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    Thanks Andrew – can’t believe you’ve posted it on Facebook! Thank you. I recorded it when we got sent home because of the snow…. hence looking really cold! It was a fun piece to learn to play 😉


    Hi Andrew
    Thanks for the feedback. You’re right I was sat somewhere different but I do need to think more about how I sit as well as how I strum.
    I do love my uke, it’s a Snail soprano with 15 frets and it doesn’t just sound pretty, it looks beautiful up close 😊


    Wow! This month’s challenge was so much fun 🙂 It’s always a blast to rock the blues on the uke! Overall we had 22 members participate. I absolutely loved watching everyone’s performances! Bravo to everyone who participated! Below, I have left feedback for those who submitted at the end of yesterday.

    But before we get there, we have to announce the winner of this month’s challenge!

    **Drum Roll **

    And the winner is…


    Congrats, I’ll send you an email so we can get that Peanut Uke shipped out to you!

    Our March Challenge is LIVE and it is Random Themed! This will be another fun challenge, click HERE to check it out!


    Tony – excellent playing! The only thing I can suggest for you is to try to lighten up your playing a little bit. If we push too hard, for example on a pull-off or regular single note, it will cause the note to go sharp. And a lighter touch will produce a sweeter tone. Give that a shot and let me know if you hear a difference.


    nobukofogarty – that was lovely! You have great feel in your playing, keep up the good work and don’t worry too much, we all get nervous in front of the camera 🙂


    Ben, way to go! It’s always inspiring to see you perform 🙂 2 tips, try to memorize the piece, which will allow you to focus more so on your performance. And second, don’t be afraid to use your pinky. It’s our weakest finger, which makes a lot of people omit it from their playing, but using it will make your playing easier and more efficient. Keep rocking!


    Wow, I won! I am very happy not only because I won but also I now, after having practiced Green Tea, know that moving fret to fret is not impossible. LOL! A little practice every day is the key!


    Thanks Andrew for your advice! I always try to apply what you say I could improve on in the next contest you have.


    Congrats!! 😀


    Congratulations! Give the shakerlele a shake for us.

Viewing 7 posts - 76 through 82 (of 82 total)
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