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    Gymnopèdie No.1



    I always enjoy listening to everyone’s submissions. Kudos to you all!
    Here is my attempt at Take 5. I’ve struggled getting clean, clear notes on Melody B since I started learning this piece, but for now this is as good as it gets.



    I’ve had a lot of fun learning this arrangement – big thanks to Matt! My recording is not very good but it’s a fairly accurate picture of where I’m at so far.

    Very impressed by others who are able to play this so much faster! I would like to trade in my pinky finger for one that’s stronger and goes where I tell it!


    Sorry. I’m a premium member…


    Well here is my attempt at “Into the Maze”. My muscle memory had amnesia at times, but I’m happy with the progress I made practicing this song each day and I will continue to work on it. Look forward to any constructive feedback. I really enjoy watching the variety of performances by all the participants. I can’t wait until I’ve improved enough to play some of those other songs. Looks like a lot of fun.

    Thank you RC101 team for having such a great site.


    My first challenge.


    Here’s my submission of Gymnopédie No. 1 – very close to the deadline as always… My goal for next time: Finally post my submission a little earlier into the month. ^^;
    Still a little wonky and blackout-ish at times. I’m not doing this wonderful piece of music nor the beautiful arrangement for ukulele any justice… But still: For once I reeeeally want to win this raffle – ukulele with pickup! *fingers crossed* 😀

    And now I’ll listen to some of the other submissions in this thread. Everybody has been so busy!



    Feel like one of my biggest issues is not hitting the strings perfectly with my left hand because I have to look at the music. So I’m basically just playing by feel most of the time. Memorizing a song such as this isn’t really an option with a family and a full time job. Anyone else have this issue or any suggestions?

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    My song is 2 cords


    Major stage fright during my attempt at Take Five.


    Aloha! This is my first time trying to play a Jazz music and it’s soooo much fun! Currently what I can do best is playing smoothly at 90% speed but 100% is too hard for now, will keep practicing!Here’s my 75% speed performance for Take Five. Enjoy!


    Lol recording long songs in the city is hell, but asides that this month was really fun, this song make me get my first low g ukelele and I been having tons of funs with it, I think this month I been practicing the double than any other month.


    Lots of mistakes and rushing, but I waited till the last minute (as usual) and each take was getting progressively worse, so this take it is! Thank you for the fun arrangement, I enjoyed playing it!


    Here’s everyone on page 8 and page 9

    mademoiselleannette – Wonderful job on this one! You are playing all of the notes and rhythms very well with good technique over all. My only suggestion is to work on having less space before the thumb downstrums. Right now it seems like there is a noticeable pause before each one, which you might be doing for effect, but having slightly less space there will help the song flow a bit smoother. Keep up the great work!

    dividedsky – That was a very impressive performance! Your dynamics in addition to the gentle feel throughout were perfect for this song. I like how you started the phrases quietly and swelled into each phrase gradually. Very well done!

    myukemylife – You are playing the notes very well. Now it’s time to work out the hesitations when shifting chord shapes. The best way to do this is to play the song slightly slower with a metronome, choosing a section like measure 6-9. The goal is to get the strums in time with as little empty space before them as possible. You’re doing great, keep it up!

    lhamilton – Very cool rendition! I liked the artificial harmonic section you added. Where did you get that idea? Very nice relaxed tempo and great feel. My only suggestion is to make sure not to cut any of the sustained notes shorter than their half note duration. If you are playing freely, you can make them slightly longer, but shorter can interrupt the flow. You only did this a couple of times, so it didn’t detract from anything, it’s just a suggestion to help the relaxed feel of the song. Wonderful job on this!

    wongbrown – You are doing a great job! If the tempo feels too fast, I always recommend playing it at a more comfortable tempo and keeping the rhythm and tempo steady. Maybe 75% of the speed you played it at would be easier. If you had done that, I’m sure you would have kept the tempo constant and the groove strong. Great job on this, keep it up!

    ramiro – Great work on keeping the tempo steady. That’s definitely the trick to this one, and if you have to make a choice, sacrificing notes for keeping the rhythm is the one to make! One thing within the rhythm to work on is at about 6 seconds, making sure to get the muted strums cleanly in time. It’s easy to rush through those, but keeping them at a steady pace makes the groove stronger. Keep it up, you’re doing a great job!

    concan – This one is tricky, and you are doing a good job! The hardest part of this is to play the hammer on/pull offs with the correct timing: each note within beat 4 of measure 6 is a 16th note, which means the open note is as long as the note that is hammered on. I recommend playing this figure slowly and working on giving each note the same duration. It takes having a lot of control with the hammer on, but you can do it! Keep up the great work!

    johanna2509 – Very nicely played! It’s very hard to have every single note ring out on such a long piece, and there were very few notes with any buzz. You did a great job on sustaining the notes and maintaining the right feel for the song (legato and mellow). At this point, try experimenting with volume swells in the middle of phrases to help the song “come alive.” You are doing an excellent job!

    gstriph – You’re doing a great job so far. You have the notes down, and the overall feel of the song. Try playing it a bit slower with a metronome to see if you can keep the timing consistent all the way through the song. There are a few places where you are hesitating, and doing this should fix that. Keep going, you’re doing great!

    lbilkie – I’m glad you posted this one anyway, you’re doing great! With a little more time, you will memorize the different parts and work through all of the hesitations. The notes are there, the strums are there, it’s just a matter of getting the muscle memory up to par. Keep going, you’re almost there!

    kittycatlin – You’re doing a great job so far. I think your cat may have distracted you when they got up, but if not, spend just a bit more time getting the last part of measure B under your fingers. Everything else is sounding great, keep up the good work!

    misskika – Awesome job on this one! Your tempo was super steady, the notes were clear, and you managed to get all of the percussive parts! My only suggestion is to put a little more weight into your hand on the muted strums to accent the percussive quality, and drum a bit harder on the slaps as well. This way it will sound more like imitating the drums while playing the ukulele. You’re doing an excellent job, keep it up!

    robinboyd – I love the duet! Tiffany’s rhythm was solid, holding the groove steady the entire time, and you played the melody very smoothly over all! I think the B section is tough to play even at that tempo. In order to play that at full speed as a duet, it may be a good idea for you to work the melody up with a metronome (make sure it is set to 5/4 or doesn’t have a different sound for beat one)until you can play it slightly faster than full tempo so that it’s comfortable at full speed. You are both playing wonderfully!

    lildevil – Great job on this! The tempo is very solid on this take, and it grooves nicely! If you want to, now is the time to work it up to speed. Awesome job on this one!


    Thanks Stephen

    I just had a listen to @lhamilton’s entry because the artificial harmonics section piqued my interest. I have to say it was awesome. Great idea!

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