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    Thank you for the feedback, Stephen. I’m going back in and hone the piece and smooth the edges. Great stuff for ear training, to. This is a ton of fun! Cheers!


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    Tiptoe Through the Tulips.

    This is surprisingly fun to bash out or play very softly. Needs some work, as ever, but happy to submit and start working on a second for the month.

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    I went for Beauty and the Beast this month… singing and soloing! (Truth is… I may have bit off a little more than I was ready chew 🙂

    Huge thanks to Ashley Orlando and Evan J De Silva for the inspiring challenge!


    Thanks @Stephen for the feedback! I think with some good practice I could sing along. I can do the first half, but the second half needed more work. Definitely going to practice more because it is a fun song to play 😀


    Wow @brettboy – You managed all the pieces! I’m barely managing with a small fraction of that. Well done! Love the drumming at the end too.


    Decided to take this nice and slow. Had a few stumbles but I’ll continue practicing.


    Hello, here’s my version of Animal Crossing. Enjoyed the challenge and thank you for the goal.



    Got a little ambitious this month! It’s definitely a step out of my comfort bubble to sing for adults, but I couldn’t help it (I love me some Disney 😀 ) Thanks Ashley, Andrew, and Evan for the awesome arrangements!


    Wow @kirpuff! Not only did you do both parts, but you played the violin too! I’m amazed!


    This is a submission for both me and @lyndallk.



    Thanks to @tiff27 for the vocal assist.

    I played my part on my jumbo electric steel-string 6-string baritone ukulele.

    I realise I had timing issues. I kept speeding up because my thumb felt like it was going to drop off, which made it hard for Lyndall. We should have played to a click track. Oh well. Also, where the harmonies sound off, I think it’s because I was singing a bit flat rather than because the harmony was wrong.

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    Thanks for posting @Robinboyd and stitching it together. It was fun and challenging. There is a whole new world of learning when you film and then stitch videos together.

    Nice one @kirpuff – so many and varied talents



    Here’s my version of Tiptoe Through the Tulips. It was a blast to learn. My daughter has been pulling down the paper snowflakes and replacing them with flowers all month, which really helped set the mood for practice.



    Animal crossing theme:


    henri0 – Very nice job on this! You played it even faster than the original, and got every note! I have a small suggestion to try: When playing the melody notes at the ends of the measures, rather than plucking with one finger, Andrew is actually continuing to strum even for the individual notes. Both ways work fine, but it might keep a smoother flow to continue to strum. At the very least, it’s worth a try for a different perspective. Keep up the great work, you played this very well!

    brettboy – I’m very impressed with your singing! Very good job putting it all together, too. It sounds like the intonation or tuning on one of the ukuleles is a tiny bit out, but your playing was good. There are a few spots in the solo and under one or two parts while singing to practice a bit more, but you are well on your way, it just seems like a matter of familiarizing yourself with a few shifts. I enjoyed the special guest at the end. Nicely done!

    sylus9 – You’re off to a great start: You have the notes, now it’s time to add where multiple notes are being played at the same time: In “The Avatar’s Love,” measure 14 has an open C string at the same time as the 1st fret on the E string. The idea here is to play through both strings with your thumb so that you hear both notes ring out. After you add all of the places this idea occurs, it’s time to go back through and work on the rhythm. You’re doing a great job, keep it up!

    terryfallon3 – You’ve got the notes down, now you’re ready to go back in and work on each section at a slow tempo with the rhythm. One option is to play along with the tab player at 50% to %75 to hear how the song flows, and break it up into 2 or 4 measure sections to feel the rhythm of each phrase. Keep up the great work!

    kirpuff – Wow! That was very impressive: Your singing was great, you did very well on the solo, and the violin was a nice touch! There are a couple of spots in the solo to keep smoothing out, but you executed the rhythms and nuances very well. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone, you sounded great!

    robinboyd – Bravo! That was a great collaboration, and I can tell it took a lot of work to get the harmony vocal parts as well as working on the playing portion. I think recording it to a metronome would help a bit, but it’s hard to do in that context without headphones. Very cool idea, and to collaborate with lyndallk was a great idea! Thank you for sharing.

    lyndallk – Such a great idea to collaborate, this one turned out great! You had the extra challenge of matching your tempo with Robin’s almost rubato feel, and you did a great job of staying with him while executing some difficult passages! It seems like there are 2 spots with lots of hammer ons and pull offs such as 2:18 to 2:20 that you might require a bit more work to keep the flow smooth and even, but over all, that was an excellent performance!

    jonathan_gabel – You played this very well, getting all of the notes cleanly and keeping a rather quick pace! My only suggestion is to work on the parts where you pluck individual notes (such as 0:24). You have the notes there, but they sound slightly rushed. It’s a very small detail, but getting those notes with a comfortable feel will keep the flow of the song consistent. From there, there is one spot towards the end of the bridge that might be causing you to hesitate slightly, but yet again these are very slight things. Over all, this was a great performance!

    effortless – Your rhythm and playing was very nice from start to finish on this! It sounds to me like you might be cutting certain notes short that Matt sustained. It still works well like this, but it might be worth working towards an even more legato (smooth and connected) style all of the way through the piece. You did a great job, this is just a suggestion based on Matt’s version.


    Thanks Stephen. I think I will listen to a metronome through headphones next time I collaborate. I just didn’t think of it this time. A rubato feel is fine if that’s what you are aiming for, but in my case, I was trying to play as slow as possible so that Lyndall didn’t have to rush, but I kept speeding up because my fingers hurt.

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