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    lyndallk – I really dig the rhythm changes! I think they all work fine, but for bar 4 it’s a little confusing. You hold beat 4 longer and it leaves me wondering where bar 5 starts on. I would play it as we notated, and start on beat 2 in next measure; I think that fits the arrangement you’ve created. But really awesome overall, great job!


    Thanks Andrew. I know what you mean – I sort of get lost there – I even confused myself. Thanks again for all the great arrangements and lessons. And for creating this wonderful community.


    You early birds all sound wonderful! I agree with Rickey! I’m definitely getting in the Christmas mood!


    Thank you Andrew for the tips and lessons. Best regards from Slovenia 🙂


    Andrew, I donated a ukulele to the Kid’s Club in memory of my husband, Tom.

    Thank you to Rock Class for helping me through a very tough time this past year.

    Learning songs for each challenge & enjoying forums & music of others has been a godsend. I can just imagine how helpful the ukulele program must be to the children in hospitals participating in the Ukulele Kid’s Program.

    Blessings to all this season & many thanks for what you & Rock Class 101 have meant to all of us.


    Andrew – Thank you for the feedback video! That was really helpful. Now I have to get less nervous when recording so I don’t forget to not lift my fingers too much and stay calm 🙂


    @annefgodfrey – thank you so kindly for your donation, Anne! 🙂 Please email me the amount you donated so I can keep the tally up to date.


    @annefgodfrey Playing ukulele has helped me through some really tough times too. That’s wonderful you donated in memory of your husband.

    I have a neurological disease so playing the uke has been helping me to improve my memory, and takes my mind off hospital visits, tests, etc. As of April I can also say I’m a cancer survivor, and music has helped me so much. I know that having a uke for these kids means the world to them, and they can just enjoy being kids instead of patients. Thank you Andrew for creating these monthly challenges, and donating to UKC for entries this month.

    Yesterday my dog Mia passed away unexpectedly. She was always by my side when I played ukulele and guitar, so I made a donation to the UKC in memory of her.

    Also, I ordered low g strings and they arrive tomorrow! Look forward to learning Greensleeves.



    So sorry for your lost of Mia. These four-legged “children” are very dear to us.

    Blessings as you continue countdown to April. Prayers for complete wellness.

    Thank you, Andrew, for friends through Rock Class. A truly awesome group of people who love the ukulele & grow to love one another through challenges & forams. You rock, Andrew!


    Andrew, thanks for the great tutorials! Here’s my entry of “White Christmas”.

    Best of the Season,




    rickjava – Well done! This feedback is similar to what I left for Johanna earlier this month, which is on increasing sustain 🙂


    I am a premium member. Had a little fun with this one.


    Just wanted to say, the unsimplified ending on Greensleeves was tricky to get to sound smooth. Getting from the 2 fingers shape to the 3 finger Dm shape took a bunch of practice for me because of the quick timing right there! Even watching the performance, or the lesson. Nailing that change takes a good bit of agility. I ended up sustaining the note on 5 as long as possible so I could start moving my finger a tiny bit early to swap to the low G string. Still took/ is taking, a bunch of practice. It’s the trickiest part of the song for me, other than memorizing anything off paper.

    Neat that you put in an alternative at the end of the video though, especially seeing the topic on the live lesson this month.👍

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    Here is December’s piece. It has been a lot of fun learning these songs, but I’m glad to get back to some course work. I was thinking to do White Christmas as well if I have the time. For now, here is Greensleeves.

    I am a Premium Member.

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