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    Thanks @apblondie 🙂
    It’s frustrating as I have played it a lot better but I guess part of improving is being able to give a consistently good performance so that’s something (another thing lol!) for me to work towards!


    Yep, time’s up! Here’s my Kemp’s Jig for the August 2019 Member Challenge. This was tough for me, but fun and beneficial. I really wish it were cleaner, smoother, and more fluid, but I hope that will come with time and practice. And, I apologize for all the cat hair on my shirt. Shouldn’t have petted Charlie before recording.

    I’m a premium member, if that still counts for the bonus entry.


    My submission of Kemp’s Jig ☺️


    Great job mfaske! Sounds pretty fluid to me. And jeez, if one must apologize for cat hair, I owe this group so many apologies.

    Omaon, another nice rendition. You’ve got a good vibe.

    The jig was clearly the most popular song this month!


    My submission for La Gitanita!

    It was great fun learning this new techniques. 😀


    This is the same recording I submitted the last year when La Gitanita was an option. I wanted to fix it for this month’s but college doesn’t really leave time to record anymore.


    I am a prime member.

    This video is not worthy of submission but is done so our of respect for Andrew & Rock Class 101. This class means too much to me not to keep trying.

    Best wishes to all.
    Anne Godfrey


    I am a premium member.
    Not my best, but time’s up. The month totally got away from me, and then, well total Dorian prep and anxiety. And now we wait. This is first Low G, and maybe more importantly, my first effort on a tenor uke. Fingers / brain just didn’t have time to get used to the fret distance.
    Everyone in Dorian’s path, be safe. How great is it that when the power goes out, we can still strum!


    Thank you soooo much, Andrew. You are absolutely right that I found difficulties for the staccato strums. To do it slowly is great advice. I just have to be more patient. Will work on this technique as I like it, xx Sheila


    Listen to Eastern Uke by kirpuff on #SoundCloud


    thank you @stephen for your feedback,
    i appreciate the effort!


    @stephen you are completely right about my timing! I put a metronome to my video and could see that I was playing this piece way too fast. Thank you. I really appreciate your critiques.


    Overall we had 32 members participate in this month’s challenge! And guys, I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s so cool to see everyone come together and support each other as a community and to challenge ourselves to get better! Bravo to everyone who participated 🙂

    Our September challenge is LIVE and the theme is: NEXT LEVEL STRUMMING! There’s also a really cute prize for September! You can check out the new challenge here:

    So without further ado, the winner of this month’s challenge is **drum-roll**



    Here are the last two folks on page 7. Stephen will post feedback for everyone on page 8 later today 🙂

    ripley – Great job! Here is my feedback for you 🙂

    gstriph – Left feedback for you in the video above, starting at 3:26.


    Congratulations Joe!!!


    Thanks @Andrew – I really appreciate the encouragement and super-helpful feedback and will work on the issues you identified (including trying not to be so annoyed with myself!) 🙂

    Congratulations @joe150 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 125 total)
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