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    I am a Premium Member.
    For some reason the upload was chopped on this link so relnking it.


    Here’s my August Submission of Kemp’s Jig. After multiple takes, this is my cleanest recording. I still wish it was smoother and the notes were clearer, especially the pull offs and that dang
    Em shape. I am at my Dad’s (a ukulele player too at age 87!) who has been listening to these endless attemps and you can hear his excitement at the end which made me laugh.

    I’ve had fun learning this song. And it’s been nice viewing other submissions, especially La Gitanita which I think was the first Rock Class challenge attempt. Thanks again to the RC101 instructors and family!


    On another note, tomorrow, Saturday, August 31st is the annual World-Wide Play Music on the Porch Day!


    I played La Gitanita at the opening of a Ukulele store in Rotterdam NL.
    The audience that practically all play the uke,
    was amazed by what I learned in only 5 months.
    Thanks to Rock Class and it’s monthly challenge (and my own determination),
    me and also you fellow members, we are progressing very fast.
    Grateful that I stumbled in to you guys. 🙂

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    Jina- That’s awesome! You find really great music related things to participate in!


    hi guys,
    always happy to be able to participate in this awesome challenge before the deadline!



    sorry for this late registration, I learnt Sakura Sakura the day it came out, and then I forgot the challenge.. not at home, so this time it will be audio record on my old iphone4 ^^Hope you enjoy it.

    Lol @mr_moltes il manque juste les chèvres. t’es où t’es en Ardèche là? stylé la vue.
    Tiens moi ce uke droit! on dirait t’es affalé hahaha
    Sinon pas mal la perf! pas mal du tout, le fingerpicking avance à ce que je vois.

    Bon moi je pose mon petit Sakura Sakura des familles, si tu veux passer à la maison fait signe je suis là jusque mardi fin d’après midi. la bise!


    This is my submission for the August challenge.

    I have been playing the uke for a little over two months now and this is the first song that I have attempted with finger picking… This community is awesome and I love the idea of having a challenge every month. Even though I could still use a lot of work, I have really enjoyed learning about the techniques that are used in playing this song.


    @mr_moltes I want to play Just. Like. You!

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    i don’t think i am legitimate to give you any advice, but maybe you should just try looking at your fingers, that might help 🙂


    aquatopaz – You are doing a wonderful job playing the notes correctly! It sounds like you are pausing every phrase or two. To get the song to flow smoothly, try taking 8 measure sections a little bit slower with a metronome to force yourself to play in time. It may be that you are reading the next section during these hesitations. If this is the case, try memorizing section by section before you play along with a metronome. Great job, keep it up! Thank you for your entry!

    karenj – That’s so cool that your dad plays ukulele and is excited to hear you play! I know that some of those stretches can be a bit difficult! At 0:10, try isolating that measure or two, and play through this at about half of the speed your performance was at. Start from slightly before the tricky Em shape…maybe at beat 3 of measure 5 to practice getting into this shape. At the slower tempo, your goal is accuracy and getting each melody note to ring clearly. Then slowly work this up to speed. Also, you are more than welcome to play the whole song a bit slower…especially if it helps with tricky sections like this one. Great work either way! Thank you for participating!

    mr_moltes – Great job on this one! It’s not easy! You have 95% of this one down and are playing it wonderfully! There’s just one little spot that happens twice: at 0:36 and 1:30 where the rhythm is slightly different: These are straight eighth notes even with the pull offs, so you want to make sure they are even length notes that are evenly spaced. In your version, you are swinging the rhythm (making the first note a bit too long and the second note too short) in these spots. It’s a small detail, you are doing an awesome job over all! Thank you for joining the challenge!

    ukandoit – Excellent performance! Your old iPhone recorded just fine! Now that you have the song down, you could add an extra challenge by adding your own dynamics! Try crescendoing (gradually getting louder) at the beginning of each long phrase, and de-crescendoing at the end of the phrases. You don’t need to do this on every phrase, but start there, and decide where it feels natural to do that. Great job on this one! Thank you for entering this challenge!

    apblondie – Keep up the great work! I think you understand the rhythms and what to do, you are just trying to play the song slightly faster than you are ready for. Try playing it 10 beats per minute slower (or even 20) with a metronome. This will give you time to look ahead and transition into new sections smoothly. I also noticed that your left wrist bends upwards every now and then. This actually puts a slight strain on the wrist. Try keeping your wrist from bending that way even on the harder passages. While this is a small detail, it keeps your wrist from tiring as quickly. You are doing an awesome job! Thank you for your entry.


    @apblondie You’ve only been playing two months?! Wow, great job 🙂


    I am a premium member 🙂

    Ok, I can’t put it off any more. After spending far too long trying to get a good take of La Gitanita today I’m going with one I did last week which I’m not especially happy with but could be worse. I really needed to spend more time memorising the song so I could look at my fingers occasionally without faltering.
    Despite being a bit disappointed with the submission I’ve really enjoyed working on the song. My first time using picardo and rasgueado plus easily the most complex and speedy finger-picking I’ve attempted 🙂

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    I am a premium member.

    Well, time is running out… so here’s my take on Kemp’s jig.

    I love the idea of the monthly challenges as well!



    @mr_moltes thank you for the advice. I guess I need to start memorizing the songs from now on!

    thank you! You sounded great. Your timing and strumming sounded on point.

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