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    I am a premium member,
    Here’s my submission. Almost there, a few little mistakes, but fun melody.


    Here’s everyone on page 5 and the start of page 6:

    donovan – You are doing a wonderful job, especially being new to finger picking! I think one thing that will help you get the transitions a bit smoother is to practice slower. This will give you enough time to get to the different chord shapes and to make sure your fingers are picking in the order you want them to. My only other advice is to try not to bend your picking hand wrist as much as you play. keeping it a little bit straighter will just help to avoid wrist pain after long practice sessions. You are doing great, you’re going to be an amazing player if you stick with it! Thank you for being part of the challenge!

    aquatopaz – You’re doing a great job with the notes and the rhythm is pretty close, too. The main thing that I hear is that you are hesitating on certain parts. Those transitions between the obvious melody parts are what I would spend a little more time on, so you know what’s coming next before you get there. If you’re reading along while playing, it might just be developing the skill to look slightly ahead while playing rather than just looking at the notes you are on. Either way, you are sounding great, and I like that you played at a tempo that was comfortable. Awesome job!

    cbaska10 – That was an excellent performance! You played all the notes with the correct rhythms while keeping great posture. Now that you have the piece down, try adding your own dynamics with volume swells, making certain parts sound more delicate, and really bringing out the part towards the end. I think you are already doing some of this, so try exaggerating it a bit for fun. Wonderful work! Thank you for your entry.

    planetfink – I loved that you added the Cantina theme in there! So much of this was spot on, that it took me a while to find something to improve upon! During Imperial March, the slides while holding those chord shapes are tricky. I’ve found that experimenting with how low your thumb is on the back of the neck might give you a bit more leverage so that you can apply more pressure during the slides. Then, at the very end, there are several triplet strums, which are just tricky! The hard part is trying to get the same volume out of each movement in the strum. Practicing super slowly to get it consistently is really the best way. Super job on this one, these are just minor details! Thank you for entering the challenge!

    rachelmott – Great job! You’re playing this very well! The way you are playing it is great, but for an extra challenge (and possibly to help play even faster/smoother), have you tried using Andrew’s finger-picking pattern? He explains this in detail 6:25 into the lesson video. Basically it’s just using your middle finger for all of the notes on string one. You’re doing a great job, this is just a great way to challenge yourself to learn a new finger-picking pattern. Thank you for your entry!

    lisadmh – You are playing great, and it sounds pretty smooth to me! There are a few chords in the beginning that you are cutting a bit short. The dotted half notes get 3 beats instead of just two. This will help the song breathe a little bit more, which might help it sound smoother. On certain sections, I notice that you are bending your fretting hand wrist a bit more than you need to…try to keep it at a bit less of an angle just to avoid wearing it out on longer practice sessions. It’s sounding great, and you’re doing wonderful for your first song with all thumb! Matt is so good at making it look effortless, but it’s not easy! Thank you for your submission!

    rickkhan – Nice work! You’re definitely there on the notes, now it’s time to go back and solidify those rhythms. Andrew has a reading course that goes over some of the rhythms, and I think going through each section and really working with a metronome will help the song sound a little bit closer to the original. If that sounds like more work than you want to put in on this one, then try playing along with Matt’s video as you play, and you will probably be able to pick up where the rhythms are slightly different that way. You’re doing a great job! Thank you for entering the challenge!


    My goal is that in a couple years I can sound 1/10th as good as Matt.
    Here is my PREMIUM MEMBER submission


    Wow! This one was really tricky to get a totally clean take of all 4 songs. I know it can be smoother, but this is it for now. I will definitely keep working on this since I’m a Star Wars fanatic! Thanks Andrew and Matt for a fantastic challenging arrangement.


    Thanks Stephen. Ah the wrist. I keep trying to work on that but I don’t get good sound when my wrist is straightened……. Will keep trying to adjust!


    bzediver – Great job! Here are my thoughts 🙂

    surfnrz – WOW, Ray! That was awesome! I can tell you put a lot of work into this, and it shows 🙂

    So yes, I’d agree with cleaning up some of your playing. Target the areas where the chords buzzed – in your case, I think when this happens, it’s because not enough pressure is being applied when fretting, resulting in some notes buzzing. Keep that in mind as you continue working on it.

    The other suggestion I have is to try a lighter strum during “The Imperial March” and especially in “May the Force Be With You”. Matt talked a lot about this, specifically with the thumb approach, in a recent live lesson.


    Thanks so much Andrew for the excellent feedback! I’m definitely going to keep working on this one to perfect it. After listening to my performance I can hear everything you mentioned. It seems the camera brings out the worst in me in regards to nerves. I will check out Matt’s lesson again. Once again these challenges have been so fun and rewarding. I can’t thank you guys enough!


    Andrew, I totally get what you’re saying. Thankfully I found Jurassic Park theme relatively easy and even though it may not have been needed to be played with a metronome the rhythm would have benefited with keeping count in my head.


    Bze diver, what uke it that? It sounds crystal clear and your playing too.


    Thx guys! Glad it was helpful 🙂


    Jina, The uke is a EleUke Peanut CPE-BK. I recently got it because I have been traveling and needed a uke that I could easily stuff in a backpack and could play without bothering anyone else around. It is not acoustic so I either play with headphones or use a little mini amp. I recorded Jurassic using the amp but I could record directly from the headphone jack on the uke to my microphone jack on the phone using an adapter that splits the phones jack into microphone and headphone. That way nobody gets bothered if I record late at night. But I think the sound is better coming out of the amp.
    The downside to this uke is that the action was way too high. I had to sand the saddle down a lot. Twice. And one of the tuner gears on my uke can be very difficult to turn. I may have just gotten a uke with a bad tuner gear.
    One of the other positives I think is that the fret wires seem unusually high. That might mean you have to press down a little further but for me it makes the notes easier to sound clearer.


    Thanks Stephen for your nice comments. Those slides in the Imperial March are really tough. After a lot of work on them I still am averaging about 50% success rate.


    Second attempt. Andrew I took your feedback and worked on those areas. Thanks so much. Plus playing it on this sweet Kanile’a really helped. Their slogan “Play Better is really true. I AM A PREMIUM MEMBER.


    Big difference in sound surfnrz! I have a really hard time playing my inexpensive ukulele now because the high end ukuleles just sound so AMAZING….

    Love the Stormtrooper helm btw. Good ‘ole Dark Side has better costumes and music. 😉


    Thanks so much becky7777! If you can somehow swing it, I highly recommend looking at a Kanile’a, not only are they beautiful and sound awesome but they truly play like butter. It’s like night and day. It really makes all your hard work and practice pay off!

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