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    clempek – Excellent playing, Clem! Only thing I’d say is to keep working on some of those transitions where you have a bit of a pause. Overall, it was awesome! And you can check the renewal/expiration date for your membership by clicking “Account Info” in the menu. You’ll see the date on that page.

    debb1985 – That Pono sounds great, Debb! And I dig the soft feel you’ve got throughout your performance. Well done this month!

    lyndallk – Beautiful playing, Lyndall! I enjoyed listening to your performance 🙂

    qiuyan – Well done! Here’s my feedback for you 🙂


    Thanks @Andrew!!!


    @Andrew thanks for the encouraging words

    Ok thx !


    Thank you so much Andrew for the feedback! I also noticed these noises when I played back my recording – it’s like unwanted pull-off 😂 but wasn’t sure how to fix them without messing up the tempo or sustain. Your suggestions are exactly what I need. Will try and practice them!


    I am working on the first etude in order to strengthen 4 finger picking. What I have been disatisfied with in my progress on this is that once I add a bit of speed many notes sound staccato-ish rather than having sustain. Of coarse the sustain is nice when going slow, or when faster and plucking the first and 4th strings together and on other chords too; however not so with many single notes. Again this is only when I play up to speed. I watched a video Matt did where he covered timber,rubato, and sustain. My biggest take away from that with regard to sustain was for me to make sure my fingers are close to the frets and to leave fingers down as long as possible prior to changing notes. The second of these being difficult as I am trying to speed up and bring it to normal speed. Do you have any other suggestions?


    Actually Linda, what you stated is the way to fix it. Can you post a video playing up to speed so I can hear/see what’s going on. Doesn’t have to be the whole song.


    Hi @Andrew. I’m puzzled by the notation at the very end of melody A in “Morning Dew.” It’s a slide and then supposedly a pull-off to fret 1, string E (the notation has a “P”). But shouldn’t that be an “H” for a hammer-on? In the video it looks like you either hammer or just pluck the final note.

    Trying to get a good review of H and Ps 😎

    1. EA184164-0F00-41BA-90B1-D44330E9DF97.jpeg


    @andrew pretty embarrassed to post at this point but here is a little bit. Your help is very much appreciated.


    @cinichol – Let me know if you have questions. This section is also covered in the lesson starting at:

    – Let me know if you have questions 🙂


    Thanks for the shout-out Andrew. The only thing I have to add is that apart from what Andrew talked about, the sustain actually sounded really good, so well done on that.


    @andrew and @robinboyd thank you for the comments and suggestions. the 4 finger picking is uncomfortable for me and I have been avoiding it. I chose this etude specifically because I know it is something I need to work on. So I will try to relax a bit and be a bit more delicate and smooth with it.. Repetition and practice hopefully will get me there. Again thanks for the help.


    Awesome, @Andrew! Thanks so much. Took a quick look at your video last night and going to watch more carefully right now.

    I’ve recently realized that I have a bad habit of first practicing each new monthly piece minimally most of the way through, or through a part I just like, and I’m so excited that I forget the tab for days just screwing around with what I can do. Then I check and realize I’ve been botching this and that, my technique is hideous, I haven’t paid attention to detail. This month with “Dew” I’ve managed to get my slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs confused and jumbled. I’ve been sliding where there is no written slide, hammering instead of pulling…

    Sometimes I think what I’m doing almost sounds ok, but I know I’m not getting all the benefits of the lesson. I think I’ll review the “how to practice” video!

    That was probably more info than you needed haha. Anyway, thanks very much again again.


    Oh I just looked more closely at your explanation, and it makes total sense! I was doing the same wrong thing in Melody A with that first slide and what is supposed to be two consecutive pull-offs.

    The world makes sense now. 😁


    Hi Andrew,

    my new lovely aNueNue needed LowG food so I chose Morning Dew for this month:




    Here are my attempts on Fingerpicking Etude no. 1:

    Thank you for listening and your feedback in advance!

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