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    Here is everyone on page 12!

    goody2shoes – Sounds great!! Very nice and smooth performance. Keep up the great work!!

    kirpuff – Great job!! The main thing i would say is to work on that percussive slap a little bit more. Try to watch the timing a little bit. there were only a couple times where one was slightly off time, and maybe give doing it on the strings more instead of the body a try. That may make it sound a little less harsh. Great job otherwise!!

    schaap123 – Nice job!! Very nice performance. Only little thing I would say is to get rid of some of that noise caused by moving around with the uke. I’m sure a big part of it is the camera making it louder than it really is, so just make sure you have a good grip on it as you play. That’s really it! Awesome performance!

    aloooy – Fantastic job!! I enjoyed your performance a lot. Sounded super solid to me, so keep up the good work!

    janaq1 – Great job!! Super clean performance. I really enjoyed listening! Not much else to say so keep on rockin’!

    coffeemug – Nice job! Main thing I would work with are the transitions from notes and chords. They sound a little choppy at some parts due to the note cutting off a bit too early. So just make sure each note rings out for the right duration and you should be good from there!

    jkulele – Awesome job!! Very nice performance. Not much to say so keep up the good work!

    b_ukes_101 – Great Job!! Everything sounds and looks great, so keep it up and practice getting it up to tempo! I’d also recommend keeping the alternating fingering for the melody instead of doing it all with the thumb on certain parts. All the extra movement with the thumb can make things sound a bit choppy. Sounds awesome overall!

    celia21 – Awesome job!! Very smooth performance. Technique looks solid and everything flows nicely. Keep up the great work!!

    cimarronsailor – Nicely done! Everything sounds great so just keep working with it and slowly build up the tempo. Pay some closer attention to when you’re higher up on the neck. Since the frets get smaller it’s easy to get a lot of fret buzz. For me at least! Keep up the great work!

    cinichol – Great job!! Keep up the great work. I would just work on a few of those transitions after the end of each of the main repeating melodies. There is some slight hesitation so once you get that up and running It will sound smoother.

    zukulele – Nice job!! Dynamics sounded great. Really enjoyable to listen to. Keep up the great work!!


    Here is everyone on page 13!

    santai – Great job!! Taking it nice and slow is great because everything sounded smooth and consistent. keep working with it and gradually work it up to tempo. Keep up the good work!

    henri0 – Awesome job!! Very nice performance overall. Keep on rockin’!

    emiliano – Nice job!! Main thing I would focus on would be the dynamics. Try to soften it up a bit by playing the arpeggios lighter that way the melody can stand out a little more. Other than that you sound great!

    lynnwatson – Nice Job! Couple things I would focus on would be the hammer ons and making sure the volume of the note matches the note prior. Also, make sure each mote rings for the appropriate length of time so they don’t get cut too short. Other than that, great job!

    iyers408 -Nicely done!! I would mainly watch the rhythm of the melody as it’s slightly different here. Also I would focus on the notes being held for the appropriate duration since it sounded a little choppy at some moments. Otherwise great job!

    lakeside339 – Nice job!! just keep practicing it and getting it up to tempo. Everything is sounding nice and even so far so keep rockin!

    mac1984 – Great job!! Very nice performance. I love the soft dynamics here. Smooth and consistent. Great work!

    givingtree89 – Very nice! Main thing I would watch out for is making sure your fingers play right in the center of the fret. Sounded like the notes on the Low G string would buzz here and there. Everything sounded nice though. Great job!

    rIggler – Excellent job!! Very nice performance and great tone too. keep up the great work!

    maryjanew – Nice job! I would just continue practicing and getting everything nice and even and up to tempo. You’re sounding great already so at this point it’s all about repetition!

    cloud_cactus – Very nice job!! Your picking technique looks great. Just work with that first chord of that B section a little bit and get that transition a bit cleaner, but otherwise great job!!


    Thanks for the feedback AJ! That’s a really good tip! I’ll give it a try next time ☺️

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    Hi guys,

    December got away from me, but I wanted to finish learning the Christmas Song before the new year! Thanks Andrew & team, looking forward to 2021.


    Congratulations junkourata!


    Thanks for the feedback, AJ!


    Congratulations junkourata! It’s a lovely instrument!


    Thanks for the feedback AJ, I will work on that 🙂


    Thank you for the feedback @AJ I really appreciate it!

Viewing 9 posts - 211 through 219 (of 219 total)
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