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    Hey everyone, hope you are all well. Tackled Santa Fe and love it. Not quite there but getting better..light relief during lockdown. Stay safe everyone.

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    That was terrific!


    Thank you so much @cashmpe!


    Hi guys! Happy New Year!
    My first submission for this year is Our First Song.


    Hi all,

    I decided to participate a bit late this month, so I didn’t take the same amount of time to practice as I usually do… not my best performance for this tricky one!

    Cheers 🙂


    brettboy – You did a wonderful job on this song! The rhythm is very syncopated and specific, and you recreated it very well, especially in the first 40 seconds of the piece. It seems like around that point, some tricky finger pattern may have caused a slight hesitation, but otherwise, the first half was near perfect! On the C Melody, around 1:29 it seems you might be missing part of the rhythm…possibly even leaving out a whole beat here and there, but oover all you have this challenging piece down. Great job, Brett!

    tsetsova – Very nicely played! You have each section down, and your timing was great. I think you are ready for a harder song, although Santa Fe’s rhythm is quite challenging. You definitely played this one very well.

    isabelm – Awesome job getting your parents to perform this one with you! You all played it very well and stayed fairly in time with each other. Are you playing a baritone ukulele? I think the notes are different, but it sounds nice as every note is a 4th away. Very nicely done.

    lhamilton – You are doing an excellent job of getting the rhythms on all of the sections. Now it’s just working on a few tricky quick single note spots: 0:39 to 0:43, and around 1:06. It seems like playing the whole song a tiny bit slower might allow you to have the time to play these sections a bit cleaner until you work them up to full speed. Keep up the great work!

    bethany_guardiani – Very cool idea to make this a duet! The first half was spot on, and when you switched parts it seemed to get slightly out of sync. You did a great job of pulling it together by the end, and the notes you chose to walk down worked very well for the ending. For not having an initial count in, you did a wonderful job of starting in time. Keep it up, you did great!

    bibilele – Very nicely played, your rhythm and the notes sounded great! On the middle section, I noticed you were reaching your thumb over the neck. I think you were doing this to mute the G string and stop it from ringing out, but it puts an angle on your wrist that could eventually cause wrist pain if you play in that form too often. I suggest using your index finger if you need extra help keeping that string muted so that you can keep proper form with the left hand. Great job on this one!

    effortless – You are off to a great start on this one! There are a few tricky things about the rhythm in this one, and one is keeping the first few notes of the measure evenly spaced. Right now, you are playing the first 2 notes of each measure at the start slightly too close together, when the first 4 notes are evenly spaced 8th notes. It can be hard to evenly space the notes when you are hitting the first one with the thumb, but I think it might be that you are hearing the rhythm slightly differently than Andrew is playing it. Try playing along with the tab player at 50-75% speed and match your playing to his. Other than that and a little bit more work on the other sections, you are well on your way! Keep it up!

    maryjanew – Great job on this one! You’ve got the notes memorized, and you are playing them accurately. My only suggestion to make it even better is to keep the same tempo from the first section to the second section. The first section uses 8th notes, which go by exactly twice as fast as the quarter note strums. Try patting your foot throughout the song, and even playing along with the performance video to get this shift without rushing the timing. It’s a small detail, but it helps a lot. It especially helps if you want to jam/perform with other players. Keep up the great work!

    lisamcc – You are doing a great job with the notes, and you seem to know the rhythm pretty well. The next step is keeping the tempo fairly consistent. There are certain single note spots that you would play even better if you kept the tempo of the whole song at the speed you started at or slightly slower. I think the excitement of the strummed section caused you to get faster and faster until the end, making it really hard to keep up with the single note sections. Have you tried playing this one with a metronome at a slower tempo? This might help. That being said, your strumming at the faster speed is quite impressive! Keep it up, you’re getting close!

    mademoiselleannette – Excellent job! The rhythm and the notes were spot on and each one sounded cleanly. My only suggestion now is to look at your left hand form on the first section of the piece. It seems like you are twisting your wrist slightly, but when you go into the strummed section, your form is much better. Try keeping your hand more in that position with the wrist a bit straighter on the first section. It doesn’t affect the sound, but over time, playing with your form slightly off could cause wrist pain. Wonderful job on this one!

    shmu88 – Very nicely done! It seems like you just have a few slight spots to work up to speed. With less practice time, it might help to record the song a bit slower than normal and really nail the different sections rather than go for full speed and stumble slightly. This helps to build muscle memory as well, so that when you have time to speed it up, it’s easier at that point. Keep up the great work, that was excellent!


    @Stephen thanks for the advice! You’re totally right, for some reason my brain was telling me that the rhythm was the same on 1 and 3 when I was listening even though it’s clearly written as even 8th notes


    Thanks, Stephen! I was afraid I’d screwed up on the rhythm — it’s the first time I’ve used that sort of a slap so it’s lovely to hear I managed it. I’ll work on those other spots.




    As I’m not keen on Everlong I have tried Santa Fe, which is well beyond my skill level. However, I gave it a go and learnt quite alot along the way. I found the rhythm in Melody C very difficult (as is clearly apparent!) especially the last bar. On a positive this was the first song that I managed to more or less memorise (hence the occaisional pause when the neurons weren’t quite firing fast enough!); though I did have the tabs running in the background..


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    Hi everyone, here is my attemption for the january challenge „Our first song“.
    First i tried to learn Santa Fe, but ist was to heavy for me. After half a month struggling i decided to join an easier song.
    Here it is…..


    Here my entry for the month. I chose Santa Fe because it was the tune I most enjoyed not because I thought it reflected my playing level. I was worried that it would be too difficult,but I think it came together quite nicely, and if fact really enjoyed learning it. So, thanks for the challenge.


    Thanks, Stephen, I will try it. 🙂


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    this is my recording of Our First Song.


    As so many others here I chose Santa Fe, although it felt kind of out of reach at first. But listening to Ottmar Liebert’s acoustic version a lot really helped along the way.

    At part C I got really stressed that I might now ruin an otherwise okay recording at the last second – so I cut it shorter than I actually intended to and didn’t go into a repeat. You can even hear my stress, when the strings don’t ring out as clear as they schould, because my hand got so cramped. ^^; But I made it through!

    Thanks a lot for a wonderful arrangement and for making me aware of Ottmar Liebert in the first place! 🙂

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