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    @leb397, I said “apricots” the first time, but then realized that I find them disgusting. There is a convoluted reason why I think learning tastes like a chocolate covered raisin, but I’ll just say, I love them too! 😉😂 And that was a lovely take!!

    Good golly these entries are ridiculous (in a good way). 😅


    This was a fun one! Here’s my go at Island in the Sun


    This song needs roundabout 100 more play-throughs, but September isn’t long enough for that. I recorded in a room with blue glass bottles as roof. I like the sound there. 🙂


    Thanks, Andrew! I’ll give that a try.



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    Love this song!


    Hi all-

    Here is my very slow version of In the Summertime. This was a big stretch for me, a needs a lot more work, but super fun to learn and to try techniques new to me. Big thanks to Steven for the arrangement and to Andrew for all the amazing content and to all in the community for always inspiring me!



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    Hi. Almost missed the challenge.
    Here is my island in the sun. Definitely not perfect but I had fun playing it and I made some videos during our holidays which I synchronized with island in the the video is not matching the chords and notes 🙂

    PS. This was all before the hurricane. I was shocked to see the pictures from Florida in the news 🙁

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    Here my attempt at Summertime. I had a head start with this because I started in August.

    Still having trouble with the hammer-ons though. Especially the high A.


    I need to skip this month’ challenge, but I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for what I have learned so far at Rock Class 101.
    Why? I started playing piano again after pausing for several years and having been a classic by notes player in the past, I was now able to transfer my piano playing into free style and by ear/memory playing. Still a beginner there, but making progress and having lots of fun. I thought I have no talent for that type of playing, but I was just missing some basic concepts and really key for me was the circle of five lesson by Matt I listened to many, many month ago and his enthusiasm for music theory. Andrew, would you please pass on my huge thank you to him and to yourself for always encouraging us to play by memory.
    I hope I can join the ukulele challenge again in October.


    I chose “Summertime Blues” so I could work on chucking and also a good opportunity to work on note counting since there are some tricky spots.


    Friendly Reminder – The deadline for receiving feedback and an entry into the giveaway is tonight at 11:59 PM EST (check your local time zone).


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    I decided to challenge myself with rhythm this month. It’s definitely something I should focus on more to improve… Thanks for the arrangement. 🙂


    Here’s everyone on page 4 I haden’t gotten to.

    – That was a fantastic take! The only thing I’d recommend is to practice slower to focus on the clarity of each note/chord. Then slowly build it back up to the current tempo. As for the clicking sound, do you mean your right hand finger nail(s)? If so, that’s natural. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. But you could trim your nails if you want to lesson the impact sound they create when hitting the body/neck.

    – Another one knocked outta the park, Mark (and twin lol)! And bravo on the tempo, very impressive!

    & @shmu88 – Bravo! Amazing take guys! Was an honor to share it in our newsletter today 🙂


    I Am a premium member. So I’m in Ft Myers and got slowed down with the hurricane. I’m trying to get just enough service to upload my monthly challenge . I jumped from beginner to advanced and probably shouldn’t have. I ran out of time towards the end .
    This is my version of Misirlou. You gotta start somewhere.


    @Andrew thank you for the encouraging words. I know I’ve improved with these challenges and you keep them fun. Don’t know the last time I won anything (maybe a lottery scratch off $3) so that would be added bonus. Good luck to everyone!

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