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    I know it would take more practice but I don’t think I will have the time … so it’s my participation for the challenge with avatar

    thx for the challenge


    I am a premium member

    Plenty of mistakes in this Beauty an the Beast solo but overall I think not too bad. I’ll keep practicing.



    I feel so ahead of the game this month! Originally I had planned on doing Beauty and the Beast, but I think that will just take me some time as I need to find a better key to fit my voice and I just haven’t found the time to work on it. It’s so lovely though and I can’t wait to work on it!

    So I thought I would work on Animal Crossing in the mean time as I just fell in love with the arrangement and the feel of the piece. It was just the right amount of challenge too – still not perfect by any means but I’m happy with where I got it too 🙂


    Hi Andrew,
    I’m working on “If I only had a brain”. I love how cheerful the song is but it really pushes me out of my usual finger picking comfort zone…
    Would you mind explaining how you strum the first chord of bar 17 in the performance version? With the similar first chords of bars 13 and 15, I’m trying to fan-strum with the top of the nails of 3 or 4 fingers, but this technique doesn’t seem to work in bar 17 for me, while I really like the sound you can create there.
    Thanks in advance. Bianca


    @biancak – I like to call it the “flick” strum. I talked about it in this lesson. That link will start at that technique explanation 🙂


    Thank you so much Andrew!
    First sentence: “Again, what I do is tricky…” and then “So it’s a really tricky technique…”
    Wasn’t surprised. LOL
    But it IS a cool technique. And a new one for me.
    Definitely something that I first have to get into the muscle memory, then work on timing the fingers together, and then soften back for natural sound so it doesn’t stick out of the song too much.
    Time to go back to my drills now… 😀



    (I’m hoping this is not a duplicate post, I was having some troubles posting to the site.
    Here is my April Challenge post. I enjoyed this medley. I’m still new to the uke but having fun with these challenges and learning something everyday. I had the most trouble with getting the rhythm down in the second section.



    I love these challenges and I’m learning a lot!! This month I have chosen Animal crossing



    Here is my try at Beauty and the Beast. I chose to sing separately since learning the song was hard enough on its own! I didn’t get a perfect take on the uke so I had to edit towards the end a little so I could sing along better to it. When the timing is off and you need sing along to it, it definitely shows! The constant barre chords in this arrangement and getting used to a different sized uke really took a toll on my hand. It needs a couple days of rest lol. This was also my first time ever recording myself singing. Getting out of my comfort zone for sure, but it was fun!


    Beautiful, debb! Great job 🙂


    Thanks Sara!



    Hello Andrew,

    I am very happy headless videos are acceptable in the ukulele world, as I prefer that look for me. Thank you for all you and your instructors do. I have learned so much. Recording oneself really is an eye opener and it becomes clear what needs to be worked on. It is a great learning tool. Here’s my attempt at Avatar. Thank you for listening🎶.


    turkgoose – You are doing a great job on this! One section I would spend a bit of extra time on is measure 18. That jump up to the Gadd9 is rather difficult, so start by practicing the chord itself and then work from measure 17 through 18. There are a few other spots here and there to work out some hesitations, but you have a great concept of the rhythm, and a smooth flow to the song. Keep it up!

    shmu88 – Excellent performance! You kept the rhythm very precise, and somehow managed to get so much of the nuanced slides and pull offs! There was only one shift at about 0:43 where there was a slight hesitation on the transition. If you can get that section to be slightly more legato rather than staccato, that will stand out in an impressive way! Great job on this one!

    mr_zarf – You are doing a very good job, especially as a beginner! The main part to work on is from 0:21 to 0:31. If you practice this part with a metronome at a slower but steady speed, it will help you to get these shifts in time without the slight hesitation. Once you get them slowly, gradually build the tempo up to full speed. Keep up the great work!

    bibilele – Very nicely played! Each section was super close to spot on, with one or two spots in “The Avatar’s Love” to work on. You seemed to have it right on the second half of the song, so I recommend playing it several times to be able to play it consistently from the start. Great job on getting a clean sound and smooth/connected feel throughout!

    clempek – You are off to a great start! The first 2 themes sound great! Now it’s time to get the transitions in between the measures of “The Avatar’s Love” without as much space. If you continue at your current speed or slightly slower, but with a metronome, you can train your hand to get from the pattern at measure 15 into 16 without hesitating. Keep it up, you’re doing great!

    andrewvh – This one is very challenging! You’re doing great so far, it sounds like practicing 0:35 to 0:43 at a slower tempo and gradually speeding up will help a lot, as well as spending a bit of time on the ending. You’re well on your way, keep it up!

    bethany_guardiani – Great playing, and your video editing with the 2nd camera angle was a nice touch! It seems like measure 8 – 10 is the tricky part: several people are hesitating on the larger shifts up the neck. If you play along with a metronome at a slower speed or with the Tab Play Along at 50% – %75 speed, it can really help train you to get the shifts in time. You’ve got the notes down, so you’re getting close! Great job!

    stefanic10 – You’ve got the notes down, now it’s time to work on the rhythm. Try playing along with the tab play along at 50% to get the feel for how long to stay on certain notes and how to transition through the different sections. If you need help understanding the written rhythms, there is a section in the course: An Introduction to Reading Standard Notation that can help. Keep working on it, you’re doing great!

    marlongas – You have a very nice flow and sound on this one! Your timing was good throughout as well. My one suggestion is to work on getting a bit more volume and definition out of the melody in a few places…mainly just the note before the Gadd9 in measure 18. I know this is a very small suggestion, as your performance was excellent on this one!

    debb1985 – Very nice job on the singing as well as the playing! I’m glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and shared your voice with us as well as the baritone ukulele performance. It’s hard to play without the vocals on top, so if you can in certain parts of the piece, try to hear the melody with it in your head to know where to change the phrasing. You’re doing great, you sound like you’re almost ready to play and sing at the same time!

    ukulelee – For a headless ukulele performance, that was great! You have a great tone, sound, and overall flow to the different parts of this song. On measures 7 and 8, listen to how Matt plays the rhythms for the slides in the measures. What you are playing there is very close, but there’s a subtle difference in where he slides (especially in measure 8). Keep up the great work!


    @stephen Thank you very much for your kind feedback! I’m still struggling with performing songs. I hardly can play a piece without making mistakes. When people are listening it’s even harder than when I’m recording.


    @stephen Thank you so much!!! You’re right!!on bar 18 I made a mistake, but in general I tend to have volume problems. I’m testing what kind of strings would suit me best. I currently use clear fluorocarbon. What kind of strings would you recommend for a solid Acacia body? Thank you very much again, I will keep improving !!!

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