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    Hi class. I’ve already entered this month, but Etude 1 has been my go to song since very early in my uke days, a few years now, and it would feel wrong to not post it now that is finally featured.

    You’d think it’d be easier to get a clean take at this point, lol. But alas… Here’s another “I guess it’s good enough” recording from me.

    This is for anyone who is interested in understanding more about the baritone sound. I was just gifted with a lovely baritone and I’m loving how all my old songs sound new again. So here is Etude 1 on the baritone uke.


    Sounds beautiful on baritone, Lisa 🙂


    Hi all,

    this challenge was a special one for me. I was on vacation at the beginning of the month, so I had enough time to think about which arrangement I wanna choose.
    I loved the Travis Picking since it came out but I don’t have a baritone ukulele and playing it on low G sounds in my opinion not as cool as the baritone. So I thought I’ll choose one of the easier ones.
    After a while I noticed “well, I do have an instrument that has the tuning of a baritone ukulele, I just have to ignore two of the strings” lol.
    I started practicing on guitar, but I am not used to it and those LARGE frets.
    I struggeld with the barre and stretch chords. Also new for me was to record the audio with ableton and shoot the video later. That was also difficult, because the audio wasn’t perfect and the video has to match the audio somehow.
    Oh, and I am playing it slower than Andrew, because of those difficult chord changing parts.


    @johanna2509 – Well done, Johanna. Sounds great on guitar! And yes, those stretch chords are tough on that instrument, but your form looks great. Keep up the good work!


    This is my very first Challenge ever. It truly was a challenge but I am happy I tried it 🙂

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    Hi everyone!!

    Here my entry for August 😀

    Fingerpicking Etude no.1


    Hello All, here is my entry, Etude No.25. I took the liberty of doubling the length and added a progression of my own in the 2nd half, trust its acceptable. Many thanks, Tim


    I chose Fingerpicking Etude No. 1 for this challenge. I took the last feedback from you for Sleepwalking and completely memorized this tune. It does make a difference to be able to play from memory as I was able to concentrate on playing faster and more precisely. It’s still a bit rough. Looking forward to your feedback.


    I liked Morning Dew so I worked on it this month. Trying to get it faster now that it is memorized…




    Helloo!!This is my participation for the August challenge.I chose Fingerpicking Etude (no.1).It’s the first time that i take part in the monthly challenges.Looking forward to your feedback.


    Hi all,

    I was daydreaming, and really enjoyed the challenge.
    Lovely composition, Andrew.

    Sorry for the camera angle. You should be looking at my hands and not my nose hairs.

    Oh, and I AM a Premium Member


    I barely made it this month! Had tendonitis in my left ring finger and got a cortisone shot in it (ouch) so was out for a couple of weeks. Here is my Fingerstyle Etude No.1



    I AM A PREMIUM MEMEBR! (I almost forgot that part)
    I was not even going to post this month due to helping my daughter before and after her giving birth to her 4th child! She had a beautiful 11 lb. girl! wowza!
    I found some time this last week to work on Etude # 26- Travis Picking, although NOT enough time to really tackle it well. So I’ll keep working on it.
    I wanted to learn Travis Picking because it sounds great but it is Very challenging! I was also challenged by all the “stretch chords” in this song. Especially playing those chords on the Baritone! Thanks Andrew 😳 😜.
    My Ohana Baritone has a built in pick-up/EQ so I was plugged into an interface and recorded on my MacBook Pro in PhotoBooth.
    Andrew, I love the sound of this piece and I’ve been wanting to watch “Into The Wild” for sometime now, ever since I learned Eddie Vedder did the sound track. I love his Ukulele album!

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    Hi, everyone—

    I had to put down the uke for a few months because of some tendinitis I developed in my thumb. Things are better now and I’m glad to be back.

    Thanks for the fun etude!

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