful job! The Fmaj9 sounded very nice at the end! I enjoyed the baritone ukulele on this, too! At 0:07 seconds, I noticed that your wrist is bending inward, which is not terrible as rare as it happened in this video, but is a good thing to avoid in general. That being said, Everything else about these versions is great, and there’s nothing more to say, other than continue adding your twist to these songs! Thank you for sharing this and taking part in the challenge!


    Many thanks, Stephen! I just love a jig, so Iwanttoplayitreallyfast 🙂


    Wow, I dream of the day when they tell me I’m playing too fast. Good job!


    Hi, i would like to take part in the world music Challenge, but as a signed in nonmember, i cannot find the charts? Thanks


    @mypamela1La Gitanita is taught in its entirety for free and includes a free tab 🙂 The others require premium membership to access the full lessons and/or tabs.


    Thank you Stephen for your feedback! I started using the picado. It will need some practice, but I am making progress and a few parts already sound smoother than before.
    Also, when I bend my thumb, I can get more volume out of the uke, but it creates a more “knocking” sound.
    I am still having fun with this arrangememt 🙂


    Eastern uke. That intro is hard. I don’t have the stretch for it. I made good progress with the chuck though. I used to always slap, so the real chuck is progress. Also I think I feel pretty relaxed except the middle piece? Do I look more relaxed than usual?


    @lisadmh – Your progress the last 2 months has been phenomenal! Great timing, way more relaxed, and sustain throughout.That’s a solid mix of showing development in the fundamentals and subtleties. I’m proud of you!

    The intro is the area that I’d work the most on. This is the one area where you are lacking sustain, b/c you lift up to grab the 2nd and 3rd notes, which breaks the sustain. Keep working on it, stretch chords are tough!


    *blush* thanks Andrew! It’s so encouraging.

    I know that intro is tough. I’ve been trying to sustain it but I can’t reach. Back to the reach exercise I go!


    I’ll just slip this in before the big rush. Sakura Sakura:


    Here’s Kemp’s Jig, which I found to be deceptively difficult. I was already familiar with another arrangement of the tune, so I thought this one would be easy to learn. Not so. Still struggle with picado.


    @gaberdude – Well done! I’m hearing that you are sustaining some phrases, but not every one. So that would be what I would work on, which is holding the double stops out for their entire duration so that they ring into each other. Everything else sounds great!

    @planetfink – Here’s my feedback for you 🙂


    I learned Eastern Uke in January. This month I’ve been taking private lessons and focusing on chords, scales and music theory, so it was helpful to have a song I know to refresh this month. I know it still needs work, but… without further ado…


    Things I need to work on:
    * Picado picado picado
    * 4 finger picking instead of using my thumb + pointer
    * Tempo. I got nervous recording and didn’t keep consistent speed throughout. I’ll bet practicing with a metronome would help out with that 😛
    * Hammer-ons with my pinky are *really* difficult, and end up sounding very quiet
    * My sustain during the refrain is pretty poor and it ends up sounding very staccato

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that I play unintentional pull-offs occasionally. I’m not sure if this is because I’m pressing down too hard with my fingers and the strings get stuck when I lift them up, but it’s definitely a thing I’d like to fix.


    Thank you Andrew for the feedback. I will work on that exercise. I have difficulty moving from left hand form 2 to form 1 and back quickly and smoothly, which happens a lot in this piece. I will work on it. As I commented before, this piece looked like it was going to be easy, but turned out to be harder than I thought. That’s good. It shows me what I need to work on. Thanks.

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