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    Here is everyone still needing feedback on page 6:

    gi_gi_ – You improved a lot between take 1 and take 2. You worked out a few hesitations and you played with a clean sound and steady tempo on take 2. Now you just have a little bit of work on the ending to have it flow smoothly as it slows gradually. Keep it up, you’re doing a wonderful job!

    somasoma321 – Very nice job on this one! Your tempo was very steady, and all of the notes were very clear. The next steps from here are to speed up the tempo gradually to Andrew’s, then to experiment with your own dynamics: Try crescendos into each phrase and gradually decrease the volume towards the ends of the phrases to help the song breathe. Keep up the great work!

    timolnz – You’re off to a great start, and the idea of adding a progression is fun. The rhythm of the song could use a bit of work to keep it in the same timing as the original. The notes at the ends of the phrases should be a bit shorter, and the timing in Melody B is fairly different in the original. You’re doing a great job, a little more work on the rhythm and you’ve got it.

    june2020 – Great job on this. Memorizing definitely helped the flow of the song, now there are just a few tricky spots to work on. I recommend isolating these measures and practicing them slower, just looping one to four measures where it’s hardest. Whatever tempo you get these spots up to should be the tempo you use to play the whole song. Keep it up, you’re sounding very good on this one!

    gstriph – You’re doing great on this one. You have the notes down, and now there’s just a bit to work on rhythmically: First: hammer-ons and pull-offs are hard to time, but the idea is to have those notes move at the same pace as the other ones in the melody. The tendency is to rush through those notes rather than giving them their full duration. Second: on Melody B, there’s not any extra time to switch between the chord shapes, so you may want to work on this at a slower tempo to get the shifts in time so that the first two measures of this section are evenly spaced 8th notes. You sound good on this one, keep up the great work!

    joe150 – The notes are sounding very nice and clear! I think it would help to work on memorizing longer phrases at a time so that you aren’t having to hesitate at the end of each two measures to look at the sheet music. Thinking in longer phrases helps, then you’ll get to the point where you can look ahead while playing. Keep it up, you sound great on the notes!

    xrisrari – You have a great sense of timing, and all of the notes are sounding cleanly! One small suggestion I have is to let the notes ring out more, especially on the part at measure 5. Right now, one of your hands is either muting the strings that aren’t being plucked, or your left hand may not be holding the notes down as you play the others. Other than letting all of these notes ring out longer, you are doing an excellent job! Congrats on your first challenge entry, you played this one very well!

    terryfallon3 – You’re off to a great start, and you’re playing the notes well. The swing rhythm is kind of tricky to get a handle on, so I recommend using the on screen tab player at 50% or 75& to really grasp that concept and hear how it works with the composition. You’re doing a great job, and that swing rhythm will make things even stronger!

    lbilkie – That was a very nice performance, especially knowing you had tendonitis! Your ritardando was very nice and gradual, and your playing was all around very clean and had a great flow/tempo. From the angle I was watching, your left wrist looked a bit more bent than is ideal, so try to watch that to hopefully avoid future injuries. You sound wonderful!

    maryjanew – You’re off to a great start, and your form looks good, it’s just challenging to get those stretches on the baritone ukulele. I recommend going through this one at the tempo you are currently at and practice all of these chord shapes…I think you have the right idea, it’s just a matter of having the time to put in. Congrats on your new granddaughter!

    coffeemug – I’m so sorry to hear about the tendonitis! You played this one great in spite of that, and I’m glad it’s feeling better. There are just a couple of chord shapes that seem to cause you to hesitate slightly in Melody B on this, but otherwise you’ve got this one down! Keep up the great work, and I hope your tendonitis days are gone forever so that you can enjoy playing!


    Overall we had 53 members participate in this month’s challenge! And guys, I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s so cool to see everyone come together and support each other as a community and to challenge ourselves to get better! Bravo to everyone who participated 🙂

    Our September challenge is LIVE and the theme is: SONGS ABOUT FOOD! There’s also a very adorable prize for September! You can check out the new challenge here:

    So without further ado, the winner of this month’s challenge is **drum-roll**



    P.S. Stephen will post the last of the remaining feedback tonight 🙂


    Congratulaions @philbateau…. Everyone did an amazing job.

    Thanks for the great feedback @Stephen. I really enjoyed this and have already started for September….

    I used to think chord melody was impossible until Andrew said how important it is to memorize our pieces (Beginner’s Course). I never thought I could do this. Thank you.


    Here’s everyone on page 7:

    ldarrow – You are doing a great job on this one! There are a few spots where you are hesitating as you shift in certain sections. I would isolate those sections to work on getting the shifts up to speed towards the middle of the song, and then you’ve got it. Everything else sounds great!

    biancak – Very nicely played! I cant hear what sounds half finished, this was an excellent performance! You have the swing feel, the notes, and the techniques in all of the right spots. On Melody B, it might be possible to have a bit more clarity with some of the notes, possibly a slightly harder attack or a bit more of a plucking motion on the pull offs. However, the notes are clear enough, you did a wonderful job!

    concan – You’re doing great on this one! It seems like just a bit more practice getting the shifts at the section 50 seconds into your performance and you’ve got it. Try isolating that part if you don’t have a lot of time to practice. Keep up the great work!

    andrewvh – Well done on getting the swing feel and working on the nuance in the song! In Melody B, there are a lot of tricky spots where you might benefit from playing 75% of the speed you are currently at to work on getting the techniques a bit cleaner. I recommend playing the whole song at whatever tempo you can play that section at comfortably. Keep it up, you’re doing a great job!

    morrieuke1 – That was a great performance, and patting your foot really added a nice percussive element to the song. Your notes and rhythm were clear and precise, and your gradual ritard at the end was well executed. Excellent job!

    sarahd – Very nicely done, especially on the ending! Your notes ring clearly, and you played the rhythms fairly well. Now there’s just one small hesitation on the transition leading into Melody B to work on a bit more, and then you can speed the tempo up slightly if you want to match the original speed. Nice job on this one!

    santai – Great job on this, you are definitely getting good at this fingerpicking pattern. There were only a few spots where you hesitated a bit on a chord transition, mainly at 38 seconds into the piece. Once you get these transitions cleanly, you’re ready to speed the tempo up a bit. Keep up the great work!

    kirpuff – I’m so sorry you are going through a tough time, and I’m glad that having the music to work on has helped. You are doing a wonderful job on this one, there are just a few tricky spots to work on getting to the chord shapes in time. I know the added challenge of the larger frets can make things difficult, and you are doing a great job. Just isolate those spots until they feel comfortable. Your playing sounds great on this.

    tux4tgvf5 – It seems like so many members are having tendonitis issues on here. I hope you made a full recovery! You are doing a wonderful job on this. The only spot I’d suggest playing several times to get a bit smoother is from 13-15 seconds in. A little bit of work on keeping the timing consistent even with the slide, and your performance will sound even better. Great work on this one!


    Congratulations to everyone that participated. I started very late in the month and seeing other submissions really helped me a lot with the tempo.

    @stephen thank you for your time and response. – Tom 🤙

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    Congratulations to your new uke, @philbateau!
    Abig thank you to you for your feedback, @Stephen.
    And an even bigger thank you to everyone here – rockclass101-team and participants alike! These are strange times, and they seem to become crazier and crazier by the month… Our shared focus on beautiful music is such an important anchor!

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