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    Hi guys! I’m super thrilled to have Steven join us, but I’ve got to share the story of how he went from student to teacher, b/c it’s beyond cool!

    Steven joined RC101 earlier this year as a member and participated in our April challenge. To say his video performance blew us away is an understatement!


Fast forward a month and his performance of Tobias Elof’s “Out in the North” won praise from ALL of us, and even Tobias himself!


    I was so impressed with Steven’s ability to reverse engineer Tobias’s right hand playing style that I had to ask him to create a course for us breaking down how he did it, step-by-step.

    And today, after many months of work, we’re releasing this course which is titled: Triplet Strum Magic. This course will teach you how to repurpose the triplet strum as a self-contained right hand playing style. Words can’t describe how cool this playing style is, watch the video below to find out!


    Welcome Steven! I love what you do and look forward to learning from you. 😀


    Welcome Steven. Can’t wait to tackle the course and learn from an ‘upper class-man extraordinaire”!


    Looks like a wonderful course. And welcome Steven.


    Hi Steven! I was starting to wonder where you’d gone after you didn’t post in the monthly challenges anymore. So glad to see you’ve gone from student to teacher! Congratulations!! Looking forward to learning from you. 🙂


    Congrats, Steven! The new course looks awesome and I’m so happy to see you back on the site. I’ve been a fan of you and your clean playing style since you joined RC101 and am totally stoked to see you’ve now become part of the great line-up of teachers.

    Good job on the new recruit, Andrew. 😉

    I checked out your YouTube channel (and subscribed). The whole playlist is soothing to listen to, but I particularly like Wake Me Up When September Ends as it’s always been a personal favorite (love that Miyagi-Do shirt you’re wearing in it, by the way). Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future! 🤙🏻


    Oh Andrew! (Big sigh!). Here I am still battling to master the clawhammer course, not to mention still struggling with the third level walking down blues instruction – and now you offer us this marvellous triplet technique course. Which I just HAVE to do because it really will elevate my playing, particularly the fingerstyle classical repertoire. Really, it’s all a bit too much for an old lady! But I shall try. Thanks so much for this exciting new course. I, too, welcome Steven – but am reminded of why I never dare take part in the monthly challenge!


    @juliel – There are all walks of life at every level joining in the monthly challenges. The primary goal is to grow together as a community and also get feedback from the instructors on your individual playing. It’s fun! Once you get passed the recording nerves, you’d be surprised how much you learn from submitting. I hope you’ll join one day (no pressure because I totally get it)!


    Hi Steven. I’m looking forward to learning from you 🙂


    I am loving this course and have just done the basics with Christopher and Steven. I had already developed my triplet playing and use it quite a lot – just want to take it further. BUT, my preferred way is slightly different – down with the index finger, lightly up with the thumb followed by the index. Because I am proficient at this and keen to go further quickly with Steven’s course, I’m assuming it’s okay to keep this technique? I don’t have to change to the index down, followed by thumb, index up method? Please?! It sounds much the same!


    Love the shaka at the end, Steven.

    I look forward to your class



    @juliel – I asked Steven his thoughts on this and this is what he said:

    “I’ve had a little play through some of the exercises and pieces and I would say it is definitely possible to complete the course using ID, TU, IU. It won’t sound quite the same but it will work.

    However I would definitely recommend trying to persevere with the ID,TD,IU technique. When I first learnt the triplet strum I learnt the ID,TD,IU technique. I later stumbled across a Jake Shimabukuro video where he taught the ID,TU,IU sequence which he used because he could generate more speed this way.

    I didn’t think I’d be able to learn it because I already had the TD sequence so ingrained. However, I stuck with it and I can now play both sequences completely interchangeably without getting confused between the two of them. I find the TU pattern better for strumming and the TD pattern is so much better for chord melody.”


    Thanks so much guys! I’m completely humbled by your comments.

    I think I might have to make ‘upper class man extraordinaire’ my new title 🙂

    Thanks for your support Nathalie. I’m super excited about where my ukulele journey is going but I will very much miss entering the monthly challenges with you guys 🙁
    I’ll still enjoy watching all your awesome performances though!

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment, and for checking out my YouTube!! Glad you spotted the T-shirt 🙂 There are lots of other Movie T-shirts on display throughout the course. Working out the movie could be like a side challenge to learning the triple strum!!

    Glad you liked the shaka – it’s a bit cheesy I know but I like it 🙂

    I’m thrilled you’ve jumped straight into the course! I hope it’s going well but if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂


    Steven has a wonderful version of gymnopédie no. 1 on his youtube channel.

    Perhaps he could do a tutorial for us?

    Hope its ok that i link this here:


    If Steven did a tutorial of that, it would go right to the top of my list of things to learn!

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