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    Hello @joe150 here. I am very grateful to be the winner. I appreciate Rock Class 101 and Andrew. I could say a lot of good things about Rock Class 101. The best thing is that there no pressure on you, you just take you time. Uku Republic thank you for the prize.


    mfaske – Very good job on this one! It’s already fairly smooth sounding, but there are a few things you can do to get it closer to how you want to hear it: I notice that sometimes you are lifting fingers of your fretting hand off of the fretboard a bit early when moving to the next note, especially with the ring finger. This is creating a quiet pull-off, which still sounds ok even though it’s not written. To avoid this, wait even longer before shifting to the new notes. Also, your fretting hand wrist is bending inward a bit…try to keep it a bit straighter as you play, and it might give you a bit more range of motion to your playing. Great work on this, I’m glad you enjoyed learning it! Thank you for participating in this month’s challenge!

    omaon4 – Great work on this one! You’re timing and notes are very solid! One thing that would help the song to flow a bit smoother is to pluck the strings a little bit lighter to get a nice warm tone rather than the bright tone you have now. Also, your fretting hand wrist seems to bend back a little on certain notes. Try to keep an almost straight wrist to keep the fingers closer to the frets and to avoid a wrist injury. Wonderful job, keep it up! Thank you for your entry.

    santai – Very nicely done! You picked a very good tempo for where you are at, and played most of the song almost perfectly! There were a few sections that seemed to give you a tiny bit of trouble, but honestly, I think this is just from playing such a long piece, not stuff that you really struggle with. Practice those parts at this tempo a little bit more, and then you are ready to use the metronome to gradually speed up to Andrew’s tempo! I recommend mastering each tempo in increments of 5 or 10 beats per minute. Excellent playing! Thank you for entering the challenge!

    zukulele – I hope you get time in the future to record again, and that college is going smoothly! Your playing on this is very good! It sounds like something on your ukulele was rattling, maybe a loose tuning peg? Either way, your playing sounds great. If you have any extra time in the future, I recommend recording one of the other songs for the challenge. Learning a new one (even if it’s an easier one) is always a fun challenge…maybe the bigger challenge here would be to learn it in 10-30 minutes so that it doesn’t conflict with school! Great work on this one! Thank you for your entry.

    annefgodfrey – I like that you picked one of the more challenging technique pieces. My biggest recommendation on this one is to play about 30% slower, as this will give you time to read ahead so that no sections catch you off guard, as well as give your mind time to process the notes. Keep up the hard work, you sound good on this one! Thank you for participating!

    lildevil – Great playing, even with the adjusting to the tenor ukulele! You sound like you are right on track, it’s just a matter of getting used to the stretches. I think the warmup exercise where you play frets 1, 2, 3, and 4 on each string using the index finger for the first fret, middle for the 2nd fret, ring for the 3rd fret, and pinky for the 4th fret notes really helps during the adjustment period. I wish you the best of luck in preparing for Dorian. Please be safe! Thank you for finding time to take part in this challenge!


    Congrats Joe, and thanks Andrew and Stephen for the feedback, I will try to focus on your suggestions. Ok september… here we go again! ~ Holly


    Anne- **Big hug** Your gypsy woman performance was great! 💖 What I said before still applies. If you need anything, or just anyone to vent to, everyone’s here.

    Joe- Congratulations on winning the gift certificate! 👍


    Congrats, Joe!!

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