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    Love the duets guys! Very cool! Great playing Alissa, glad to see you back for this challenge 🙂 Great job Edward! Helpful tip: one melody is very high up and tricky to play, you can always sub it out as suggested in the helpful tips area of the lesson page.


    here’s my recording of In The Hall Of The Mountain King


    In The Hall of The Mountain King. Geez. Seems I needed more than a month. And my video didn’t go.

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    Here’s is my entry for the May Challenge. I’m playing Ode to Joy. There are a few sections where I forgot what came next.

    Hi Andrew, my file is 6.1mb and won’t upload to the forum.

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    I hope this works. Went from sending a video (to large I guess) to just an audio clip.

    ** Here is the MP3 Link **


    I wanted to send in Fur Elise, but ended up with Ode to Joy. Thanks for the great contest… this is an awesome incentive for me to attempt to get over my fear of playing in front of someone (sort of, virtually).


    My preformace of Ode to Joy. Hope it sounds alright.


    Here is my entry for the sight member challenge.


    Hi, this is my effort to play Ode to Joy, I did the best I can for my current level!


    Here’s my Fur Elise. It was quite tricky since I’m only a basic member and counldn’t view the part 2 lesson. Had to learn it by watching Andrew’s performance at the start of part 1 as well as the performances of other participants (so thanks to everyone who posted fur elise haha)! Hopefully I got it all correct!


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    hey here is my best take of “Fur Elise”, still needs some polishing. I am definitely getting back to it after i finish with my exams 😉


    OK, I’m also a beginner, just about a month with my Ukulele. I love this site and love seeing all the talented people. My goal was to be able to play Hall of the Mountain King well enough so that you could really tell what it was. I recorded it multiple times today and flubbed every time. Then, when I didn’t record, played it all the way through, no flubs. I must have performance anxiety. Did I want to scream…yes. I realize it doesn’t matter. I’m going to record it one more time and upload, flubs or not. It truly is inspiring to see all the great talent on this page and I do aspire to be that good some day. Thanks, Andrew. Of all the YouTube channels that I subscribed to when I got my Uke, yours is the one that drew me in and has kept me coming back. You are an awesome teacher. That is all! Laura


    Naomi playing Ode to Joy:


    Thanks, Andrew, for the idea, and thanks to everyone else who posted — you all were an inspiration!
    I chose ‘Ode to Joy’ because I like the music.

    I have a low G Tenor, so I made some adjustments to Andrew’s arrangement to take advantage of the low G.
    – I use the g on 3rd fret 2nd string
    – for the Dm I use A on 2nd fret 4th string as continuo

    I waited to the next-to-last day because I had to let my nails grow out after doing some construction work without gloves (silly me)

    The youtube is:

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 125 total)
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