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    Here’s everyone on page 5.

    – Bravo! That’s a really tough tune to play with all the syncopation. I thought you did a great job on the rhythm and your performance nailed the fun, feel good vibes 🙂

    Only thing I’d recommend to continue working on is timing. See if you can keep it a little more consistent throughout. Keep practicing with a metronome, that should get you there in no time (pun intended lol).

    – Great performance! I loved it 🙂

    – Bravo! I thought you did an excellent job with timing and rhythm, which are the hardest parts of this song! My only suggestion is to memorize it, that way you can put your full focus into your playing. Very impressive job this month, Marc!

    – Excellent performance! Great feel throughout! So there’s a couple hesitations here and there, but it sounds like a little more practice will smooth that out. Keep up the great work Jody and thank you for the kind words!

    – I loved the video! Especially the big chair and the jump shot lol. Performance sounded great! My only suggestion is the same advice I gave @moonshine above: which is to continue working on timing. See if you can keep it a little more consistent throughout. Keep practicing with a metronome, that should get you there in no time (pun intended lol).

    – Amazing job this month, Andrew! Great feel and impressive speed! In regards to the H/O’s & P/O’s, try removing the chords and playing just the melody notes so you can focus on the technique. When you’re comfortable with that, add the chords in again but work on them at a slower tempo than your performance tempo.

    – That’s awesome to hear, Andrea! I took a screenshot of what you said and sent it to Matt 🙂

    – Way to go, June! You nailed the melody. For the Riff, I want you to play along with Matt in the tab player. Try to count the rhythms out-loud as you play. That should help you get locked into the groove more.

    – I thought you did a great job on the rhythm and timing! Great performance overall! My only suggestion is to slow the tempo a little bit. I think the song grooves more at a slower tempo.

    – I hope you and your family are safe. My thoughts are with you and everyone in FL.

    Performance was great! With the tremolo technique, try to keep your right hand at a consistent down/up movement to keep the flow of notes steady. Make sure to keep your wrist and forearm loose. That’s the only way to achieve this.


    Hi everyone,

    I chose Summertime Blues. It’s really cool to watch my fingers move at what for me is definitely a challengingly fast pace and level of intricacy, and to actually have them doing the right things more often than not! I do need to figure out how to play it at the target speed without my fingers constantly knocking against the top of the uke though – right now it seems like it’s either that or miss the strings completely 😄. Happy Fall!




    This month I really enjoyed learning the iconic surf rock riff Misirlou. What made it even more special is I got to play it on my brand new Bamboo uke (thanks RockClass101 and UkeRepublic).

    I was new to Tremolo picking and it’s probably hands down the toughest technique on my Uke learning journey. For some reason I just couldn’t Tremolo pick with my thumb as taught by Matt. I just couldn’t get a good tone with my thumb. So I tried it with pointing finger instead. Another challenge I find with Tremolo picking is I often run out of steam and slowing down the repetitive motion. But it’s such a cool picking technique.

    The other milestone for me is it’s the first time I’m able to play with a band. I never was able to to do that before.


    @tessiert – Speed was perfect! Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be Sonic in no time lol. But seriously, great job this month Trace!

    – Amazing job! You aced the timing! Incredible for your first run with a band. Bravo!

    Technique sounds great! Make sure to keep your wrist and forearm loose. That’s the key to making this technique effortless. And I love the new uke, tone sounds great!


    Thanks Andrew ! ! !


    Here is my attempt at Misirlou

    So grateful for these challenges because I never would’ve attempted the tremolo at this time in my ukulele journey 🙂 Thanks. I’ve enjoyed everyone’s submissions. So great.


    Thanks @Andrew – I really appreciate the encouragement!


    this was definitely challenging for me, this is the best i can do at the moment

    sorry about the creepy lighting which makes it look like i’m being held hostage lol

    by the way, i would really appreciate for future youtube videos if you could add youtube’s “chapter” feature (basically these time markers) to make it easier to find the part of the song you want to practice, because when i’m learning i often find myself wanting to either jump ahead, or go back

    but i’m learning a LOT on here, so thank youu !! 🙂


    Thanks Andrew, I think I’ll keep working on this even though the challenge is over . I like how it sounds when other people do it.


    I am a premium member.

    This was a fun challenge this month!


    @gi_gi_ – Fantastic job on the technique! Timing was great! Performance was great! Well done this month, GiGi 🙂

    – Love to hear when y’all play along to a click! Performance was great! As you continue to practice, I’d focus the most on the verse. Try a slower bpm to focus on nailing the rhythm and keeping it steady.

    Thank you for the suggestion on YouTube videos and for the kind words. I will look into it. In the meantime, we always label sections on the top right of the screen. So you can hover over the play bar to find the section you are looking for 🙂

    – Beautiful playing Sarrafina! In the past, I’ve recommend you jump into our reading course. I’m going to recommend it again. Your playing of notes and chords is wonderful, but I want to see more focus being put towards rhythm. Rhythm is 1/3 of music. The other 2/3’s being melody and harmony, which you are crushing! Turn your focus on rhythm and timing and you’ll be unstoppable 🙂


    Overall, we had 30 members participate in this month’s challenge! I’ve got to give each and every one of you a big round of applause! Everyone played so well and it was a complete joy to watch each performance. 🙂

    So without further ado, the winner of the Pineapple Ukulele is:



    Our October Challenge is LIVE and it’s your fourth chance to WIN a $6,000 Kanile’a Ukulele! Hope to see each and every one of you in the October Challenge:


    @Thank you sooooooo much Andrew.

    Congratulations 🥳


    Well done everyone and thanks for your feedback as always @Andrew.

    Congratulations 🎉 Would love to hear the performance on the Pineapple Uke.


    I did not post for September. Worked on ‘In the Summertime’, but was not pleased with how I did higher on the fret board. I loved listening to everyone else’s performances. Congrats to @Leb397

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 99 total)
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