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    My entry into Uke Blues February Challenge. Could not get it up to speed so played it slow and easy. Hope that is alright Andrew.


    Hi Everybody,

    I decided to learn the Blues Shuffle for the February challenge. There a quite a few mistakes and slow transitions in the video… definitely need another month to work on this song.

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    I went with green tea this month and although it wasn’t too challenging in itself, it took me a while to get to a cleaner level because I have to reach with my pinkie for some of the notes with playing backwards, which took a while to get semi comfortable. Apologies for the baby monitor going off during the song…
    Love the little peanut uke! Great prize for this month!

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    Here is my February entry:

    That last riff requires lots of repetition.


    Great job, cornishdpt! It takes a bit more patience to play it upside down like that, but you did an excellent job! Sometimes changing the angle of your wrist a bit allows your hand to stretch a bit easier, but reaching for the melody notes is difficult either way. Thanks for joining the challenge!


    Hi Andrew
    This is my first ever video, sorry the quality is not great however it does help mask the playing 🙂 I’ve spent hours on this but am nowhere near yet – what can I say, that peanut uke called me!


    After several years of just strumming along, Indecided to give Uke 101 a try. I only signed up less than a week ago and found the “easy” Green Tea to be a challenge. And trying to make a recording was a while other learning curve! I am embarrassed and humbled by the mistakes, but also proud to let go of my perfectionism and embrace the opportunity to learn. Let me know if the attached file doesn’t work. Thanks again. It’s been fun!


    Oops. I guess my file upload didn’t work. That dang learning curve again. How about this link?


    Hi Andrew,

    It is really a challenge for me to learn this song. The first shuffle rhythm I learnt. I think my left hand strength is not strong enough to play the whole song; felt a bit sore at the end.

    Like always, I will keep practicing next month as well plus it is a really fun song to play.


    Maybe this will work 🙂


    Here is my submission I hope it’s ok if I upload it from my Instagram it’s a lot easier 😛

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    Un poco de Uke Blues para esta semana arreglo por Andrew Hardel de @rockclass101 😁 #ukesmx #ukulelesmexico #ukulele #ukeblues #ukelife #ukelover

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    I just joined this month. Hi from Seattle! My Uke Blues still has hesitations and missed or frizzie sounding notes here and there, but nothing bad enough to wake the dog.

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    Wow, it’s awesome to see so many entries come in today 🙂 I’m going to leave feedback for everyone, except those who did “Green Tea” as Stephen will be leaving you feedback shortly!


    abaluyot – here is a short video with some tips for you 🙂

    edward – love the intro! I thought you did a great job; I always say: slow and steady wins the race. One thing that I would work on though is to get the timing to flow a little bit better. This was the same advice I left for Anna above.

    I would recommend to put the tab player into “synthetic mode”, activate the metronome, and slow it down to a speed you are comfortable with. (Watch the second video on this page and jump six minutes into it if you don’t know how to do this.) Loop a few bars at a time and try to count the rhythm as you play along.

    Here is an extra lesson on counting and understanding rhythms.

    ukuleleloo – that was awesome! I agree, with an extra month you will have it very polished. Keep up the great playing!

    zukulele – great playing Zion! You have a great tone in your playing. I have the same advice for you as abaluyot above; so watch that video and check out this video for some help with the rhythm of the last lick:

    ser_ser – awesome! Yes, rhythm blues is always fun to play and everybody loves to hear it 🙂 I thought you did well! I would just watch the timing on some sections, most notably the intro, as you started out slow and then went into the first riff full speed. Also, it sounds a little tense, maybe you were playing tight in the arms/hands and that was why you were sore?

    Try to relax when playing this and keep the vibe laid-back. Let me know if that makes sense.

    carmen-s – love it! You’re doing so well, love hearing your playing throughout the months 🙂 If you need a little help on that last lick, check out the video above.

    pup123 – lol, harsh audience! Way to knock it out of the park for your first challenge. Great feel, great timing, great playing. Let us know what your practice approach was for this 🙂


    Here’s my rendition of Uke Blues for the February Challenge. (Nothing like a few repetitive triplets to make a person feel fairly uncoordinated….). Not completely happy with consistency of rhythm yet, but I do feel encouraged about what seems like a little more musicality than some earlier challenges. Looking forward to your feedback, Andrew.


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